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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    I could if they didnt ban me from everything. I get banned for something not even server related but bever had a chance to appeal. Until i can appeal it then I will find other ways
  2. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    I always name my squad “Swole Patrol” because our Score is big and we take vehicles because you cant flex cardio.
  3. List of active clans and communities

    Name: The Wing Team Tag: (TWT) Link: We have a discord Community, Please add me on Steam for more information. Steam name is Wingnut766 Language: English Description: We are a Semi-competitive Clan who want to be competitive for most shooters. We are an international clan so we have a lot of members from different countries that are used to working together and are a pretty close-knit group. Most of us are also veterans from different services! Members: ~80 members We also play: We are starting different divisions that include: SQUAD, CSGO, Arma III, Rainbow 6: Siege, PuBG, and numerous other games!
  4. QFF invite you to their server

    I spent time after time on clan servers, but no community drew me in more than the QFF. They did something I didn't think was possible anymore, their server was so good I joined the clan. The atmosphere is not comparable to the other servers. With their player friendly environment and their admin presence, it sets a new bar for how servers and clans should be run. All in all, it has been a fantastic experience, to say I recommend it would be an understatement.
  5. Milita and Insurged don't use enough tech jeep

    You can ask for volunteers or make it as a suggestion. I never force logi runs unless it is a important matter of activating other FOBs as a failsafe in support of other squads. Other than that, some of my old squads have been willing to make runs. Depends on the type of players you are dealing with.
  6. Commander Role

    I dont think Squad is ready for something like this. I can see a lot of people fighting to be the commander. I have encountered some matches where there is too many chiefs but no indians. I have also experienced some matches to where there was no salty squad lead so they where taken up by newer players. If they were to implement such slot than it needs to be developed by the devs with extra special privileges. For now it kindof takes away the creative strategies that are created by talented squad leads. It would be nice to have someone designated for marking targets when other SLs are in a bind, but that would get old quick and would take a potentially crucial player out of a squad needing the numbers. Plus, if they are anything like me, I like to be in the fight instead of watching it.
  7. Error Validating EAC code signing certificate

    For some reason, my antivirus recognizes the EAC as infected with a Trojan, be careful
  8. Error Validating EAC code signing certificate

    I am having the same problem now, I have uninstalled and reinstalled squad and EAC, verified integrity did all the trials above, nothing worked.
  9. What map do you dislike the most?

    Yeho by far is the one I hate the most. I think it is more where the points are located then how open it is. People always act stupid with the vehicles and there always seems to be a bit of an unbalance, especially playing against US Army. Long open stretches against Americans is just a massacre. I get so tired of it I usually just disconnect from the server to save me the headache.
  10. Happy New Years!

    Happy New Year to all my Squad Brothers and Sisters! May this year be a great year for the community and game.
  11. Squad Anonymous

    Hi my name is Wingnut766 and I am addicted to Squad :/.
  12. Funny Ragdoll Moments

    That pic is hilarious
  13. Funny Ragdoll Moments

    That stuff happens all the time lol
  14. Funny Ragdoll Moments

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any funny stories of crazy ragdoll physics they have encountered in the game. I had a moment where I turned a corner in a enclosed compound only to engage a hostile. I shot managed to get a headshot only to have his corpse plunge right towards me in the craziest way. I didnt know what was scarier, turning suddonly towards a hostile or his corpse flaling towards me haha. It is also funny when you see an enemy fly high after a vehicle blows up.
  15. spam down the general discussion?

    I was using an app to post a thread but it malfunctioned and spammed the forum. I emaile the devs and it has since been fixed. Sorry about that.