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  1. I've tried endlessly to integrate the water plugin itself into the SDK, only to fail every time. I think it's just not doable with the current way that the SDK is structured, although I'd love to be proven wrong. The next best thing would be to do it yourself solely in blueprint, but that's no easy task as I'm sure you're aware.
  2. Sorry about the shitty/grating audio and the awkward presentation, it's late and I'm in a rush.
  3. Dreks; in your spline mesh, make sure collisions are enabled on lod0, but set the collision profile to water
  4. 95%. The list of things I still need to do: 1. Wait for more vehicles to be added to squad 2. Optimise slightly 3. Some fun times of day and weather settings 4. Misc detailing and stuff.
  5. Keep at it, I love every update on this I see
  6. Good luck getting it to run well on a larger scale, but damn if it isn't absolutely beautiful. Good work. But it will definitely require a bit of effort to get it running well
  7. Looks incredible. How you you plan on going about baking down the tracks to low poly?
  8. Should be here in the next few days, iron said there was only 1 or 2 extra engine bugs to fix.
  9. I absolutely will I'd actually like to make a guide on it in the future, but for those curious, yamalo used to draw the swamp grass out to 150ish meters. Drawing that much grass was expensive, and it didn't even cover the ground I wanted it to. So I experimented, and tried a lot of things. I tried using distant sprites that always face the camera (looked strange from above) I tried using a simpler material for the LOD of the grass (Looked meh and didn't save any performance)I even tried painting it with a foliage brush (Kinda worked but killed performance) And then I thought "Why don't I just make my own LOD mesh and material for the grass static" And I did. And it worked. It's basically just an extra LOD on the grass mesh that starts right after the second LOD (~50 meters), but it's only a single plane, the length of which is approximately the same as the entire cluster of grass is up close. It has a material applied that I made to be as simple as possible. It uses a much lower res texture than the old grass as well. It worked so well that I can turn the grass distance up to about 2.5km and only then does it start to drop frames. But you can really only see out to 1km so I decided to leave it there and take the extra frames :3 So yeah. Super simple solution, dunno why it took me so long to think of But it works. It doesn't look particularly good on any grass that's on a slope, but I don't need it to. Although with slightly different LOD meshes it might work great. And most maps won't need to draw it all the way out to 1km anyways. Cheers man. It may not be 100% accurate as I'm basing it off of the original yamalia from PR, but I've tried to add some irl spice as well Hopefully you enjoy it when it releases.
  10. Just an unrealistic sunken btr Just like the original yamalia
  11. Haven't posted in a bit, let's fix that: WITH 1 KM OF GRASSS And a +5 fps boost! (Previously the grass only rendered to ~150 meters, meaning that it wasn't effective cover from long range. I did some magical shit and now that problem no longer exists)
  12. Ahh I had assumed it was just panning normals as the article you linked said that uvs weren't used
  13. I'd imagine it to be relatively minimal if it's just a panning normal map. Adding extra stuff like that to a material isn't free, but it usually isn't particularly costly either. Especially if he set up an LOD material for it, and only the LOD0 has the normal panning.
  14. Those were my thoughts as well, but I think something similar may be doable using particle LODs.
  15. Very interesting talk. I'd love to do something like that in a squad map when/if we ever get jets. Assuming the performance isn't too bad.