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  1. Submit Your Battlecam!

    I don't wanna like, brag or anything (REALLY PROUD), but not including my 10,000 view video (SO PROUD) of mortars would just be a crime, wouldn't it?
  2. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    I totally agree. This game has a specific idea and style to it. It is harsh and all to kick everyone like KulaGGin said, but I'm afraid it might be what we need to do. At least in the beginning until this community get's it s**t together. It should be a simple "No hard feelings mate, but you're not playing the game properly, I'll have none of that on my server. Kick. Come back when you're ready to play Squad like Squad." It is entirely up to us to make this a welcoming place to all new players and make it an enjoyable thing to be a part of. If a new player comes and wants to play properly since they found out what this game is meant to be and is super hyped for it... It would be a real shame if for the first 3 rounds they play, they would get trolled and TKd. They would go get a refund and never come back. And I dunno about you guys, but I really really want this game to get to it's full potential. In short. Don't be a c*nt and when you see someone being a c*nt just report him. It only takes you seconds and saves you and everyone else a round (or more) full of headaches. It's cool to try the game out without a mic, see how it plays then get your mic once you grasped it. Although I recommend a mic and being active from the very start, learning process will be a ton more enjoyable. If you have to make a squad cause all others are full, that's cool make it, but once someone with a mic joins in, MAKE THEM SL.
  3. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Looks amaaazing. And kudos to making the Brits first!! Great job, can't wait!