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  1. Hi, it happened to me that a Stryker which entered a Hallway can not get out the same way the same straight line and then it starts like hovering and vibrating up and down fast.. not able to move anymore... on the same way he came in, same line of drection, all the same...
  2. Issues on 70+ slot servers ?!

    Hi guys, is it normal that i have to shoot a guy with my AK74M Scope 4 times to kill him? i think it just happens on games with 30+vs30+ .... i mean 2 shots should be enough, and it is normaly the case... but i recognize (often) that on high player numbers the game is not really enjoyable... at least in comparison to 18v18-24v24 same expierences?
  3. Ticket System Needs to be Reworked

    PLUS on top of that i think 200 tickets (instead of 150) and i would like it to be standardize for every map and AAS game mode, not a PAAS with 700, then a AAS with 500 and so on... + maybe when the time is there optimization for the maps with an eye on the competitive scene of this game. to make the maps really feel special and well-thought. i think u cant do it for every player amount size but maybe lets say logar (or any other ma) one version inf for 9v9-15v15, one for 15v15-24v24, .. u get the idea
  4. Kokan Squad Remake

    great work
  5. would be a nice thing imo
  6. Why SVD is worse than AK Optics.

    u r right
  7. Why SVD is worse than AK Optics.

    OT is right
  8. The Maps Poll: Please Vote

    OP???? wtf is wrong with ya guys
  9. Battlefield 1

    arcade af... not buying it... last good bf game was bc2 imo
  10. Add more Factions

    whats funny about it? oh... yea i see
  11. Kobra Sights for RU

    my bad - apologize
  12. Kobra Sights for RU

    hey guys, is it possible that RU get Kobra Sights for Riflemen or at least for some Kits? What do you think?
  13. Criticism V7

    http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/20160825155202w0eg1kocsb.jpg a BTR or HUMVEE should get over/take down little bushes, little trees or get over some little walls or fences without getting stuck for minutes or ever... i hope they improve on that point
  14. Hey guys, i would just suggest to increase the amount of tickets of INF maps to 200 or 250 again. its really too short atm, especially when one side superiors the other. 10 min game