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  1. I'm fine with not being able to kill a downed enemy, so long as there are more ways to instantly kill with no ability to revive. I want headshots to result in the player to be unrevivable. Currently there is a problem where players do not value their death enough and charge in knowing that the medic can always revive them. This causes less teamwork. I am guilty of this, when I squadlead I tend to be the first person to run into a compound instead of thinking tactically because I know that if I die as I enter the medic will be able to get me up. If it was easier to instantly kill someone from close distance, then people would try harder to avoid getting hit at all.
  2. Will there be differences in player movement between conventional forces and insurgents/militia? If the ability to walk on walls to climb onto rooftops is removed for conventional forces, I'd still like to see non-conventional forces still able to climb onto walls and get to rooftops without ladders. And that reminds me, are we going to get something along the lines of the grappling hook from PR that can be used to climb onto buildings without having to place a FOB radio? Being able to flank from above by climbing to rooftops and into building windows is something I don't want to lose and would like to see a proper implementation of.
  3. The problem is you can't dig the wreaks up. Purposely blowing up your own vehicles to block bridges is exploiting in my opinion at least with the fact that you can't remove them. In PR you could blow up bridges but logis had deployable bridges to get over the broken sections.
  4. Why do you even think that would be common? I never even had a single thought that anyone would seriously try and do that when I heard about shovel melee. I come from project reality though and haven't played a mainstream game like battlefield in over 5 years so maybe I have a different perspective. Project reality had knives and no one ever abused them in the way you were thinking. Only during slow games when we were trying to pop did we ever screw around with knives.
  5. There is no reason people shouldn't be able to hit eachother with shovels. I can't stand the idea of restricting people. More options is better than less, I don't care if some people will abuse it, the server admins on good servers will deal with it.
  6. It never happened but I hate the idea that if an enemy snuck in I wouldn't be able to just smack him with the sharp side of the shovel.
  7. I'm excited for shovel melee. I hated not being able to use the shovel as a weapon if someone came by while I was shoveling a sandbag. Idiots running around with shovels trying to kill people in a normal game is a non-issue for servers with active admins, which is what all servers should have.
  8. I wanna see skirmish layers like in Project Reality. They were designed for 8 vs 8 but you could enjoy them with only a few players on each side. They were basically just an urban area of a larger map and really small scale, but still worked like AAS.
  9. In PR you destroyed FOBs with C4. Other explosives worked too but took much longer. I hope once the BLUFOR factions get their version of IEDs radios will be taken out by explosives and not shovels.
  10. Edit: I just realized I misread you. I agree that going from prone to standing is much too fast. I've just been annoyed at the people that hate drop-shotters so much that they think you should have to carefully go from standing to prone and take forever to do so and I thought you were one of them. I also think most of the other animations were a bit too fast and arcade-y. Landing on your ankle from a drop and landing on your forearms and knees are 2 completely different things. There is no reason that someone even in full gear shouldn't be able to just drop to the ground in a half second. The only thing that should take more time is getting your weapon steady and facing the enemy.
  11. If they don't want to add destructible buildings they should at the very least make the buildings already have destruction modeled so it feels like you are fighting in a war torn area. Even better when they add randomized compounds different parts of the buildings could be destroyed.
  12. The problem with conquest in my opinion is there's too many players that aren't capable of working together to the level that is required for the game to not descend into chaos. I think the solution is more complex forms of AAS. We already have a few more complex forms, but I think randomizing the layers would make it even better. There was also a thread on making the white flags invisible in AAS which I don't really like, but I'd like it as an alternative game mode.
  13. I should probably clarify that when I build "superfobs" they aren't really all that "super". Building unnecessary big ticket items is a waste, I only like to build machinegun emplacements if I actually have a good place for them. Also, any superfob outside of a playable objective is a waste except for very specialized circumstances. You need players to defend a superfob, and it's a bad idea to take an entire squad off of any objectives to defend the fob. Superfobs in my opinion are best used to dig into an objective and provide better defense on that objective and possibly to provide good machinegun placements to assault the enemies on the objective.
  14. I like to do a mix of these. On large maps I'll build a hidden fob right near an objective if not on it, and wait until the right time before turning it into a superfob, and hopefully placing some repair stations and such. I'll also usually place a few hidden fobs in good tactical locations without the aim to expand them but still leaving that an option. With pretty much every FOB I place I put sandbags tactically around the entrances of the HAB to stop the enemy from being able to shoot in from 1 side or launch grenades into it, and to obfuscate where friendlies are coming out of it. So overall I have to say superfob is my favorite; though not always the best option of course.
  15. Wait 7 TK autobans are hardcoded? I can't stand automatic bans, especially in a game where a single vehicle can easily hold more than 7 people... All it takes is one really unlucky mistake, such as a friendly transport truck full of friendlies that's already been hit getting in the way of an RPG and someone gets autobanned... absolute BS. I don't care how rare it is, no one that makes a simple mistake should be automatically banned no matter how bad the mistake was.