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  1. I'm still having the problem but I remember something about a project reality audio fix that might have had something to do with the xaudio files. Anyone else remember similar? Edit: crap, I had to install some sort of "dts ddl fix" to get surround sound working in a few games. IIRC it required me to replace the xaudio dlls. I need Squad to work without reversing this fix. Edit 2: just remembered what happened. I had to install a fix for Witcher 3 for surround sound. Googling Witcher 3 surround sound fix gives you a page instructing you to download edited xaudio files and says the fix works for other games as well. I will not be reversing this fix so EAC, please look into this and see if you can set some sort of exemption. This is the page that linked the fix that I used.
  2. I'm still having the problem and it's been over 2 weeks. EAC staff where are you?
  3. This is exactly the reason I think it should still be broadcast, even if it results in retaliation.
  4. If you TK someone it shows up on your screen. There's no system for team damage though. They don't broadcast every teamkill to everyone so that revenge teamkills aren't as common.
  5. My main point is that it should only be done when everyone in the vicinity is okay with it. If you are near other squads, it's unacceptable. If you are in the middle of nowhere in a BTR full of friends that think it's funny, it should be fine. I'm not arguing that every server should be fine with everyone playing music over local. I'm arguing that servers shouldn't outright ban it just because of the people that are doing it rudely. But then again, the situations I'm talking about wouldn't really even be affected by having a rule because there would be no one to complain to an admin about it.
  6. You can't speak for everyone. If someone is in a squad with their friends, riding in a BTR, and no one objects to someone playing the USSR national anthem for shits and giggles over local chat, that's a perfectly acceptable time. If you are in that squad gunning the BTR and tell them to shut up so you can better hear enemy vehicles, then it is no longer an acceptable time to play music over local chat. But that doesn't stop the fact that there are plenty of people that enjoy being in a squad that manages to have fun by playing music in local chat for a bit. And if everyone nearby is fine with it, there is nothing wrong.
  7. There are a few times where it's completely acceptable to play music over local chat, all of which you should first ask if anyone doesn't want you to do it. Pretty much the only acceptable times are while you are in a vehicle and want to have some fun, or are stuck in main chatting with a squad mate. But the most important thing is that you make sure you aren't bugging anyone. Back when I played project reality, I saw several times where people were playing music and it was perfectly acceptable. Usually was in clan squads where everyone knew eachother and wanted to screw around. But it rarely lasted more than like 20 seconds at a time. What I'm trying to say is that both banning playing music outright and thinking you should be able to do it whenever you want are wrong.
  8. Come on EAC, get your crap together and help us. This is unacceptable.
  9. Is anyone else with this problem using a sound card or DAC instead on onboard?
  10. I tried the same thing and it also didn't fix the problem. Bandaid, do you have any non-standard audio related stuff on your computer? I thought there would be more people having this problem but now I think it's only a few people and it must be related to something that EAC didn't test for. I use a sound blaster z sound card and surround sound so I'm afraid that that might have something to do with it. If you use an external sound card as well, that might be where the problem lies.
  11. I almost wanna make an infomercial style video now to show and exaggerate my problem. Screw it, maybe I'll make a full advertisement as to why we need an autorun button.
  12. Anyone? I tried adding knubbie on steam but he's offline. I need to figure out exactly why this is happening and an actual solution.
  13. I'm now having a similar problem with the xaudio system file. I'm definitely not reinstalling windows or some overkill crap but I want to play squad tonight. Was there some EAC update that screwed things up? I'm not crashing but I just join a game and it kicks me.
  14. I usually do stuff while I'm down anyway. I just like the convenience of being able to take my hands off my keyboard more frequently.
  15. I drink flavored bottled water and water out of a canteen. Both need to be opened to take a drink from. And sometimes I wanna eat while playing which sometimes requires me to get up for 10 seconds or use both hands depending on the food.