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  1. The base game is supposed to be done by the end of this year, though it might take longer. I'm guessing they will focus on things like adding new factions after the base game is finished.
  2. It depends on what type of FOB you want to build. I prefer to place FOB radios out in the open so you can defend them, but that only works in a place you are likely to be, and if you leave the FOB then it's easier for the enemies to see it and take it down before you even realize. If I'm placing a FOB that I don't plan on defending, whether its a secret fob behind enemy lines that will be spawned on when a point is captured, or a backup fob on an old objective, I'll hide both the radio and the HAB as best I possibly can.
  3. Ehh, it's exploiting the fact that the devs didnt intend to program swimming and restrictions around water yet. Al Basrah was community made to be close to the PR version but new, and they built it with PRs swimming system in mind. If you've noticed, every other map has only knee deep water and that's so they don't need to program swimming and stuff yet.
  4. A lot of people that play Squad play squad because they want it to be a better game than PR could have been (PR has lots of game engine restrictions), while still keeping to the spirit of PR as much as possible. I'm definitely one of those players. If this game strays too far from the spirit of PR, I'll be very disappointed. But a the same time I'm fine with changes from PR, I don't want this to be a carbon copy. The current system of claiming is a placeholder. Logistics trucks only require 2 people to claim as of V8 I think. Every update they tweak it and I'm sure in the next few versions it will be tweaked some more if not completely changed. Going on rants about how they screwed everything up isn't the way to suggest changes though. I personally think they should reduce the claiming system to 2 people for all vehicles that only require 2 people to operate well. Logistics should only require 1 person but SL should have to approve it. If that was implemented I would be happy. And maybe later they will come up with an even better idea and do away with the claiming system all together.
  5. I'm pretty sure the OP is asking about 1 hit kill guns, not just sniper rifles, even though he said "rifles". The current Marksman class rifles are supposed to be a 1 hit kill if the wounded doesn't bandage right away from last I heard. Later on maybe they will be changed so that a hit on the torso that doesn't hit body armor will be instant death/incapacitated, that's still a possibility. Also I'm hoping they add a machine gunner class with some GPMGs. Personally I don't care that much about having a 1 hit kill rifle as I'm pretty good at getting headshots (though I really want the more powerful weapons to cause non-revivable kills when you get headshots).
  6. No, not at all. I'm saying that at least from what I know, CPU clock speed is what currently matters the most in Squad. That's why an i5 6600K will run better than pretty much all AMD CPUs, though the new Ryzen ones come close. Your laptop CPU can turbo up to 3.6GHZ, but I don't know if it can stay at that clock speed for any length of time, and even if it did, you would have significantly lower performance than me, and I still dip below 60FPS a lot. I don't think that CPU is bad, and other games will probably run fine on that laptop, but Squad still has a lot of optimization needed and there's no way you will stay above 60FPS except in the firing range. Also, GPU and CPU are separate. Turning off cores on your CPU won't make the game use the GPU instead or anything like that. Oh and you can try Squad and refund it on Steam if you play less than 2 hours.
  7. I'm guessing that you would just disable 2 speakers and set them up for 5.1 audio before launching Squad. You should probably ask someone who knows more for better information though.
  8. I'm running at 1440P, at 4K you might manage to make it GPU bound on some maps. I run most of my graphic settings on high because it doesn't make a difference to my frames except on 1 or 2 maps. Also you replied just as I edited my last post to point out that single core performance is what matters most in squad right now. So that CPU you have in your new laptop is probably great for workstation type stuff, but unless you manage to keep it at it's full turbo clockspeed while playing Squad, you are probably going to go down to 30 to 40FPS a lot. Even if you stay at the turbo speed you're going to dip below 60 a lot more than I do. Luckily, this isn't much of a twitch shooter where you spend a ton of time running and gunning, so a lower frame rate isn't as bad as it could be.
  9. Definitely not a solid 60FPS. I have a GTX1080 and a 4790K at 4.7GHZ and I still drop below 60 a lot. Some maps I rarely go above 60. Also I'm CPU bound. Anything short of a 6600K/7600K (single core performance) is going to have even more trouble running the game in its current state.
  10. Oh so UE did fix it. That's great then.
  11. IIRC, the game engine doesn't support 7.1 yet. You gotta wait for the UE devs to fix it. Until then, you'll want to run in 5.1.
  12. I'm sure we will get a lot of factions at some point but it will be a long way off. I don't see us getting factions like the French until after we have jets and stuff.
  13. Pretty sure they are planning to expand some maps to 8 KM^2. A mere 2.5 KM is nothing on a map like that.
  14. I think the OP is just saying that he wishes Squad had consistent scales for all maps. I think Project Reality had consistent scales depending on map size, so smaller maps had each small grid square at 50 meters squared, and then slightly larger maps at 100 meters squared per small grid square, and so on. That way if you knew the size of the map you didn't have to reference the scale information because you knew it already.
  15. To combat people that turn their gamma up, I think night maps with severe fog would work to even the playing field and give people that turn their gamma way up a lot less of an advantage. Also if you forced people to use flashlights at all times there would be no incentive to max gamma and turn flashlights off either.