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  1. Has anyone asked why V10 had to be taken away? Why not let us play the Alpha until March?
  2. Spotting enemies?

    Its part of the chaos of the battlefield Mate. You might have probably seen a lot of team kills as well. Situational awareness is key. If my map says there are no friendlies to my East, and I see movement to the East, I don't stop shooting til the movement stops. If they're mixed in amongst you, then they should be close enough to identify by sight. If you're unsure, then wait a moment until you can clearly ID them. If they shoot at you, shoot back. As you reckon you've been playing for a few days, I'd put that down to experience on SQUAD. You're ARMA time will definitely help you to work in a team and should also compliment your communication. Think of Squad and Arma like Cricket and Baseball. Similar game though not the same in many ways. A few more hours on SQUAD and you'll be slotting enemies no probs.
  3. I don't really use the sights anyway. Just trial and error correction until you're on target. Seeing as you couldn't set the mk19 sights in PR anyway. Arma is a different story.
  4. 200 players, would require some 8km x 8km maps unless we are talking about rush maps like the Normandy beach landings. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4VjkRwtWjEU
  5. **** I remember when we use to play 64 player servers in PR and couldn't imagine a server with 100 players. It allows for more diversity in the battlefield and movement on a combined arms scale, without detracting too much from the infantry. Can't wait til this is standard!
  6. Don't we already have mk19s mounted on humvees for the usmc? I believe the qwai river layer has them, from memory?? Oh wrong forum apologies. Disregard
  7. In PR damage from a projectile differed depending on which part of the vehicle was struck. I.e. Rear tank armour vs forward armour. Don't know whether squad is looking to go the same way.
  8. Now that's something interesting that I wouldn't mind seeing a DEV to confirm. An issue I have with the HUMVEE is having the driver shot out by small arms. A grenade launch will damage armour not due to the fragmentation, but the percussive energy released on impact. I would understand this knocking out vehicle crewmen if the grenade struck the glass or in the case of HEDP, the armour. Geting shot through armour and military grade ballistic glass by a couple 7.62 or 5.45 rounds is a joke. (Yes, with enough of any service ammunition you can bust ballistic glass, but a strafe of a couple rounds as you drive past a few militiamen shouldn't be the case.)
  9. Thanks for the spoon feeding @ChanceBrahh thought I'd come up with that idea myself... Awesome, and throwing smoke!! And the odd frag of course!!!
  10. I'm sure there are a few community units who will allow you to use their TS for a while to form your unit while you're still trialing everything out. Also, there are a number of mature age milsim units already circulating the community that you might be keen to join for a couple matches.
  11. Well time of reload vs transition time for 1. 2 the advantage of a scoped weapon. 3 realism. 4 the cool factor!
  12. What ever happens, I hope they don't start introducing drones into SQUAD! Yes @DanielNL, @Guacamole is a Sheila from down under. You should see if you can Skype her
  13. G'day All, While we've still got devs working with the gun emplacements, what would be the chance that an allowance could be made to transition to one's primary firearm, from say a HUMVEE's .50 and future light armour vehicle mounted gun positions? Something like the below arrangement: http://olive-drab.com/images/hmmwv_weapons_ogpk_01_700.jpg *Note the service rifle next to the right elbow. Cheers,
  14. Probably the first kill I ever made in Squad when I was still figuring out where to hold and lead on targets. I'm Russian and in the mountains by myself, with some activity within maybe 600 metres away over the next ridge. I am on one side of a gulley and about 100 m away is a militiaman on the other. He is running though a clearing from my right to left and slightly down into the gulley. I take up his figure in my ak's iron sights and clip off a few rounds which land low and behind. He immediately alters course no longer down into the gulley which is open, but further to my left, where there is a cluster of trees about 25 m across. I know he's going for cover and after which he will most likely engage and kill me as I'm a noob, so I bare down onto him through the bush with my fire, tracing his path and guesstimating his speed and process though the tree line. Just as a loose my last round, apparently without result, now only to face the inevitable crack and report of a player who actually new how to play the game, I see a rage doll almost thrown out of the other end of the tree line, as my round apparently caught him mid stride. Victory! I'd made my first kill in squad and it was sweet! And then despair..... am I about to be accused of aimbotting for a kill like that!? And just as I bought the game!