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  1. [solved] V7 - Sound Issue

    beginna - you're a hero - thank you.
  2. [solved] V7 - Sound Issue

    OK so I uninstalled Squad again, then uninstalled Steam, deleting everything, restarted my computer and reinstalled everything... I'm still getting the same problems. ALSO what's really weird is that when I first reopened the game having reinstalled everything it still used the same custom key bindings. Any thoughts here? I'm lost for answers... Thanks, J
  3. [solved] V7 - Sound Issue

    Thanks beginna. I actually tried that earlier but my menu options are never saved and always revert to their defaults when it comes to Sound preferences and Toggle's too. I downloaded a config a while ago to help my FPS performance but as I deleted the local files earlier this morning I assume that they have been wiped as well? Any other ideas? Also I've just noticed that if I go to the firing range, get in a car then get out the view changes to the back of my soldiers head?!?! Thanks, Jasper
  4. Hi all, Since downloading V7 I'm not getting any of interaction or 'local' sounds anymore. I can hear weapons being fired (including my own) but I can't hear any footsteps, bullets flying over me etc. I also cant hear anything if I get hit or when I'm patching myself up etc - only the wider game sounds like gunshots, the radio, explosions and vehicles. Any ideas? I've already deleted all local files, reinstalled the game and verified the files in Steam... Thanks, J