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  1. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    In my opinion the whole licensing system is faulty by design and there is no way to check if those communities do hold the requirements or not. Its a system based on trust, but can you rely on trust to make sure those rather small communities (based on the amount of active admins) can take care of 6-7 Servers? I do not think so and therefore I have to agree with Ridoc. If there were no complains, Ridoc would not have made this thread. It just seems those complains are rather directed towards other players/communities instead of towards OWI. People who realize a server does not get the care it deserves just leave and go somewhere else instead of making a complain to OWI. I am an admin of a community myself and we do get those complains about other servers not being administrated as well. But it should not be our job to make sure other people do their job and care about their servers. Therefore I think a maximum amount of licenses is required, if OWI is not able to check if the amount of admins is adequate to the number of servers they are running.
  2. Fix/workaround for MODs no more working in a-11

    Thanks for the fast fix, good work there.
  3. Found my limit, for player names

    So you should learn the difference between indoctrination and elucidation, your assumption is wrong. I can rely on eye-witnesses I spoke to and can also make my personal opinion based on those, that has nothing to do with propaganda. But as a German I feel a particular responsibility not letting this dreadful events happen again. I am not responsible for the actions of my ancestors at all, but I dont have to accept people glorifying the Third Reich. Thats what we all should have learned from history. I know this is the internet and I am not stupid, I cant stop anybody from doing those silly things, but I just dont have to accept them. my 2¢
  4. Tell us ur specs. Also there is a thread that might help you improve performance. And dont forget to delete your %localappdata%/Squad folder after every patch. Devs are aware of the v7 performance and working on it.
  5. Team Killing

    Most active moderated severs watch TKs and kick/ban very fast.
  6. Hi @Friesen pls zip your UE4 Error Log Folder + add your your Squad.log and send it to [email protected] or dump it in the #support tab of the official Discord. You can find at "%localappdata%/Squad/Saved/Logs". Cheers, this will help the devs.
  7. Ban Vac ?

    Could still be false positive for a running script like Autoit in the background. Heard of that at least for Blizzards Warden anticheat.
  8. Medic-nation

    Just give us one more smoke and ill be happy.
  9. Aiming sensitivity

    I think what u want is is called "ADS sensitivity" in BF4. Just put mouse sens to 0.2 and you should be fine, because there is in fact no slider for that.
  10. Found my limit, for player names

    I thought we were talking here about our own personal limits for player names? Well, this exceeded my personal limit.
  11. Found my limit, for player names

    That was not my intention there. Just said that because you asked for the servers location.
  12. Found my limit, for player names

    Those two players were obviously Americans. I think it wasnt even a German server. But that shouldnt be relevant.
  13. Found my limit, for player names

    For sure, but they were both mates and Mr. Wehrmacht was at least acting like a nazi.
  14. Found my limit, for player names

    Why shouldnt I feel offended by that? My grandfather was ordered to sit on a anti-aircraft gun when he was 14 and was "lucky" to get alive into a russian detention center after that. There is nothing to glorify about the nazis, so I have no understanding for this shit at all.
  15. Found my limit, for player names

    I have seen eveything, I mean everything. Yesterday I was in a Squad with "Nazi Barney" and "Wehrmacht Ben", they said they will give us the iron cross if we kill enough enemies. Not sure if they ware just trolling or real nazis, but it just didnt feel right to me.
  16. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    No, you just insinuated something I never said. Thats something what you should better apologize for instead. Look at first quote, you didnt say it there at all. Your "quotation" changed with every reply. Thats not discussing thats defamation.
  17. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    I had to laught hard here, let me capture this for you. So from saying its effective range is not far to saying its a bad weapon is a slight disparity dont you think? Thats not how quoting works. Again, I never said the gun is bad nor did I say scout class is useless or anything else. I just said dont snipe with that gun!
  18. Aiming sensitivity

    Hint - you can put the numbers in with your keyboard when clicking on the box next to the slider.
  19. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    Could you quote that pls? Because I am sure I didnt say that. Of cause its bad at long range if it has no scope and some not very good at range ironsight. But between bad and bad on long range (which i didnt even say) is a difference. I am not getting your point either, other then trying to tell me something that I already know. For myself I was just giving an example how you better not play this class. You Sir seem to be very mad about something and I dont even know why. It wasnt a complain, I was just saying dont try to snipe with it, it wont work.
  20. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    I didnt say its bad. (We can continue this here into infinity) I also never said scout has design flaws, just in my case I could neither scout not be useful in any other way. Was a very frustrating round for my first scout mission, of cause it was SLs fault not the class itself.
  21. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    I never said its useless, read carefully. I just said its effective range is not far because its lacks a scope. So you better get in effective range before shooting.
  22. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    I just never got into a good engagement range cause I was tied to the guys with scopes. He also didnt care that i have a bino, I asked him several times what direction I should scout but he was not giving me orders for that and just told me to stick to my fireteam which was quite useles. Could neither shoot anyone nor scout correctly cause of bad positioning ordered by SL.
  23. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    Tried scout yesterday, SKS is okay, but without a scope you have to be close to midrange, which can get hard, especially if your SL doesnt care about your class and just sends you somewhere out of your effective range of your weapon. When you spot someone with your bino on long range, dont even try to use your SKS, you just wont hit him.
  24. FOB Radio messages Question

    You can hear friendly, but i think you no longer hear enemy FOBs.