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  1. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I bought the game after the Gamestar Livestream August 5, 2016 with Norby as guest on Twitch.
  2. Hello fellow squad members, I just wanted to introduce myself and tell my story why I'm here for those who want it to know. I'm currently a 26 years old guy from germany. I speak german as my native language and english on a stable basis, I think. I'm a trained businessmen and work on translations for some mods and games for a hobby and hope to do that as my profession someday. The latest works I've done are for the grand strategy game 'Hearts of Iron IV' and some mods of that game. So why am I here? Since earlier days I'm playing first person shooters. Starting with Quake and Unreal Tournament going onwards to games as Counterstrike, Battlefield and Call of Duty. My latest longtime experience was the military simulation 'ArmA 3' as leader of two clans for about a total time of three years (sadly, none of them survived). Unfortunately this ended rather depressing and was the end of a previously fun and long run with this game. During this time I also saw the upcoming game called 'Squad'. I was interested enough to put it onto my radar but not convinced enough to spend my money on it early. A few months passed by, than a year until today. Yesterday I watched a Livestream from the german game-magazine Gamestar in which the new 1.7 version of 'Squad' got some promotion. It liked the featured product I saw very much and re-investigated my thoughts regarding a purchase of this game. I liked the featured mechanics, which reminded me about stuff that I learned during my ArmA 3 playtime and fell instantly in love with the local voice-chat. But what I liked the most was the cooperative play. The calm and patient talk during the game, even with international folks. Thats probably some stuff I want to try sooner or later too. So yeah, I'm eager to get into the fight and wish you a good morning/day/evening/night wherever you are. Best regards from germany ricekeks