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  1. Come on EAC, get your crap together and help us. This is unacceptable.
  2. Is anyone else with this problem using a sound card or DAC instead on onboard?
  3. I tried the same thing and it also didn't fix the problem. Bandaid, do you have any non-standard audio related stuff on your computer? I thought there would be more people having this problem but now I think it's only a few people and it must be related to something that EAC didn't test for. I use a sound blaster z sound card and surround sound so I'm afraid that that might have something to do with it. If you use an external sound card as well, that might be where the problem lies.
  4. I almost wanna make an infomercial style video now to show and exaggerate my problem. Screw it, maybe I'll make a full advertisement as to why we need an autorun button.
  5. Anyone? I tried adding knubbie on steam but he's offline. I need to figure out exactly why this is happening and an actual solution.
  6. I'm now having a similar problem with the xaudio system file. I'm definitely not reinstalling windows or some overkill crap but I want to play squad tonight. Was there some EAC update that screwed things up? I'm not crashing but I just join a game and it kicks me.
  7. I usually do stuff while I'm down anyway. I just like the convenience of being able to take my hands off my keyboard more frequently.
  8. I drink flavored bottled water and water out of a canteen. Both need to be opened to take a drink from. And sometimes I wanna eat while playing which sometimes requires me to get up for 10 seconds or use both hands depending on the food.
  9. I really want autorun too. A ton of other games will autorun if you open chat while running. Very useful to take a drink of water or go AFK for 20 seconds to get something.
  10. Overclocking is definitely the way to go. The game is still very CPU heavy and a few hundred MHz can increase your FPS a lot.
  11. Also, make sure you jump and crouch immediately afterward. This pulls your legs up and allows you to jump onto most small walls.
  12. What about changing the claim system so it works better. Make it so you don't have to claim in the first place but have the option to. Make it so the SL can drop the claim or transfer to another SL. Make it so that players in the squad that claimed it automatically kick out players in other squads. And then finally make it so that people can get in the passenger seats and gun of claimed vehicles. Those last 2 combined will fix the issues you guys are debating. And better yet, give SLs options for the claim. If there is a concern of some blueberry wasting ammo, the SL should be able to toggle a setting that locks blueberries out of the gun.
  13. Just search google for information on building PCs. There's a ton of information on how to choose parts and how to put everything together. I had no experience at all and in under 5 days total I researched everything, made a parts list on pcpartpicker (which makes sure all of your parts are compatible automatically), bought everything online, and then the day that the last of the parts arrived I re-watched a video on how to build a computer while I was building it to make sure everything went perfect. Mine worked first try and overall building a PC is as simple as following instructions that involve a few screws and then plugging things into the right places. No wizardry necessary.
  14. My favorite game devs are those that don't pull punches, like Destructive Creations (game devs of Hatred), and also a shoutout to the devs of Rust for allowing complete nudity and more importantly, completely free-form sign creation so that players can make signs as offensive as they wish. And then of course there are games like GTA which glorify crime. My point is that I am not being unfair to game devs I just prefer the game devs that aren't afraid of negative press and hate game devs that go out of their way to avoid offending. And if by "routes game developers have to take" you mean "have to take to prevent the game getting banned in certain countries", I say let the game get banned in those countries. Not putting in bomb cars for "sensitivity" reasons wouldn't be all that bad but it would definitely make me think twice about how much I support the game devs of Squad, which currently I regard rather highly aside from their stance on putting gore in.
  15. I'm 90% sure that you are CPU bound. With a 6700K the OP should be able to get decently higher frame rates.