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  1. Faction "Alliances" and how this affects layouts

    If you had read the dev comments you'd understand that the camouflage currently in game for the British models is nothing more than a placeholder and that they have already replaced it with a proper MTP rendition. They're completely different camouflage in the same family in the same way that Woodland and ERDL are completely different camouflages in the same family. I don't even care about the state of realistic hostility. I like British people, but I think Britain vs US would be a fun challenge simply because both nations use fun equipment that should spar off against each other. Not every fight has to be AK vs AR or AR vs QBZ or so on and so forth; why not make an interesting scenario?
  2. Faction "Alliances" and how this affects layouts

    People who have a hard time are casuals who aren't used to the game yet or are having issues with the game's blurry visuals and lack of AA. I guarantee you once everything doesn't look like a pixelated mess (which is understandable currently as AA isn't the biggest worry in the world) even the most casual players will find it easy to tell between Russia's tan camouflage (which is an EMR variant by the way, not straight color) and Multicam. Even if they can't, the game should not be made to the lowest common denominator.
  3. Faction "Alliances" and how this affects layouts

    Except for the fact that they're not minuscule because the pattern is different, the color scheme is different, and the pieces that make up the uniform itself are different. Hell, if you were to step 50ft back and put two people (one wearing Multicam, the other MTP) next to each other one would look tan and the other would look olive. They're far enough apart that the camouflage can be differentiated at range. Even if they weren't, the gear each faction uses is totally different, which makes IFF easy as well. I'd hate to miss the opportunity for this game to be unique for the same reason that Militia went from being a fun faction to play to a ****ing joke running around in dark black tracksuit tops and autumn camouflage on summer maps.
  4. Faction "Alliances" and how this affects layouts

