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  1. Wake Atoll

    great looking map, keep it up sir!
  2. Let's make Multi-language Squad

    cheers mate, i didn't know that. All my Italian noobish friends gonna be happy. Thanks again for the help
  3. Let's make Multi-language Squad

    Hey, after years and hundreds ours in this game i manage to involve all my Italian friends (yes i am half Italian) into Squad. Unfortunately their English is not good at all, teach them the basic of the game and all the mechanics is not easy. ] I would like to know if it is possible (or even if it worth) to translate at least the menu and the basic tips of the game in multi language. I will be happy to do it with no retribution, giving back something to these amazing developers. I could do it from English to Italian and from English to French. Let's help our non-English-speaker Squad members to fully enjoy the Squad experience.

    agree, people are quickly forgetting that this game is a mil sim more then a FPS. The game require tactics and good thinking... With 500 (almost) hours in game i can say that the real problem now is that people think SL is just a random role, tell the guys go here or there and in the game! nononono! i do miss the days where SL spoke for 10 minutes before even engage the enmy or 5 min talking about an FOB placement! I do think this game lives in a circle, months were the community play and work really well and we do enjoy great hours of fun... while some times I spend weeks playing just not the way i want the game to be played! Still my fav game out there and waiting for the new update to come!
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    fantastic job guys! i hope you ll get the credit for your hard work
  6. Treat medics better, they're there to help

    agree! the medic is not an easy role and still as you just said i see people waiting around 10 sec then give up and blame the lazy medic, still proud to main this role but it is not easy
  7. Squad Leaders In general

    I feel you man! SL without mic, SL that do not know that with out the proper kit they can t do much, SL that ignore the SLs chat, SL that grab an Humvee and then just leave it there on the flag ( they die and come back with a truck, same spot... as if they cost no ticket!!), SL that put the FOB and then just run away from it (they lose it!) and then another FOB and keep going (i dug about 4 enemy's FOB in 10 minutes yesterday!)... people need to understand that being a proper SL is important not because your team is going to win, but because every single player in your squad and team is having fun using all the tools that the game provide. Good SL means great times and fun, bad SL means "nope... rather prefer using only the pistol in a full yehorivka match then play with this SL once more".
  8. What's your favorite Server in SQUAD?

    there you go! Best server out there!
  9. what is your favorite role?

    Medic and SL! But i do love play as a medic, even after more then 300 h in game. Medic is a key role, fun to play and game changer and.... for some strange reason still today you struggle to find player that wanna be medic! So for all the meds out there keep it up!
  10. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    great job as always, cheers devs... Squad is really approaching an amazing beta phase. Finger cross for the devs, i really hope this game will delivery as it should and bring the devs a good payback for the effort they keep put in this game! ps: damn I was waiting so bad those mines, dear Humvee your supremacy is at the end
  11. Squad

    symbol of a squad size unit! you could replace the title of the game with that symbol and it will work >D
  12. What happened to Smoke Grenades?

    glad you back in action Para! So unfortunate your fatal error, same here didn t see that in a while, and for the smoke yeah they look a bit less effective then before but still... you need it to crass then bloody junction! see you online and again, nice to have you back again
  13. Lets help support this game

    I feel you man and i totally agree, but remember a masterpiece speak by itself. I do know that those reviews (let s be honest, half of them in the last 24h that are branded negative are troll!) will count in future, but is a matter of fact that this game is shaping really well, it is going even further what i was expecting when i bought it back in Alpha 5. Let s keep the good vibez going
  14. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    played couple of matches and is all good, loot of new people and i am happy with that. I don t mind teach what i know about the game to the new recruit. I think there it is not gonna be such a big deal. Lot of new player do not listen to SL or any other players more experienced, those, are the one who will leave the game soon. Squad is a slow pace game where you must listen and avoid the rambo mode. All the new players willing to fully experience Squad are happily listening, learning and enjoying the game (and there is a lot of them out there) and those are the people that are going to be very welcome once they are in the community! keep on teaching them guys
  15. I regret I bought Squad!

    people I don t get this. Can we read few words or not even? In order to buy Squad you must have read something about it first, even more because we are talking about an alpha stage game. I can believe the fact that nowhere you read that at this stage AMD still have their issue, and the devs are working on it and they never forget to mention it. Now 40 fps is more the enough to play properly tasting the full experience that this game delivery. So at this point or you are complaining about an alpha stage game that actually work better then most of the Alpha i ve been playing before and sorry mate but make no sense or just give some time to the devs to do what they need to do (fix all this things, is their job and i am sure they will delivery the full package before releasing the game) or give yourself aswell sometimes to get into the game and have fun. The learning curve for me was incredibly challenging, first weeks couldn t even understand what was going on around me... Get used to the game and you ll see that 40 fps will be enough to have great times with it!