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  1. your connection to the host has been lost

    Acknowledgement will go far in the world of Public Relations. This forum, should have a different thread at the top, not from July, explaining what is happening, and that you guys are on top of it. I shouldn't have to look this far just to see that you guys also want to play... lol. By the way, that firing range is insane with that race track. As much as I want to see more and detailed maps, im kind of okay with more racetracks.
  2. OH i wish I could just up and get another provider. It doesn't work like that in the US. I have one company. That is it. It likes to skip, or jump me ahead of where I am in game. So for instance, I'll fall off a wall, or move out of cover for no apparent reason. It's only on certain servers. The lowest ping server I've used, almost no issues. And no, I'm not using shadowplay, though I can. That doesn't effect my FPS at all. My CPU isn't bogged either, memory looks fine. I'm thinking it's an ISP/Routing issue outside my control.
  3. Hello everybody. I'm having strange ping issues. Different servers sometimes effects it, but mostly all servers jump around in numbers that are far too wide a margin. Is this a general bug? or should I start playing with my system. I'm running all new, decent hardware. Everything from a new DDwrt router and a new dedicated high end modem. My speeds are something like 40 down, 5 up according to speedtest. That should be far more than enough right?
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: gillgris Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/amphibiousgator Primary Language(s): English Age (optional):29 Timezone or Region: Eastern Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: started with Mechwarrior 2 online... I miss it. PR, Arma 3/2, Cod, Battlefield, NAM, DN3d Additional Skills: I am the best medic ever. I will touch you on your private parts, and magically heal you. Status: "Unsigned"
  5. Harambe, you will be missed. I'm new, but old, but still new to this board. Hello peoples.