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  1. Loving the third person view

    You are a f**king donor and you have 564 posts(I guess you are active on this forum) and you dont know about this bug....wtf?
  2. Why play this game?

    I wouldnt mind ranks...I think ranks are cool but not unlocking anything.
  3. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    Thats something else...I feel you on that lol. SL bails and they start to going crazy like *WE NEED RP ASAP* *OR FOB* and Im like tf to do now Im thinking where to go on wtf to spawn and only you can hear is *SL* *SL* *SL* STFUUU. im idiot lol
  4. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    If you are runing your squad with no SL kit then dont be suprised if someone tells you something(nothing mean just saying "you need SL kit")do you gonna say "Fuuck off its my squad I do what I want"?
  5. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    I join random squad...I can see there is no rally,FOB is not active.We cant spawn accepte the main base. Im telling this "Yo SL,can you put down rally point thanks" few mins later after repeating myselfe like 3-4 times his friend who was next to him running around like idiots tells me "Ok wait" Im waiting for a min then I saw he doesnt even have SL kit. Then Im telling him "Yo SL you dont even have SL kit" and his friend tells me "He knows" im like wtf?? few secs silence and then....."If you dont like it Fuuck off and start your own squad" Im like whoa dude wtf? The sades part is that he had 9 people in his squad noone said anything for rally or fob they were just spawning back to base non stop. I changed squad and after 10 mins I look at map and I see that squad 4 running from the base again I was so shocked how stupid you need to be,but at least devs got his 40$ he wont play this game so long I think...I just disconnected from server then I exited game. Sad. (Btw sorry for my english Im from Croatia so dont judge lol )
  6. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    Yea I like that too. In Insurgency there is that one populated Ambush server where I started playing INS.They are my Steam family now lol. Thats the same with Squad.lol
  7. ProcessServerTravel Fatal Error

    Same problem here.