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  1. Fix/workaround for MODs no more working in a-11

    Thanks for the fast fix, good work there.
  2. Found my limit, for player names

    So you should learn the difference between indoctrination and elucidation, your assumption is wrong. I can rely on eye-witnesses I spoke to and can also make my personal opinion based on those, that has nothing to do with propaganda. But as a German I feel a particular responsibility not letting this dreadful events happen again. I am not responsible for the actions of my ancestors at all, but I dont have to accept people glorifying the Third Reich. Thats what we all should have learned from history. I know this is the internet and I am not stupid, I cant stop anybody from doing those silly things, but I just dont have to accept them. my 2¢
  3. Tell us ur specs. Also there is a thread that might help you improve performance. And dont forget to delete your %localappdata%/Squad folder after every patch. Devs are aware of the v7 performance and working on it.
  4. Team Killing

    Most active moderated severs watch TKs and kick/ban very fast.
  5. Hi @Friesen pls zip your UE4 Error Log Folder + add your your Squad.log and send it to [email protected] or dump it in the #support tab of the official Discord. You can find at "%localappdata%/Squad/Saved/Logs". Cheers, this will help the devs.
  6. Ban Vac ?

    Could still be false positive for a running script like Autoit in the background. Heard of that at least for Blizzards Warden anticheat.
  7. Medic-nation

    Just give us one more smoke and ill be happy.
  8. Aiming sensitivity

    I think what u want is is called "ADS sensitivity" in BF4. Just put mouse sens to 0.2 and you should be fine, because there is in fact no slider for that.
  9. Found my limit, for player names

    I thought we were talking here about our own personal limits for player names? Well, this exceeded my personal limit.
  10. Found my limit, for player names

    That was not my intention there. Just said that because you asked for the servers location.
  11. Found my limit, for player names

    Those two players were obviously Americans. I think it wasnt even a German server. But that shouldnt be relevant.
  12. Found my limit, for player names

    For sure, but they were both mates and Mr. Wehrmacht was at least acting like a nazi.
  13. Found my limit, for player names

    Why shouldnt I feel offended by that? My grandfather was ordered to sit on a anti-aircraft gun when he was 14 and was "lucky" to get alive into a russian detention center after that. There is nothing to glorify about the nazis, so I have no understanding for this shit at all.
  14. Found my limit, for player names

    I have seen eveything, I mean everything. Yesterday I was in a Squad with "Nazi Barney" and "Wehrmacht Ben", they said they will give us the iron cross if we kill enough enemies. Not sure if they ware just trolling or real nazis, but it just didnt feel right to me.