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  1. Coffee House Gaming is looking for new members. We have an 80 slot server US East. Join our discord https://discord.io/CoffeeHouseGaming if interested. Feel free to pm me here as well or add me on steam [CHG] DaGreek
  2. Hi we are TheLuLzFactory, We are actively recruiting in both our casual and milsim sections. We have a 72 slot server in NYC (Low latency to W. EU) that we play on a long with TS3 which MilSim generally uses. Join us on discord @ www.Discord.me/TheLuLzFactory if your just looking to play or message DaGreek if interested in joining. Thanks, DaGreek
  3. I'm saying my bluefangsolutions game server is working flawlessly. The dedicated server I have with the company they host with that has a higher frequency cpu lags. I also only have 1 server on that entire dedicated box.
  4. I have a game server with bluefangsolutions which is a xeon @ 3.5ghz and doesnt lag at all when it is at 72 slots. With the dedicated box I recently purchased from the same host that bluefangsolutions uses I got a server with an i7 6700k @ 4.0 ghz and I get lag when the last 4 players join that would fill the server to max. Anyone have any recommendations. I have tried setting it to use 6 logical cores and it didn't make a difference. Are there any specific cvar settings that people use that would reduce cpu usage?
  5. your connection to the host has been lost

    I'm pretty certain this is server side. I have a 72 slot server and somewhere between 4-8 hours of running it will tell players they lost connection to host. I monitor the server via hlsw rcon tool and i can still see the ping fluctuating but the player count sits at where it was before the crash. On restart players can join the game again. I imagine all of the servers players are trying to connect to haven't been restarted and are suffering this same issue.
  6. RCON Server Configuration

    Bump. Looking for an rcon tool as well.
  7. We're looking for feedback for our 72 slot server located in the Northeast US. Name: TheLuLzFactory.com | East Coast US | 72 Slots | IP:
  8. We are actively recruiting for all positions. We have a 72 slot server and teamspeak 3. The majority of us are on Eastern / Central US time. visit http://www.TheLuLzFactory.com or add DaGreek1212 to steam. Server: Name: TheLuLzFactory.com | East Coast US | 72 Slots |