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  1. Alpha 11.2

    Not entirely true, I have a 7700k + 1080ti and I generally see 80-120fps average (21:9 Ultrawide 3440x1440, Epic, SMAA etc etc), it can rarely drop to 50fps on some maps in some situations but generally it can be anywhere from 80-150fps most of the time. So for me Squad runs very well indeed (with decent hardware), the only performance gripe I have is this (see video), but that's been there from day one with absolutely no sign of changing so far :-(
  2. No one else noticed PS feel slower?
  3. All things equal between Squad and PS, the sensitivity in PS feels slower, especially when ADS with 'Focus' held down, why is that? I loaded up both games back to back earlier, same PC, exact same game settings, same mouse settings, both with iron sight rifles and Squad's movement/aiming feels is noticeably quicker? You can see below that everything between the two games is the same, Global Sensitivity, FOV, Actual FOV, 360° Distance etc etc so why does PS feel slower? Also, while on the subject of PS, is there a forum anywhere for it?
  4. Quick question about "Zoom Sensitivity Scaling"

    Solved, pretty sure with those 3 values set at 1, it's exactly the same whether that box is ticked or unticked.
  5. Quick question about "Zoom Sensitivity Scaling"

    Yes I'm aware, I use mousesensitivity.com but I really could do with the default Squad calculations in order to plumb them in to the calculator in order to translate my Squad sensitivities to other games.
  6. Quick question about "Zoom Sensitivity Scaling"

    Hmm, so does anyone know what the default scaling values are, when the box is unticked? There is obviously some scaling calculations applied to make the zoom scopes more manageable.
  7. I play with this box UNTICKED, if I was to tick this box but leave the values at their default, would that change change my sensitivities in game? Or in simpler terms, are the default values shown here used to calculate the sensitivities when the box is unticked? EDIT/ To get the exact same settings with that box ticked or unticked the values need to be set to '1'.
  8. Falling Damage nerf?

    IMO it does need nerfing a bit, the way I see it is that if your soldier can climb on to a wall then he should be able to climb/jump back off without taking damage.
  9. Honestly it's worth every penny at full price.
  10. Brilliant, thank you.
  11. Yes I also seem to remember that back in the early days, why on Earth would they change it?!
  12. No SS, but I can run 1.25 on some maps and it still stays above 100fps, but I have it off as FPS can drop low on some maps. Bump, for the OP. The "Rifleman" is always getting kicked to make room for a friend, sent on Logi runs, forced to swap role etc etc because the SL does not realize you actually have the optic and you're not just a normal Rifleman. I think when playing as British the optic Rifleman does not even unlock until 9 or 9 players are in the squad so it's quite an important role, yet it has the same logo as the normal Rifleman so SL's just treat you as such, a simple logo change to show the optic would make a lot of difference.
  13. lol, that's a non overclocked 1080ti at 3440x1440 21:9 Ultrawide with all Graphics maxxed + SMAA (no res scaling). And just to add, the whole system is almost silent under load That's fine in that example but more often than not you end up with a few normal Rifleman as well as Rifleman + Optic, the UI change would just make things easier for everyone, it wouldn't change the structure of the Squads etc. Especially when your Squad is low on numbers so Support Roles are closed.