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  1. "Reduced shininess on roads and Kohat terrain" Best patch NA.
  2. Welp my mom had a stroke it looks like i'll be up all night ready to play!
  3. Can't wait. Wait so will people be able to report any one leading to false bans?
  4. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Morning Wood.
  5. Remove K/D statistics

    People tend to think K/D is the most important thing in a game. They forget all of the work support teams, pilots, commanders,and so on do to win the match for the main "fighters". In a game like this where building bases and moving ammo and supplies will play a major role K/D is not the be all end all accomplishment of a match. Props to original poster of this topic.
  6. June 2015

    "We will be announcing shortly out plans for early Pre-Alpha access"
  7. Squad is Greenlit!

    Thats great guys congratulations!
  8. Fox hole diggers

    Always wanted foxholes in games. Agree I would like to see this.
  9. Just wondering?. Why battlefield podcast?. Why not your own channel?
  10. Media Creation Logo Pictures [High Res]

    People posting some really nice graphics! Will use the wallpaper for sure!
  11. March 2015

  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    How about some joint missions with the Canadians and Brits.
  13. Subscription VS Micro Payment Model

    Would be totally against subscription cost.I see you guys can't really add skins to the game or even outfits while trying to maintain realism. I remember back in the days of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - In the malls and multiple maps when they would update the game they would use most recent ads from companies that paid ubisoft such as TacoBell, Doritos, MTNDew. It looks really fitting because for the most part they have ads like that already in the mall. You could also add the same in loading screens when entering a official server. Maybe early DLC access or "DLC for every one" But people who decide to "donate" for it get a special not to flashy outfit garment or weapon skin. That will show what the player has done for the game. Maybe something like in battlefield veterans where you would get a icon/number next to your name depending on how many games you had. (but with how many dlcs you donated for)

    I could imagine here the best thing to considering running and reloading is near damn the hardest thing you can do. Would be to slow your movement speed to a non sprint speed or even a slower than normal walking speed. With no ability to cancel reload once you pull the mag out. Or when you are to cancel it if the mag is out your gun will be empty and you will be required to (start) the animation by starting the reloading and pulling another mag.