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  1. Modding Helpdesk

    ^ For the static lighting, there's a few checkboxes under 'rendering' in project settings that you'll need to check. Just gonna say though, it's not a very good solution for a game like squad.
  2. Modding Helpdesk

    Squad uses fully dynamic lighting so by default static lighting is disabled in the configs. Also yes, just select the landscape and find the material slot, then reassign it there.
  3. Vehicles: Controls - steering.

    If ya'll wanna play with it then go ahead and download this and drop it in your vehicles folder:
  4. [Free Assets] British Props !!

    Absolutely fantastic! Glad to see more free assets
  5. Vehicles: Controls - steering.

    Well that was pretty easy. It's difficult to notice without actually playing it yourself, but everything you just mentioned is there except that you can't use mouse and keyboard steering at the same time, you have to use the freelook to use keyboard steering. Sounds convoluted, but actually it plays fine. Alt is the freelook key, as in arma. The blueprint magic was pretty simple, just a toggle when you press ALT for the freelook variable, then a branch that checks if you're current freelooking. If you are, then it sends the mouse input the usual way. If you are not, it sets your camera back to normal and sends the mouse input to the steering wheel. If the devs wanted to implement this fully it'd be fairly easy I'd imagine, and an option in the options menu could easily enable and disable it. I for one would love it, keyboard steering in games pisses me off to no end. EDIT: Turns out it's super easy to add keyboard+mouse steering, you just need to make a variable that turns on while you press a key, and have it disable the mouse steering until you release the key.
  6. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    They could to my knowledge, just too complicated for my liking Not that it'd be complicated to make, more that it's not a very elegant solution.
  7. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    I did attempt something of the sort, but unfortunately decal materials have no support for physmats. The best you can do at the moment is place an invisible cube with a water physmat on it just over top of the decal. Looks okay, but it's a pain to place them on every puddle
  8. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    Added a falloff parameter on fishman's request: You'll see that low values tend to reveal the square edges of the texture, so try not to put it too low. That's all, enjoy!
  9. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    Ah yes, I hadn't thought of that I'll add it to the material asap.
  10. Hi! I've been busy for a while, doing lots of things. But I managed to take a little time for myself lately and I decided to spend it making some more tutorials and free stuff for you guys One of the things I made was this puddle decal. It's very dynamic, requiring only a single black and white mask to function. Everything else is procedural. Here are some screenshots of it in action: For those of you who want to use this material, I've made a short video explaining how to use it and additionally how to make masks for it in Photoshop. The material is available for download here: Just unzip to your content folder. Make sure the folder path looks like this: Content\Puddles\Masks Once you've done that you should be able to move it wherever you want in ue4! EDIT: Added falloff parameter
  11. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    The workshop is going to be ready late september of this year. You definitely don't need a full release for a workshop. Furthermore, none of the new updates will really effect maps. They're more likely to effect weapons, gameplay mods, etc. You can do a lot with just a map without having to worry about that kind of stuff. The editor being several patches old also doesn't really effect anything mapping wise, it just means we don't have access to some of the new props and vehicles.
  12. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    Depreciated how exactly?
  13. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    This is true, I'm just saying that no matter what they'll have to download the heightmap information of the level.
  14. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    Just so you're aware, landscape objects are a 'per level' asset. Meaning that it doesn't matter if they're the same between levels, they'll be stored seperately in each level. Creating an entirely new heightmap would cost exactly the same amount of storage, assuming you still reuse everything else. And I highly recommend doing so, a new heightmap will add a lot to your map.
  15. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    That glass shader looks fantastic, I'm looking forward to poking through it Congrats on the tablet by the way, I've always wanted one. I just looked it up and even here in the US it's about half a month's wages for someone working at McDonalds haha.