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  1. I went and tested it on an empty server on Gorodok, didn't notice and texture problems aside from when I change settings, and realized that at 1440p even a GTX1080 can't keep the expanded Gorodok above 60FPS.
  2. Thanks for the help. Since I am running Squad on an SSD I guess I'll turn it off.
  3. I know that much already. I'm trying to figure out if it has any affect on frame rate, and why on mouseover it mentions needing 16GB of normal RAM as well as a lot of VRAM. I use a GTX 1080 with 8GB of VRAM and it maxes out the VRAM on some maps but I've not seen an increase in normal RAM usage at all.
  4. I can't find any information about it so I'm asking here.
  5. Much later on vehicles will have different sections with different damage, and I'm pretty sure we will have the ability to disable parts of the vehicles. Back in Project Reality I remember you could de-track a tracked vehicle by hitting the side and it would then be much slower and constantly turn in 1 direction due to only being powered on 1 side. I think you could also disable tank turrets. So way in the future I'm guessing that hitting the turret will disable the turret but still allow the vehicle to go back and repair. Though for now hitting the turret should definitely damage the vehicle like any other part of it. I think that's the case and you must have encountered a bug or something, but if it's not I agree it needs to be implemented.
  6. What I meant was that kind of stuttering seemed like it was more a random occurrence based on what server you were connected to rather than related to the update. I got the stuttering for a few games and then when I got on the next day (this was all before the update) it was gone. I don't think the update had an effect.
  7. I started getting that before the update. It might be more related to the server than the update.
  8. I like to use the spawn screen map rather than the normal map, but this leads to a problem that I encounter multiple times per game. If I so much as click on the map while I am talking, when I release my press to talk button it doesn't stop broadcasting. It stays stuck on enabled with the little green icon in the corner. So usually every game or 2, I don't realize this has happened and someone tells me my mic is hot and I have to apologize. I think I submitted a bug report a while ago but nothing ever came of it.
  9. This is why I'm glad that you guys are making this game easily moddable. So far it seems to be headed in a great direction for hooking more casual players into a truly tactical shooter. But with it being easily moddable, fans that are dissatisfied with the base game should be able to mod the game to be more suitable for more "hardcore" players.
  10. As I was reading this I was mostly thinking "eh pretty cool" as the number 1 thing I wan't is freelook. And then I see that auto-walk was added and I was literally saying "****ing yes yes yes!". I guess I just like the little things that let me play a bit more efficiently. I really hope freelook is added next update.
  11. That doesn't solve the problem. He wants separate audio for comms. Not duplicate audio through both which makes the sound even messier.
  12. I'm still having the problem but I remember something about a project reality audio fix that might have had something to do with the xaudio files. Anyone else remember similar? Edit: crap, I had to install some sort of "dts ddl fix" to get surround sound working in a few games. IIRC it required me to replace the xaudio dlls. I need Squad to work without reversing this fix. Edit 2: just remembered what happened. I had to install a fix for Witcher 3 for surround sound. Googling Witcher 3 surround sound fix gives you a page instructing you to download edited xaudio files and says the fix works for other games as well. I will not be reversing this fix so EAC, please look into this and see if you can set some sort of exemption. This is the page that linked the fix that I used.
  13. I'm still having the problem and it's been over 2 weeks. EAC staff where are you?
  14. This is exactly the reason I think it should still be broadcast, even if it results in retaliation.
  15. If you TK someone it shows up on your screen. There's no system for team damage though. They don't broadcast every teamkill to everyone so that revenge teamkills aren't as common.