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  1. lol, that's a non overclocked 1080ti at 3440x1440 21:9 Ultrawide with all Graphics maxxed + SMAA (no res scaling). And just to add, the whole system is almost silent under load That's fine in that example but more often than not you end up with a few normal Rifleman as well as Rifleman + Optic, the UI change would just make things easier for everyone, it wouldn't change the structure of the Squads etc. Especially when your Squad is low on numbers so Support Roles are closed.
  2. Can we get a logo by the player name that represents the fact that the player has one of the two Rifleman + Optic kits? Currently all the Rifleman logos look the same which is very frustrating when you are forced out of that kit by SL to be a Medic or LAT or whatever at which point one of the 'normal' Rifleman then take the Rifleman + Optic kit when it really should have been one of those 'normal' Rifleman that switched to another Role. There is a reason each Squad only gets 2 Rifleman + Optic kits, they are valuable kits but we often get treated like 'normal' Rifleman and sent on Logi runs or forced to switch to other Roles.
  3. A larger notification (maybe center screen) when you become SL if the current SL leaves A speaker symbol on the map on any of your squad members that are currently talking A separate logo for Rifleman with scope that differs from the normal Rifleman (so you don't get bullied into taking Medic just so another member can take the scoped Rifleman role) A 'vote of no confidence' system where you can vote your squad leader out of the squad if he is completely useless/AFK etc But by far my biggest issue with SQUAD is this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/31649-videos-still-getting-jittery-aim-in-v11-with-some-scopesmaps/ If this was fixed the game would be near perfect.
  4. Post Scriptum Keys

    I thought I backed Squad on Kickstarter, maybe I didn't, it was a long time ago, I know I bought it on 15th December 2015 which was the day SQUAD was released wasn't it? Any other way to get access to Post Scriptum?
  5. Thought I'd share my custom settings for SQUAD for anyone running a similar setup. I've found these settings to sound great, give very good directional sound and also enable you to hear footsteps and people crawling around in fields very clearly. For anyone who does not believe that stereo headphones can give perfect directional sound, you literally have to try it, I can pinpoint people near me in complete concealment and generally shoot them dead, all by sound alone. Plus you also get the benefit of larger drivers in each ear cup so the sound is much fuller. I was originally using the onboard sound on my ASUS Z270 TUF MARK 1 motherboard with a pair of 5.1 Roccat Kave Analog headphones (https://www.roccat.org/en-GB/Products/Gaming-Sound/Kave-Series/Kave-XTD-5-1-Analog/) but my latest setup just blows that out of the water. My hardware: Soundcard - Creative Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming AE-5 (https://us.creative.com/p/sound-cards/sound-blasterx-ae-5) Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohm (http://www.inta-audio.com/beyerdynamic-dt990-pro-headphones-black-limited-edition-p7379) Worth noting that as these are 250ohm headphones they generally won't be very good if powered by your motherboard, they require a headphone AMP of some sort or a decent soundcard with built in AMP. Mic - Antlion ModMic4 With Mute (https://antlionaudio.com/products/modmic-4) My custom sound profile settings for SQUAD in the Sound Blaster Connect software:
  6. Yeah it's definitely map/scope specific, hitting a medium/long range head shot is near impossible. I mean I get really good performance now (100+fps at 3440x1440 highest settings with SMAA) and some maps and scopes are super smooth but some just give me this very granular jittery aim, obviously the game is capable of being silky smooth so why are just some maps giving this issue? I really can't believe it hasn't been addressed yet, if I was new to Squad and my first game acted like that I'd refund it right away.
  7. Just tried the exact same scope on Sumari and it's super smooth, must be more of s map issue.
  8. Still an issue in v11, again it only seems to happen with some medium range scopes. I can't believe there has been no fix for this in over 2 years. All the people who said it would be fixed with the "new v10 animations" were obviously completely wrong.
  9. Definitely, it's just not right. Yep I've noticed it is definitely worse on some maps.
  10. As for it not really affecting anyone, I take it you don't spend much time time trying to make headshots at 200m+ then? At 200m the enemy is small enough that event hitting them at all with that amount of judder is very hard let alone trying to take them down with a headshot in one hit. There's literally no point having an ACOG if you can't make medium range shots with a degree of accuracy. As the member of the Squad carrying that optic you are often called upon by the SL to make such shots.
  11. Yeah, my FPS in usually 80-120+ on that map so it's nothing to do with that.