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  1. Well mate, I have Sharkoon Xtatic 7.1 with virtual 7.1 and have been using them all the way while I was playing Squad. 0 problems with virtual 7.1 (been using Razer Synapse to simulate the 7.1). The only thing I've noticed is that, let say, if you are facing towards, sounds at 230 degrees back (more or less 7:30 in clock) sound dissapears.
  2. Engine Tweaks for Graphic boost (Photo-Record settings)

    Hello sir, I have available two pc's: -Mine: Single 980 TI, i7-4790K and 16 gb ram ddr3 -Friend's one (if I he is not using it): Pascal titan, i7 6800k and 32 gb ram ddr4 I can use his computer if he is not designing, but do not worry about the specs, Im not going to play with this, only want to maintain 30 fps at 50 people public servers and 15 private slots server to record. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, as I said in the tittle I'm looking for a custom setting of the engine so I can reach a photorealistic quality of the game, I'm trying to record a few videos for my squad and in general for the Spanish community. Right now I have these comms in DefaultEngine.cfg, below SystemSettings: As I said, these settings are not meant to be playable, only to maintain 30 fps at my PC while I record. Main objectives are Particles, LOD and Shadows. I'm sorry for my horrible english, because I'm not a regular english speaker, and thank you all.
  4. List of active clans and communities

    27th Ranger Squad -Tag: [RS]Link a nuestro foro, donde podrás encontrar toda la información que necesitas.Language: EspañolDescription: Somos un clan español de Squad. Buscamos una buena experiencia de simulación que este juego ofrece, y a la vez divertirnos cuando toca. Si eres español y aun no has encontrado tu sitio, prueba aqui. Admision autorizada solo a mayores de edad (18 años), pero puedes participar en las operaciones publicas y conjuntas siendo menor, aunque no en las partidas privadas. Tenemos una marcada estructura de rango militar, que se respeta en las partidas serias.Members: 12Other games: Solo jugamos oficialmente al Squad, pero extraoficialmente jugamos pachangas en ArmA3, y demás juegos.
  5. Fatal Error at Launching game

    Hi, I get the Fatal Error UE4 game Squad has crashed when trying to open Squad. -CPU: i7-4790K -RAM: 16 GB DDR4 -GPU: GTX 970 SUPEROC -RESOLUTION: 1280x1024 (the only one my screen accepts) -WINDOWS 10 native I've tried the delete App Data stuff, and also reinstalling and verifying cache, and nothing works. And I was playing 5 hours ago, nothing has changed.
  6. [ES] Comunidad SPAIN - Viva la fabada asturiana!

    Hombre, por fin un rincon español, se ven menos por este juego que de safari por África jajajaja Contad conmigo, y uniros al grupo de españoles de Squad en STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/joinsquad_esp
  7. Head independent Move

    Hi, I have played the game for 25 hours aproximately, and one of the features I miss the most is a key to freely look around, like in the ARMA series, where you can freely look around pressing C and moving the mouse. It would be an excellent addition, for example, to look where your squadmates are but keep aiming to the spot at the same time. Regards from Spain! PS: You can see what I am talking about in the first 15 seconds of this video.