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  1. Wow!
  2. Loved the RO/RS games before this one...Very poor indeed. Uninstalled before the weekend was up.
  3. Hackers will always find a way to beat the anti cheat...Luckily our great community start a c*nt hunt mid battle to rid them.
  4. This latest patch has been incredible for the game, it now really feels like each match has more purpose and fire fights are more deliberate. In the previous version it occasionally felt run and gun but that has really changed. The map changes have played a massive part in that. Fools Road...Amazing.
  5. Same with one of the guys I play with... He could play with it just fine but me and one of the other lads had to delete it and only then was the problem resolved!
  6. Same for me and a friend. I have: -restarted steam -verified cache -uninstalled & reinstalled EAC Still no luck! EDIT: Problem seems to be SweetFX. Deleted all files and can connect to servers fine now.
  7. Kashtan is coming in 4.0 to 3 roles.
  8. Basically any updates to maps would be nice! Everything else is a bonus!
  9. How can mods ruin the game? The main version of the game will still exist separately and people can choose which to play.
  10. SweetFX. Really seems to be the only thing that does the job.
  11. New comers threatening to leave the game... Genius stuff. The movement speed as it stands is too fast, it has a purpose currently but when vehicles arrive it can be toned down. Also saying you will kill even less with slower movement speed is ridiculous, if a player is slower he is easier to hit moving...
  12. I saw the AKM on the militia team the other day...I think you were just unlucky not to see them.
  13. Keep the Blue Trackies and add more variants! Whats the chances the same people complaining about the tracksuit are the same people who complained the Russians and Militia looked too similar.
  14. Once stationery weapons are added FOBs will become a lot more useful but right now there isn't much need for anything other than a well hidden Radio.
  15. Awesome job as always!