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  1. A lot of the time you are at a disadvantage to your enemy as it was only certain scopes on certain maps with certain factions. All I'm saying is that it would have been nice at some point for the Devs to at least acknowledge the issue so I knew I wasn't going mad, some people swear blind that they never had the issue which left me wondering if it was actually something at my end causing it. Because of this I spent hours and hours testing different maps, scopes, factions, and all manor of game and mouse and sensitivity settings in my own spare time which could have been avoided years ago by a dev just saying "yeah we know it's a thing, well definitely fix it in the future".
  2. I've never once slated the achievement of Squad on UE4, I too am genuinely amazed by it (I pretty much built a £3500+ PC JUST FOR SQUAD and have spent over 800 hours in game) but, IMO having the reticle not jumping about with a mind of its own should be pretty high priority on an FPS shooter. I have zero problem with an issue being difficult to fix BUT the lack of communication about it has been appalling. If this task was such a hard thing to implement then maybe a statement from the Devs would have been a good idea in the 3+ years that this has been an issue. Those of us who have been on Squad for that amount of time really do deserve some input from the Devs on an almost game breaking issue. Fortnite... never played it, not interested. Shitpost... NO, this has been a very big issue for some us that pretty much ruins an FPS game and my small amount of posts about it have been mature throughout. Think about it from my point of view, I spent a lot of time and money for Squad, I have a crosshair that just jumps about all over the place, I post a mature message on the forums, no official response, ever, in 3 years...
  3. I really hope this is the answer to this issue, I stopped playing Squad a while back now because of this so if this new patch does not sort it then I can see me uninstalling Squad for a while as M.2 SSD space is at premium right now on my PC. Source: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=313 I'm amazed that this fix has taken 3 years and disappointed that even though the Dev's have clearly been working on this issue recently that none of them have ever commented on my threads about it in the 3 years that have passed.
  4. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I play in these exact servers very often too, they are great with the exception of [G] Guardians. IMO I found their admin very childish, for example at the end of a round they can be heard shouting things like "suck my ***" etc over and over again, and they can be very childish when leading a Squad also.
  5. Exactly, having a commander disconnect leaving Squads unable to communicate would be disastrous for the game and its future.
  6. That would be great when the commander disconnects for some reason...
  7. What position do you play the most? Why?

    Scoped Rifleman, because I'm very good with it: Not my best but one I quickly got a photo of: And no, I'm not a lone Wolf at all, I stick with my squad and follow SL orders, I just happen to be able to get a lot of kills while doing so. I also enjoy LMG Roles when defending a position and iron sight Rifleman in CQB if I'm in the mood. I am the worst medic because I generally forget I'm medic, I suck with the Marksman role, I don't have the patience for Scout and I find Crewman boring.
  8. Exactly, there is a fine line between Squad being a fun gaming experience and a chor, IMO Squad is already close to the Chor side as it's a game where you have to follow orders and can't just roam free. Currently IMO the balance is just right (Unless you have an SL that micro manages your every step), Squad players enjoy the structure and that's why we like the game, adding another layer of command IMO could well push Squad over the line for a lot of players and simply put them off all together.
  9. Recent random sudden FPS drops to 3fps?

    I'll take a look at those references later and some more info if I can.
  10. This game needs Public Servers asap!

    I've been playing in random servers since 2015 and I've never known anyone to be kicked because he/she was playing too well. Yes this happens all the time in games like Battlefield etc but I've never seen it in Squad (that I know of) so surely it's not that big of an issue?
  11. Same headphones here, and you are 100% right about hearing footsteps and small movements way before you would have on a 5.1/7.1 headset with small soundstage. In my case I tried the Fiio DAC/AMP setup, then a Schiit DAC/AMP setup but I ultimately prefer the convenience & features of my Soundblaster AE-5, it has no problem driving my 250ohm cans and IMO it actually sounds better than my previous DAC/AMP setups, probably due to my sound now coming from the soundcard and not my motherboards audio. Even though I have a decent motherboard (ASUS z270 TUF Mark 1) which is supposed to have good audio, the sound is much better through the soundcard.
  12. I genuinely thought my Roccat Kave 5.1 surround headset sounded amazing up until I tried a decent set of Stereo headphones, it's one of those things you just can't imagine until you try it.
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I play there a lot too but even those servers recently have taken much longer to populate. As said I usually like to get on between 0600-0700 and play until about 0900.