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  1. A server with a lower capacity, capped squad size and larger maps, would really help an individual learn the ropes. It would also allow for more immersion if players really took on their role and played it at a real-life pace.
  2. Hacking prevalence

    Last night I witnessed and was victim of a cheat snapping onto me as he came into view from Behind a building. He was shooting at my squadmate directly in front of him, I was at a right angle to both of them down an alleyway, maybe 10 yards away. The scumbag cheat snapped round 90degrees in what looked like a single frame and killed me. It was 100% a snap aim witnessed by my squad mate and I. On another note, can admins play with tools on like they do in some (most) Arma communities?
  3. Squad or CoD w/ Comms?

    Today I was in a squad with a guy that jumped on the gun in a HUMVV and said 'I need a driver for the HUMVV' and then started to get annoyed because nobody wanted to drive. I didn't want to drive because I'm not confident enough to take that responsibility as I've only had the game two weeks. Like you, I prefer the gameplay when you value your life, but it seems to me Squad is too focused on capping flags.
  4. Hacking prevalence

    I bought Squad at free weekend, and so far I have encountered what I believe to be hacks. Someone running across my field of view at distance and reacting to my shots at him with a turn and one-shot me dead, is pretty suspicious. As is someone jumping off a speeding motorcycle and one-shotting me from an upper window. Clearly knew I was there. Then there's the many many instances I've died to difficult to achieve shots, but not suspicious other than their frequency. Squad is a difficult game to play, particularly with the lack of magnification, but so many incredibly accurate shooters, I can only conclude foul play. I adminned on Arma3 and have witnessed first hand many script users: we were usually alerted by long standing players calling that know the difference between skill/luck and damn right obvious cheating, calling them out.
  5. I know nothing of a Steam browser. I always use the desktop short cut To start Squad. I'll look for the Steam browser.
  6. Cant See Servers! Please help

    Same problem here. Not the end of the world though, I knew I was buying a game in development.
  7. I know what you mean; I had a very frustrating 3&1/2 hours session on it last night. Everything seems so much faster paced than PR, and Al Bas was like COD last night. I died an awful lot, with some some of my deaths leaving me suspicious. Are there wall hacks and aim bots doing the rounds? Also, can anyone help with a server list issue please? Basically a server will appear in the list for my friend, but not for me, even though we have the same options unchecked. There's no search option or join with i.p so we had no other option but to join a different server.
  8. Grozny was the one with the Ferris wheel, right? I finally bought Squad at the free weekend and already have 29 hours in; "Loving it" would be an understatement. I'm a PR vet that went awol upon the DayZ mod hype, and now find myself back home with my first love. Well, second if you include Black Hawk Down. Oh halcyon days. I tell you what though, is there any other game out there that can give you shell shock? I threw my mouse from a fright, and had the shakes coming from a round of Basarah. Intense! Once I'm fluid again with the PR/Squad game play and mechanics, I'll finally give SL'ing a bash and see if I can help out with the calamity.