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  1. http://webmshare.com/play/LPX50 Firearms Source looks to have solved the issue of the "tactical" sks reload. I apologize if this kind of reload animation has been suggested already.
  2. +1 for kendo's idea, it'll give reflector sights more value to boot.
  3. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    First match went pretty well, standard inf fighting on yehr and the one SL that tried to get everyone to join his 2 man fob squad 30 minutes into the match. Second match was where it started going downhill. 2/3rds of my squad either executed orders after 10 minutes of asking or didnt at all. The rest of the team sat at an objective that was uncappable despite being asked to move up, and when they finally did the momentum was gone. Third match went to shit. There was a guy that made a squad with his buddies that stole my logi truck only to park it in front of a BTR, couldn't save it in the 20 seconds it took to destroy it because of the claiming system; he would continue to use various vehicles as taxis. A stryker was taken to an objective by a different squad and abandoned, they later asked us to recover said stryker while it was being rpg'd. An SL built a fob but never bothered to activate it. An SL sat next to a cappable flag but didn't bother to cap it until incessantly poked to cap it. At least my squad was reasonably competent despite the odd accents and couple guys with no mics but they weren't a bother. Through either luck, skill, or enemy incompetence we won all 3 matches. 10/10 - would get blue falconed and green weenied again
  4. Remove the bleeding due to falling

    I'm one of those crazies that liked the ace 3 adv med, so it'd be nice to see the medic role become more involved.
  5. Fire mode AUTO vs SINGLE-BULLET

    Looks fine to me, semi's really only used at medium ranges when an enemy's entire person fits in the rear aperture. A controlled bullet hose like in the vids is superior for close range.
  6. A PG-7 doesn't need to get a perfect angle like it does on armor, HMMWV's are too thin skinned. That's one of the current problems, HMMWV's are too hard to kill when they shouldn't be. They start killing everything like an angel of death until someone gets a lucky shot and it runs away, then comes back 3 minutes later and sweeps the other side again. It was designed to be the next Jeep not an APC like an MRAP.
  7. Would the 1151 getting a nerf to one rocket to kill help alleviate the problem? Thats how it was in PR, theyre mostly bullet proof not rocket proof.
  8. What about a tweak where a blueberry can get in and use a claimed vehicle, but it notifies the SL and he gets a prompt where he can kick them out. It lets abandoned vehicles still have use when the owning squad was wiped and cant get to it while still preventing vehicle stealing.