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  1. Cpu affinity

    Game that use (mostly) a single core, normally tend to use 99% of that processing cores processing power. The theory behind processor affinity is that the Operating systems tasks are run (for example) on core 1 and game is run on core 2. The idea is that the processing power required by the operating system (Windows for example) isn't disturbing the processing power required by the game (when everything is run on single core).
  2. Medic progression in Squad

    Hello! For the past 800-900 hours in Squad, I've only played as the medic. It has been a role requiring balls and skill. Let's see how the role has changed during that time: Back in the day, before vehicles were introduced, medics used to have binoculars. This was fantastic, you stayed behind the main group and acted like a second in command until you were needed in getting players back into the fight. Even with the wounded player's bodies jumping around like rag dolls, this was the absolutely best kit to have in Squad! After a few changes, binos were removed from medics, medic's role became quite linear. You are now there only to revive those lonely souls who have been injured so bad, that the only thing that they can do, is yell F*** you medic, do your f*****g job. Lacking the ability to drag wounded players into safety was trying to be a bit of a burden, but the good thing was, that medics had more smokes than other squad members, thus giving them some cover (while waiting for player dragging to be implemented). And then it was time for the next progression for the medics. Some of the smokes were removed, making the medic role even harder than before. Worry not, I'm always ready to adapt and challenge myself as a medic. You really could feel proud when getting those 30+ revives per game. Then it was time for v10 and v10.1. Believe it or not, there was a way, that the medic role could be made even harder. Now the bandages no longer worked without doing a well trained dance around the wounded player. Once the bandage finally gets applied, it's interesting to notice, that the medic bag doesn't work in the same spot as the bandage. Time for a new well trained dance around the wounded player. The amount of curse words the medics gets to hear also increased. I now have a large vocabulary if I need to tell someone off, so thank you for that fellow Squad players. Question: What will the next step be like in the medic's progression. Only a pistol, two bandages, no smokes and the medic's bag (that may or may not work)? Suggestion: Please go more towards the original medic's role instead of the current model.
  3. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    EDIT: Thank you for contacting me, I'm now part of a clan. Name: Deckgunner Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036163293 Primary Language(s): English + Finnish Age (optional): 40 Timezone or Region: GMT +2 Nature of Interest: Competitive Gaming Background: I've been gaming since 1988. What got me into FPS games, was the original Doom. Lately I've been playing mostly flight sims, Squad and CS:GO. Additional Skills: I have just about 1000h in Squad. Out of those, the last 800h I've played inclusively as a medic. I've also taken part in clan matches (CCFN, ISKT and so on). Now I'm looking for a competitive team that needs a willing and able medic. Status: Currently part of FSQ for casual Squad.
  4. Mortar spam meta. It would be nice to have overheat mechanics or similar to limit the amount of mortars you can spam.
  5. Alpha 9.11 Released

    To be honest, these hot fixes are truly appreciated! The following were/are a pain (especially if you take part in "competitive" matches): - Invisible friendlies (fixed) - Invisible enemies (fixed) - Falling through the map after revive (should be fixed now?) - Kicked from server after match restart. - GL or RPG fails to reload - CTD after map change - EAC timeout kicks - False "Wrong password" kicks from locked servers (the same copy/pasted password works after full client reboot) I personally would love to see these fixed before new content is added, as these bugs are game breakers. Keep up the good work!
  6. The current meta seems to dictate that you attach an IED on every FOB radio you place. You then detonate the IED when you notice the FOB meter going down (in the process killing all enemies digging out the radio). After the explosion, you can place a new IED on the radio. This is a good tactic, I can't argue about that, but... If an IED is able to blow up a HMMV or a Stryker, shouldn't it also destroy the radio stack? Currently you can detonate any number of IEDs near the radio without causing any damage to the FOB radio. What if detonating an IED near a radio, would also destroy the radio? This would make these "IED radio detonation" a last-ditch effort instead of default way of protecting your radio.
  7. Server Cue GPU ussage 100%

    I can confirm this. My gtx1080 only gets 100% utilization when in the main menu/server browser/server queue view. Never hits 100% during match.
  8. My fps is heavily based on the amount of users on the server. (FWIW I'm using gtx1080 and 4.3GHz Intel processor) On the firing range, I get something between 120 and 140fps. On an empty server (less than 20 players) my fps stays between 60 and 110. On full servers (70-80 users), the fps drops during the match and settles to somewhere around 44 and 55 fps. My GPU never goes over 80% utilization and CPU stays below 70%. So based on this, I'm starting to wonder, are the servers causing the fps limit? If the limiting factor was my rig, then I would normally see either GPU or CPU hit it's maximum.
  9. Long time on black screen while loading.

    I had the same problem, but it went away when I installed the game on a SSD drive.
  10. Monitor / Video Card Question 1440p possible?

    FWIW: I upgraded from 27" 1080p 60Hz non g-sync monitor to 27" 1440p 165Hz g-sync monitor and didn't see a change in fps. I'm using gtx1080 with 4.3GHz Intel processor. fps stays around 43 to 63 even with the new monitor.
  11. Server Lost Connection *EAC Banned???*

    It happens on multiple servers, even on our own (has worked fine in the past). Will try to get our server admin send more info your way.
  12. Server Lost Connection *EAC Banned???*

    Sorry about incorrect numbers. Last time 12 out of 74 players didn't get kicked, so that means 80% got kicked, not 70%. EDIT: Currently happens at the start of a new round.
  13. Server Lost Connection *EAC Banned???*

    FWIW EAC seems to be broken (again). In the last couple of weeks, I've seen massive EAC kicks from the servers without any good reason. Around 70% on players get kicked from the server but are then still able to get back to the server again. As for ban, I'm not sure what is happening there.
  14. fps: 50-120 i7 -2700K at 4.3GHz GTX 1080 8 GB DDR3 at 2133Mhz SSD 1080p High default settings with effects at epic and 1.5x oversampling Avg fps around 60-85.
  15. My almost minimum Spec System (in V8): 2700K @ 4.4GHz gtx580 (1.5GB) 8Gb ram (2133 speed) Non-SSD HDD 1920x1080 mostly medium setting, only view distance and foliage set to high. 30-40 with lot of smokes and explosions 50-90 in normal gameplay.