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  1. Still getting a ton of stuttering. I rejoined the game very recently so I can't tell whether it is a v17 issue or not. It seems to revolve around when sounds or radio chatter is in play. It almost feels like the game doesn't load sound assets into memory and tries to fetch it from my SSD or something. Especially when the sound effect is played for the first time in the game.
  2. Squad My Pc !

    I have an i5 2500 @ 3.9 paired with an 970 and in squad's current iteration I can play around 30-35 fps most maps. Its a big performance hit from before v7. I would stay away until closer to release to see how other people are doing. Alternatively buy on steam and refund within 2 hours to test
  3. Alpha 7.7 Released

    The same could be said of the people ignorantly telling people to upgrade their rigs?
  4. 2 Hours steam refunds really mean nothing. Someone could have played 2 hours in v6, found it acceptable and now is screwed in v7. Even if he waits till v8, there is no guarenteeing that v9 doesn't wet the bed. If the OP has any doubts at all, he should hold off. Buying this game right now could mean setting your money on fire. A recommendation for Early Access should not only include what the game's current state is, but what its future state might look like.
  5. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    Its the Internet.........what do you really expect?
  6. I sometimes wish we had infantry only versions where we could just go back and play on a stable platform. The bleeding edgers can get their vehicle servers. Thankfully despite performance dips I can still play when I want. One thing I am really hoping for is that vehicle handling will be redone at some point. The handling of most vehicles is laughably arcadish.
  7. Alpha 7.7 Released

    A large part of the complainers simply don't understand what Early Access means and what they signed up for. The result is that they get annoyed and vent on the forums which is understandable even if they are wrong or don't understand basics of software development. I get that. What I would like to point out is that the actions of "fanbois" is also not helpful. For every poster who leaves an informative reply like Zenrique or Pyrus, there are 2 or 3x more who actively make the situation worse by either making uninformed comments and assumptions about the complainant. These comments range from recommending ridiculous hardware upgrades to downright insulting them by telling them they should be grateful and thank the Devs no matter what. Case in point is when I had to tell a poster he was being stupid for recommending a CPU upgrade earlier in the thread when v7 dropped and made the game straight up unplayable for a ton of folks and had nothing to do with his CPU. Equally annoying are posts justifying not being able to play the game at all by saying its Early Access. We know its in EA. We know we had a working EA game in v6. A game that we could play and the core gameplay was pretty damn good. It is a huge downer for someone who was able to play the game and all of a sudden not being able to play at all or having FPS cut to a point where its a slide show. Especially annoying is tone of the comments coming from a lot of the posters which as mentioned before seem to take issue that there are any complaints at all, and that everyone should just be kissing the Devs feet regardless of the state of the game. By all means educate people on whats going on and what to expect from EA. But don't be dingus like this douchebag. Even if the game is in EA, when the game goes from playable, to 100% non playable, people are going to get upset to some degree. And for those who are now at 100% nonplayable (not me thankfully), I can understand why its so frustrating.
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I get that this is an EA game and that anyone who plopped money down should understand that there is a reasonable chance that they will get screwed on their purchase or that the game will morph into something that they don't like. I totally get it, I put 100+ hours into this game and you won't see me bitch for a refund or something stupid like that But what I don't get is applauding developers who put out a patch that has definitely destroyed frame rates and with features that are half baked. Vehicles are still pretty terrible at the moment and can get caught on tiny tree branches that result in a 5 minute rocking back and forth exercise to try to get them free. Not to mention the continuing fatal error problem that is causing mass disconnects. They definitely should not have been happy pushing this release out. I actually don't know why they chose to do it unless internal testing failed to reveal any of these problems (hard to believe). I wish they would roll back so we have a playable game again.
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    There is a general sense among some of us that they don't really know why the FPS drop happened, whats causing it, or how to fix it. I mean they were more than happy to explain why vehicles where delayed for so long and gave detailed explanations. Not a peep so far on this subject
  10. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Why would you post rubbish like this? He was willing to play the game at 25 - 30 fps with his old rig. The update came and now he can't play at all because its at 10 fps. The CPU isn't the issue for him. The issue is that the patch screwed him. So why talk about upgrading at all? A logical response would be to tell him its an Alpha, or that bugs happen, or that fixes are incoming. Or you can just leave him be. But telling him to think about upgrading is nonsense.
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Specs? Because a large number of people who were running the game just fine are now having FPS issues.