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  1. No Servers again..

    This has happened to me before, no servers will show up. I've tried every fix on the web and forums and nothing helps. What can I do?
  2. No servers showing up

    I've tired every recommended fix for this and nothing seems work, none of the servers will show up. Any fixes at all?

    So after installing the latest update when I start the game the squad intro plays then it goes to a black screen, and when I open task manager squad says "not responding". I've already deleted local data so I'm not sure how else to fix this.
  4. Alpha 7.7 Released

    i7-4790k and gtx 970
  5. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I haven't played this game in a little over a month simply because it runs like garbage for me after v7, got on today and still the same. Oh well, I hope this is fixed soon. Good luck devs.
  6. Is the game worth buying in its current state?

    You should definitely get it, I've had some of the best gaming moments I've ever had because of SQUAD, it's loads of fun. Just understand that it is early access and with the newest update there is some issues, If you have patience and faith in the dev team, then get it.
  7. Like: The gameplay, audio/effects, and the community Dislike: New players playing the game wrong, SL's with no mic
  8. your connection to the host has been lost

    Calm down man, everything will be sorted out shortly. You're not the only one with issues, just have some patience.
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Performance isn't a huge issue for me at the moment, I'm still getting 35-45 fps in combat, with occasional dips, but to me its playable, I used to get in the 60's-70's but not after the update. I'm not mad though, I understand that things get messed up and bugged in updates, not to mention that the game is still in early access so of course there will be issues. The best thing to do is have patience and let the devs do their thing and everything will get sorted out . On another note, vehicles were a great addition to the game, I can't wait for everyone experience it. Nothing like opening up on a squad of insurgents with .50 cal on a HMMWV.
  10. Low FPS Since V7 Update

    This issue is affecting quite a few people and is being worked on, there's not really much you can do at the moment, this is affecting me as well, I went from 60-70fps down to 30-40, it'll be fixed though! You're not the only one experiencing issues
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Patience is key, the devs are hard at work trying to get everything sorted out. Let's not forget that SQUAD is early access, so we're not always going to get perfect performance. Just give v7 a few days and I'm sure it'll be back to normal very soon.
  12. I was in the 60's-70's before v7, now I'm getting around 33-53 -GTX 960 -I7 4790 -16GB ram
  13. your connection to the host has been lost

    Still having the issue...I hope it's not just this group of people.
  14. your connection to the host has been lost

    Same here, the only server I could actually get into was low pop one, not really sure what to do
  15. your connection to the host has been lost

    After v7 came out I've had some issues joining servers, any server I try to join says "Your connection to the host has been lost", I'm not really sure what the issue is and was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if there is a fix for it yet?