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  1. Vehicule crew

    In PR it's just simply server rules that make that the case. Most servers have rules on vehicle claims. For Squad to do it would be quite simple, just need a server to make new rules similar to the ones most PR servers use, and have active admins to inform of and enforce the rules. It will probably happen once we get more vehicle types. In PR infantry squads didn't need to rely on vehicles because of the transport helicopter squad that they could call in at any time. So it wasn't a big deal to have a dedicated APC squad especially on servers where you could create a mechanized infantry squad to claim a single APC if you really wanted to. Before Squad gets to that point we need at least transport helicopters.
  2. Can clipping still be fixed or is it too late?

    Yeah this is what I really want to see. Old Rust before they rewrote the game from the ground up had something where if you walked into a wall with your gun, the gun would be pushed backwards and if you were looking down the sights you would also lower it. Adjusting yourself to look over a window frame for example would make you aim down sights again once your muzzle wasn't touching the wall below, and if you looked down again you would lower it and it would get pushed back again. It was a good smooth system but I know it wasn't complete because if you kept walking into the wall your gun would end up held in a really weird position, but I think that's better than the current system in squad.
  3. Quoting limitations on posts

    The funny thing is you wouldn't have been able to make that comment with the ratio that OP is suggesting.
  4. Quoting limitations on posts

    I'm horribly tempted to just quote your entire post and just type "this" under it.
  5. A lil disturbed with some "Expert" players.

    I don't think anyone should be screaming obscenities at people or getting overly angry, but I believe expecting "that level of play" even in a pub match is perfectly fine, and I have nothing against people being kicked from the squad for not being able to live up to the expectations of the SL. I've been kicked from squads when I first started playing Project Reality when I wasn't as good a player, and I don't hold it against them.
  6. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    The real counter is having a full squad or 2 on the first rush-able point.
  7. Unable to use cover properly due to hitboxes.

    Ideally they will make it so that your weapon automatically adjusts to shoot out of a window with the barrel resting on the window or adjusting to hold it over a wall. This is probably hard as hell to code and will require a lot of animation so I wouldn't expect something like this for a long time.
  8. Hot mic, sticky key

    It's a bug I don't understand that happens when you open the spawn screen while holding press to talk. It's even worse when squad leading. And exponentially worse because I have spawn screen bound to capslock and I use it as my map. Luckily I've gotten so used to it that it's barely a problem for me anymore.
  9. Asset Rules

    You claimed that you got kicked/banned for teamkilling someone and tried to blame it on the claim system. I'm saying you deserved the kick/ban. Yes the claim system should be tweaked but it's no excuse to be teamkilling anyone.
  10. Asset Rules

    Intentional teamkilling is never okay except in self defense (being actively shot at). Revenge teamkilling is just as bad as troll teamkilling. He may have ruined your plan, but that's no excuse to teamkill.
  11. BUG | Vehicle turret is immune to damage

    I'm pretty sure the devs are planning for you to be able to disable certain parts of the vehicles. Hit the turret and you disable it, hit the wheels/tracks on a vehicle and you damage them and only 1 side works properly, things like this would be great.
  12. Emplacement rotation and drag

    Should be able to just have it so that A and D rotate the entire thing slowly. Precise aiming with the mouse, and keyboard to rotate the entire emplacement.
  13. Asset Rules

    These kinds of rules are a step in the right direction, but I don't quite think the game or the playerbase is ready for this to turn into a game structured by PR style rules. Most maps currently have APCs as the main squad transport instead of jeeps or trans logis, we don't have helicopter trans, and the majority of the people I've asked have never played PR and these kinds of rules would be very new to them. It might be a good idea for a few servers to start trying these rules but I would personally wait for helicopters.
  14. I just noticed that this has been happening recently. It used to be that if my GPU usage was low, it was because my CPU was bottlenecking. But when I checked the performance debug numbers, my CPU time was much lower than GPU time, and yet my GPU was still at less than 50% usage. I'm running a GTX 1080 at 1965 MHZ and a 4790K at 4.6 GHZ.
  15. GPU usage less than 50%, yet not CPU bottlenecked

