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  1. Shit, they REALLY need to fix this. This game is getting enough bad reviews on steam to hurt sales - recent reviews are "mixed". I shouldn't have to use a frame rate limiter to avoid fatal error crashes that still happen anyway.
  2. I'm still getting Fatal Error crashes after trying every fix.
  3. lowering frame rates kinda helps, but I still get the fatal error crashes. If the devs know this is an issue, they need to fix this bullshit soon.
  4. I already use GPU tweak, but for some reason the frame limiter doesn't work with GPU tweak. So now I have to download this program, and it might conflict badly with nvidia inspector...
  5. This is getting to be too frustrating. I'm just not going to play squad I guess. Nothing I can do.
  6. Where can I find the config file for Squad to limit fps? How did you do it?
  7. That might negatively impact the performance of my other games. I should just wait until there's a hotfix I guess.
  8. Well, that's a serious problem that will greatly hurt Squad's reviews on steam since so many people have nvidia cards. Tried reinstalling the game, still crashing. Just uninstalled (with Display Driver Uninstaller) and then reinstalled the latest nvidia drivers. It didn't work!
  9. Where are the Squad developers on this? I'd like to hear what they have to say.
  10. Verifying yes, complete reinstall? no. I'll try the latter if all else fails.
  11. I use obs studio. Ran it with and without obs in the background. Didn't matter, the crash came either way.
  12. I tried updating the bios for the video card, this didn't work either. Where are the developers?
  13. Considering that I don't have any fatal error crashes with any other games running on my computer, and I play a lot of games, I'm not at all convinced that this is a hardware problem on my end. The problem isn't my hardware, and it isn't in my bios. The problem is software related, the problem is Squad is optimized for the gtx 1070 at all. Squad devs need to fix this or they will get their game down voted on steam, which will hurt their sales.