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  1. Anti-personnel mines

    In my opinion only militia and insurgents should have AI Mines (obviously), it should be one per kit (a specific role, such as a scout or the raider, or a new role maybe), and you can have up to 2 mines set up at the same time, if you put down a third, the first one disappears, and so forth (so if you die you can put down a second one, or if you get ammo from an ammo crate). Maybe troops can disable those mines by using their knives on it, so there's a quick basic animation, or maybe it takes like 5 seconds or something to defuse it. There could be trip wires or actual mines. I don't know how many of you played Rising Storm 2 or even the first one, but it seemed to work fine in those games. In the first game, basically every goddamn jap had a mine in their pocket, but you only would die to it a couple of times in the whole match, it wasn't such a big deal you know? The explosion doesn't need to be huge, it could be just as big as a frag explosion.
  2. Too "realistic"/Slow?

    I support this idea. I hate when I'm in CQB and my guy feels like this recruit, you know? haha. Maybe the reload speeds could be upped by 15% to 25% by default? or maybe only in combat or while under fire or close to enemies?
  3. New Revive ability

    I still think it's a good idea. can you tell how many times have medics ignored your body before because they were new or they were too busy with other things? This is a good thing, the player next to you will sacrifice one of his bandages for you, so you can get up and fight with him, so I still think some players won't revive you because they want those bandages for themselves. Also, it still takes a long time for regular units to revive teammates, and those teammates can't be effective unless a medic patches them up. The medic still has the same role, he still is the guy that revives people and give them health, they are still doing the same thing for the team and are a great asset, they just can't be replaced by this, the game isn't ruined, guys.
  4. Radio Comms & Revival Notification

    This said it all. And this sounds like a good idea overall, sounds fun and sort of immersive. Maybe make the screen less blurry when it sort of centers on the medic, but don't make it fixed, make it sort of shaky as if you are struggling to keep your eye on him, so he's not always on the center fixed, it's more that you're tracking him.
  5. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    Maybe give them some kind of red dot like they did with the US Troops? So far I didn't get to use the gun that much, but from what I've experienced the recoil is horrible, and the iron sights are a little too close to the screen and fat, which personally bothers me.
  6. ADS FOV Slider

    Actually this is a good idea, i personally want to have my normal fov up to the max, but when i aim it's like the screen is way too far from the sights, a separate slider for the ADS is a good idea +1
  7. Reloading chance

    Hey guys, how about a 7% chance your weapon will malfunction when playing as the insurgents if you don't bring good ammo whit you, and a 5% chance you'll need to push the bolt forwards because it didn't close correctly on all weapons. A 10% chance to trip and fall on your face when you are running if you don't look at where your feet are. A 30% chance to trip when climbing over a wall if youre not looking down. Seems fair to me, you just need to look at all of these things and you'll have a 100% functioning game. This idea wouldn't really be great for insurgency, it would be annoying at times. ---------------------- Stop whit these "oh they need X first". People are suggesting because they want to see it in the future, not now. Telling us to suggest stuff in the future is just silly. Reminds me of the dayz forums, same deal.
  8. About the new sprint animation

    i think the weapon should be lower on the screen but you should still be able to see it
  9. Feedback: WIP vaulting

    I think it looks good the way it is atm! I just think that the hand should take a little bit longer before returning to the weapon, like youre holding the wall or something
  10. Realistic weapon sound

    damn i had not seen that video, thats pretty impressive! Cant wait for it
  11. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    oh lets read that again guys, he "MODDED" the game! You see guys? Mods. This could be a server option if anything but it still sounds really stupid, because if people that are playing lone wolf are going for KD they dont really care if they see it or not, they just want to kill in general, so removing that wont make them stop, might aswel leave it in huh? Those last 20 seconds showing the kills really got to you right? why wont you just close your eyes at those last secs? and dont compare people who like seeing the kd after the match whit CoD, no CoD player would play squad more than CoD itself.
  12. Request: Headphone mode/night mode

    did you try out the razer synapse thing?
  13. Joining que

    Theres like 8 other threads about this, and they don't add any depth to the system, they are just asking for it, not adding to it. Do a small search next time.
  14. Joining que

    I believe i saw somewhere that this is already planned
  15. Ideas to improve m2 humvee gunner position

    Reminds me of RO2, it works but it needs some work. This could be really useful on the humvee.