    Fixed it. Even though my CPU time was lower than my GPU time, I was CPU bottlenecked by a program running in the background. Never realized manycam could be such a CPU hog.
  16. Alpha 9.6 Released

    This update looks amazing. This is the kind of update I've been waiting for. More strategy and teamwork! And Narva looks to be a nice big map, my favorite.
  17. Rifleman Build sandbag

    I like this idea. I don't think communication would need to be that that in depth as a lot of the time I see popular squad leaders join the squads of other popular squad leaders and rotate every few games due to the stress of squad leading. Lots of the time these people trust eachother and know the way they build, so for these kinds of situations I could see a designated builder to be quite useful.
  18. "glitch" access to a roof in storage site of yehorivka

    I call that being creative. I hope they add different size ladders, maybe the grappling hook from PR, and deploy-able bridges (basically long thick planks of wood) that allow you to get across gaps between rooftops.
  19. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    I support what Rhino is talking about. I'd rather see an actual part of the map than a bunch of stuff cobbled together from different areas. Also the PR layout was pretty much perfect and I'd rather keep the same layout and just change the statics like was done with Al Basrah and if you want to make it a bigger map, extend it at the sides to include the train station and more parts of the city.
  20. Leeks? Leeks.

    Look at all these leeks.
  21. Squad Leader has too much responsibility

    Sqaud leading is fine the way it is, and I definitely do not want to see rally points changed much, they are fine the way they are. Squad leading should be about the stuff that is unique to squad leading first and foremost. When I squad lead I constantly think about where to place fobs, where to put rallies, how to approach a position, and what the general plan is, the ROE, everything, and the first thing I do when I see enemy off in the distance is announce it and mark it on the map for other squads to see. Only after I've thought of everything and know exactly what my plan is do I allow myself to focus on using my rifle. In reality though, once you get used to it you are focused on using your rifle and clearing compounds the majority of the time as the other stuff becomes routine. And finally, rally points are not just "where your squad is". I use them quite a distance from where my squad is so we can regroup and attack from another angle if the medics go down. If I place a FOB on a flag that I need to defend I place my rallypoint in a place where we can spawn if the HAB gets overrun or they start digging up the radio. I've saved many fobs doing that and using a Battlefield like spawn mechanic would ruin all tactical usage of rally points, and take away a ton of the incentive to wait for a medic. If you place a rally too close to enemy and get a new timer, that's your own fault as you should be retreating away from enemy before updating it and should be stopping early to place it before attacking a position.
  22. Why i can't remove the radio?

    Unless you are squad lead, you need like 3 people shoveling to dig up a friendly fob radio. SL can remove it by holding a button, but it still takes like 2 minutes or so to go down unless you also have a few people shoveling it.
  23. I'm fine with not being able to kill a downed enemy, so long as there are more ways to instantly kill with no ability to revive. I want headshots to result in the player to be unrevivable. Currently there is a problem where players do not value their death enough and charge in knowing that the medic can always revive them. This causes less teamwork. I am guilty of this, when I squadlead I tend to be the first person to run into a compound instead of thinking tactically because I know that if I die as I enter the medic will be able to get me up. If it was easier to instantly kill someone from close distance, then people would try harder to avoid getting hit at all.
  24. Slow movement

    Will there be differences in player movement between conventional forces and insurgents/militia? If the ability to walk on walls to climb onto rooftops is removed for conventional forces, I'd still like to see non-conventional forces still able to climb onto walls and get to rooftops without ladders. And that reminds me, are we going to get something along the lines of the grappling hook from PR that can be used to climb onto buildings without having to place a FOB radio? Being able to flank from above by climbing to rooftops and into building windows is something I don't want to lose and would like to see a proper implementation of.
  25. Road Blocking

    The problem is you can't dig the wreaks up. Purposely blowing up your own vehicles to block bridges is exploiting in my opinion at least with the fact that you can't remove them. In PR you could blow up bridges but logis had deployable bridges to get over the broken sections.