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  1. I agree with a server dedicated to a player with so many hours in play time as long as there is so many people willing to spend there time in there and help. What is interesting is that people think that they pay 30 dollars and thats it! Lets enjoy the game for 6 months and its ok, I Paid for it! one time, 30 dollars. Its all good OMG imagine if it was 30 bucks a month! I would have easily paid $200 for the starter pack.
  2. The first thing I want to do is apologize to any of the active squad leads I might have offended, if you take the time to comment on this topic I think you actually care. Second, I have no idea who Omar Khayyam is but I never heard of anything that was not explained being understood. You would have to be one smart dude to learn this game in an hour, considering thats about one round. Not saying it cannot be done but ok. Maybe I have been away from the pc for to long but I think this is the closest thing to a Military Simulation that it can get and how someone can even compare this to CS or battlefield disturbs me. As far as I am concerned this is the best and closest thing to real as it gets, I have been at it for a lot of yrs but that game is Absolutely amazing.
  3. Im shaken in my boots!
  4. Ive got your RIP**** swinging, I agree its a cmpetitive fps and then some! I know there are training vids! but some of you guys are over the top, these people have no idea wtf they are doing. you have to work with them. if you can find it within yourself.
  5. 1. No its not the wrong location to open a topic concidering that 60% are clan based. 2. No not all of them did say that, Some of of them just said **** it! 3. Maybe if some of the self absorbed so called squad leaders knew the diffrence between treating people badly and trying to promote a game. 4. I wonder how many weekenders can get run over at the spawn?
  6. Every other word on the mic was that it was a free weekender. God forbid that they get out of the comfort zone and help teach! This game has everything it needs to become the worlds top mil sim and if it is not going to have the worlds top community , then forget it,
  7. Map Enhancements.

    Map translucency slider would be nice 2
  8. Another server browser problem?

    I do believe I figured it out! My server company has not updated the game perhaps, when I attempted to join the server through the steam browser list, it came up with a incompatibility error, contacting them now Note to self Make sure everyone has the same version # before you assume things are broke
  9. I did not want to have to start another topic concerning server browser issues but I could not find a single thing about this on here. Its as if all the servers in squads in-game browser that start with the letter M have been filtered out unless its hyphenated, it shows up in steams server browser but not squads. Unfortunately for me my personal server is branded with the word Multiplay in the title lol. I would just unbrand it and change the name to see if that works but was not sure if anyone had even noticed or if it was my end some how