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  1. FPS: 100 - 130 (On a good server & map, with high TPS).CPU: i7-7700K @ 5GHzGPU: Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti XtremRAM: 32GB 3200MhzRes: 3440 x 1440 @ 100hz AOC 35" AGON Curved LED G-Sync AG352UCGSettings: Epic, Everything on.
  2. Auto-run and logy runs

    You can easily fix this by creating a simple macro in the software of your keyboard / mouse or use autohotkey.
  3. I read about several who have made small changes to Unreal Engine to remove what is unclear & blurry when you have Temporal AA enabled. Is this something OWI has tested out? If this still works, this will make the game much clearer and with AA! - https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/rendering/125798-temporal-aa-sharpening - https://github.com/hallatore/UnrealEngine/tree/TAA_Sharpen_4.17
  4. Agree + background noise from shooting, vehicle ect. should be audible over radio. All voips should be available locally for both sides.
  5. Destruction of vegetation

    This was a part of a wet dream I had a few days ago. I understand that this requires a lot - too much. But simple real time destructions should have been possible in 2019. Players have powerful hardware and connections, and servers today are powerful. If Squad had destruction of trees and fences, then it wouldn't have been possible to cross the map in 5 minutes. The vehicle loses the speed after one tree and it would be impossible or very time-consuming to drive over 50 trees one after the other. If one chooses to drive a vehicle through the forest, the vehicle is a simple target. Very few are going to choose the forest over roads without trees. But when it is a random tree or fence that stands in the way, it should be destroyed. Squad is a great game. The best tactical PvP shooter I know of. The developers does a fantastic job! The best devs ever! Can't wait to see what they can do with the game in the future.
  6. Destruction of vegetation

    A form of destruction must be implemented. The biggest tank can't get past the smallest bush in the game or gets stuck. That gives a wrong picture in my head. If they skip this, they might as well go for infantry only. It is trees, not characters that move nonstop through the whole round, with weapons, bulletpaths and hitboxes ect. I don't think this will ruin the performance if it is done properly. I know that Unreal Engine today struggles, but it gets better and better. I'd rather have 80 players and destruction than 100 players with boring and limited vehicle gameplay.
  7. It is time to implement the possibility of destroying trees and shrubs in Squad! Give us the opportunity to drive over or blow up the vegetation. You can simply implement this: All vegetation is set to endure an amount of newtons before it goes from being static to falling with physics. Each vehicle adds newtons, which are calculated from the weight of the vehicle + speed. Trees: 2 parts. A stump + the rest of the tree. Modeled so that they look stripped apart, separately, but attached on top of each other so it looks like a whole tree, until it falls. Only the tree-part is affected by physics. When a vehicle that is heavy enough and has high enough speed and hits the tree, the tree falls at the same time as the vehicle gets a speed reduction / stop. By too little Newton force, the tree moves a bit, at the same time as branches / leaves fall down. Shrubs: Works the same way. Larger shrubs are torn off, while smaller ones are partially flattened. Leaves and branches should also fall down if projectiles hit the upper part of the tree. Gives a good feeling when you see that the leaves are falling while bullets are flying over our heads. Of course, everything is replicated in real time and stored throughout the round. Later on, fences and other things that are easily destroyed.
  8. 70 - 150 FPS (Epic settings, Super sampling 1.25 & Ambient Occlusion - OFF ) - ASUS ROG Strix Z270E - Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4,2Ghz - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix - Corsair Veng. LED DDR4 3200MHz 32GB - AOC 35" AGON Curved LED G-Sync 3440x1440, 100Hz - Windows 10 x64
  9. Awesome Squad pictures

    Just some ReShade Magic Using stock graphics now
  10. Compiling a Linux version

    I have been waiting for a Linux launch for ages. As I understand it, there is the in-game VOIP and VOIP effects that lack support for Linux. I use Linux 98% of the time in front of the screen. I understand that developers have a lot to do and have a tight schedule. A test release for Linux (with missing features) or only the Fire Range had been a huge step in the right direction I hope Offworld Ind. takes the time to fix what's missing. This game needs all the Linux gamers out there. PM me if you need some Linux testers EDIT: The number of Linux users with Steam installed increases every day. Today, 0.41% (88217 Linux Gamers) have completed the survey. There are even more who have not completed the survey and there will be many more when the favorite game is launched for linux. If Squad is launched for Linux, the game will get a huge PR. More users using Windows will consider installing Linux.
  11. You are most welcome to join us > Discord Link <
  12. Okey We are still recruiting scandinavian players!
  13. Hehe , I can promise you that they have more experience than you on the battlefield
  14. arctic Combat elite, [aCe] is a merge between the former squads Madplay, Trønderbataljonen and SoD. [aCe] was founded on the 16th of january 2002, back in the days while we still played Delta Force Landwarrior. Since then we've played games like Task Force Dagger, Black Hawk Down, Team Sabre, Delta Force Extreme, Joint Operations + Escalation packs, Battlefield 2, Call Of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Arma 3, Insurgency and now Squad. [aCe] is known as an fair playing squad with adults who plays for fun and the thrill of the game. We are present around 20 active members from the age of 18 to infinity. If you'd like to join us please leave an application in our forums. We can offer: Our own dedicated servers Members with a lot of experience from the Norwegian Army, the Norwegian Home Guard and the Norwegian Air Force Training/public sessions every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 21:00 Annual social events A relaxed and not too serious environment A big bunch of nice people who drink a lot of beer We play to have fun We are a big family who take care of each other. You will never feel alone with us. We don't really have any requirements to become a member of [aCe], but you should be 18 years old and should speak either Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. Please feel free to join us or check us out... www.arcticelite.com or Discord
  15. Norsk Klan?

    Sorry for the 2015 bump UP. [aCe] har startet å spille Squad aktivt og ser etter flere skandinaviske spillere i håp om å kunne delta i turneringer med 20-25+ spillere. [aCe] ble opprettet i 2002 og har spilt så og si alt av taktiske skytespill igjennom tidene. Besøk oss her og sleng inn en kjapp søknad i eget skjema på siden: Arcticelite.com