    The game strives for combat realism, not any other form of realism. No, they don't. Britain has MTP, the US has Multicam.
  5. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I don't disagree, but why not just hold off on making it until they have time to make it right? This is what I'm trying to say. No reason to rush it and **** it up when nobody's chomping at the bit to see a shitty little Lada (regardless of model quality) in the game. You'd have to convince the fun, inventive posters to come back, which most won't because they prefer areas a little more exclusive than a public forum. You can't just deflect in the way I predicted you would and then act like I'm the one who's deflecting. Once again, you clearly care enough to reply to me a second time.
  6. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I don't need to justify being disrespectful nor was I until the last post. A bad model is a bad model and that's the end of it. You clearly care enough about my opinions to reply, regardless of whatever your next deflection might be.
  7. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Not necessarily true; if anyone realistically wanted IronTaxi to respond all it would take is enough beating of a dead horse before he came to enforce the new "pls no bully us" rule. It wasn't quite a year, but it was awhile ago. Also, there's a difference between making things clear and a childish, petty rant. And of course it is. The community has clearly shown that it can't draw a fine line between dick sucking and outright hatred and several of the devs can't help themselves from acting like reprehensible asshats in return to those they dislike, so they just don't post and most others don't bother posting criticism here because it won't be seen. If anyone truly wants to be heard by the devs all that is required is to hop on Discord and tag one in a suggestion.
  8. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I disagree with this sentiment. They showcased, what, three new vehicles in this release? That means 33% of the models shown here are bad. If you want to bring it down to minimum you've got five or six vehicles, which is still a significant portion when it comes to inaccurate modeling. Is it a bit nit picky to complain about? Is it something worth fixing after the fact? Maybe if they have time at the end of development. This is really a case of a lot of the inaccurate models in this game though: It simply takes more effort to be wrong and defend being wrong than it does to just use a reference photo and get it right. I never will understand every design choice, nor do I expect to, but seriously some mistakes just make me think "how hard is it to look up x, y, and z to find the proper dimensions and at least get it partially right with guess work?" This tbh. Until I can fast rope off of a motorcycle I won't be happy.
  9. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    It'd be useful for awareness without moving the entire body which will allow you to look without being seen when the big bulbous character form moves. I think it'll be decently useful. It's an Alfer, m8 is not an excuse for poor modeling. I don't have a problem with the fingerless gloves, but he's right in that the car is pretty awfully done for something that has had public source blueprints for so long. Like many models messed up in this game: it would've taken less effort to get it right than the amount of effort required to get it wrong then defend why you were wrong. Ad hominem isn't an argument either; if you're going to attack someone's character for a legitimate gripe with a bad model, then you have no right to call anyone a kid. Glad to hear that the camouflage has been fixed. I was going to point it out because MTP really is radically different than Multicam. I'll bring the semechki
  10. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    MEC is early-2000s Turkey. Correct. They're basically a facsimile of the Novorossiyans. Basically they're just a non-descript Eastern European rebel faction, so their camouflage needs to stick in the Eastern European realm.
  11. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    As stated above, the .INI values will be locked in the future so it might be an issue now but it will be fixed when the game actually fleshes out into a more competitive, serious state. That being said, I hope in the future that some features will not be option at all (such as shadows, ground-level foliage, etc.) because low-level settings will always be used to cheese about as often if not more often than by people who actually have low-end computers when it comes to competitive video games. This is part of the reason why War Thunder has basically made playing on low settings as hard if not harder than playing on the highest settings (because bushes are basically rocks and trees are much thicker and bigger on average). I think the devs should really set the bar high when it comes to graphics rather than pander to the lowest possible crowd. I understand that you always want to sell as many copies as possible, but at the same time you really shouldn't devalue the experience of the game during one of the largest hardware change eras in recent computer history (HBM and ridiculously high-capacity GPUs for under $300, new processors hitting the market soon, etc.) because if they do that the graphics of the game will become visually outdated quickly (as rather than future-proofing the game with better, more immersive graphics they will be figuring out ways to balance out the minimum settings) and the UE4 use will be a complete waste.
  12. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    The USMC and the Army work alongside each other for a ton of operations, but the USMC's procurement list and rank structure are absolutely ****ed. They're the only branch of the military that is capable of doing everything (they have land units, fleet forces, ships, planes, helicopters, tanks, drones, etc.) whereas most other branches have agreements that promote intermingling (ex. the US Army has an agreement with the Air Force that the Army will not have any fixed wing aircraft so long as the Air Force does not have a rotary wing). Marines go through tougher, longer basic but not necessarily MOS training. I wouldn't say your average Marine is any more specialized (in a useful way) than your average infantry soldier. That's actually exactly how the USMC went into Afghanistan and Iraq: wearing woodland camouflage with some desert. This is why the Army has adopted Multicam. One of the benefits of adding KLMK to militia: there is both a green/gray version and a green/tan version. Green/tan would be perfect for the desert maps.
  13. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    It's all good, misunderstandings happen when translating. That being said, the problem with that idea is that there needs to be such a thing as acceptable losses when it comes to a strategic military level. If you don't set acceptable losses you will lose overall because you will be overly cautious. You need to make decisions that are effective as well as cost effective and give your troops on the ground the benefit of the doubt that they can understand and effectively use camouflage to their advantage to further lower the level of sustained casualties in theatre. Advanced emotions are not required at a strategic military level. Sure, in most other sectors of society being emotional can inject some more meaning into a conversation, but when it comes to sending people you don't know into combat you can't be overly emotional. I played ArmA II and III for almost 500 hours each. ArmA II's main characters are MARSOC and the USMC so it makes sense that they are wearing MARPAT-WD. It works well and nobody will deny that, but the US Army doesn't use MARPAT. However, the US Army is looking into adopting the color scheme of Multicam Tropic into the Scorpion pattern.
  14. please change militia colour uniform.

    There's a thread up right now about the US's forest camouflage and why Multicam doesn't work properly in Squad: Multicam Tropic is by far the best option in my opinion.
  15. please change militia colour uniform.

    Welcome to the club of people who have eyes; you're either really new or really old in this community because somewhere around a couple months into the open alpha everyone became blind and forgot how real weapons work and submitted all sorts of requests that normal people are now complaining about.