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  1. Definitely, it's just not right. Yep I've noticed it is definitely worse on some maps.
  2. As for it not really affecting anyone, I take it you don't spend much time time trying to make headshots at 200m+ then? At 200m the enemy is small enough that event hitting them at all with that amount of judder is very hard let alone trying to take them down with a headshot in one hit. There's literally no point having an ACOG if you can't make medium range shots with a degree of accuracy. As the member of the Squad carrying that optic you are often called upon by the SL to make such shots.
  3. Yeah, my FPS in usually 80-120+ on that map so it's nothing to do with that.
  4. No, both were about 15mins in. I get the same issue the whole length of the game.
  5. Ultrawide Stretching at 3440x1440

    Mine rums 21:9 just fine with no FOV change. Maybe try forcing Squad to open in 21:9 in Steams launch options. Google how to do it if you're not sure, just Google "Steam Launch Options Resolution"
  6. No, see the two new videos I've added to my OP, you can clearly see the difference between the two, it has nothing to do with how far I've zoomed in.
  7. Here's a video with the exact same scope as the above videos, notice no jitter here, only difference is the map, this is at Logar Valley ASS v.1: And just for reference, jittery aim, same scope different map: There is a massive difference between the two, and this jitter really reduces the ability to accurately aim on medium to long range targets with certain scopes. Again it happens more on some scopes and some maps. There is zero issue my end as i only get this issue with certain scopes in Squad.
  8. I'll upload a video shortly of how smooth it is at Logar.
  9. I'm on Logar right now with a US ACOG and so far no reticle jitter. I get it very bad at Chora with the very same scope.
  10. Yes this. The weapon away is normal and as expected, it's the constant micro stutter of the reticle that is the problem. It's been there on ACOG's and similar scopes since day one, definitely worse on some maps.
  11. I haven't noticed any blurring so far but this aim judder is SO annoying, I just can't understand why it hasn't been fixed yet?!