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  1. Cpu bench in squad

    I can also confirm that HW Monitor (CpuZ) reports average utilizations for CPU 52% and GPU 66% while playing Squad at 35-42 fps (my setup below)
  2. GTX1080 low FPS woes

    I've been experiencing the same FPS drop on i6700k, 16GB, gtx1080. This rig can play almost any game at UHD 4K resolution with 60fps. Squad's performance of 35-40fps at 4x smaller resolution (1920p) on exactly the same setup is unacceptable, because the complexity will only get bigger, not smaller, with future updates. Whatever the problem is ... being the driver, the UE4 engine, a Squad upgrade issue or Vladimir Putin. I doesn't matter. It needs to be resolved and the community - us, the players, will try to help to the best of our abilities (as this and some of the other threads prove). Here are my 2 cents: I installed the same driver version mentioned above (372.90) and the game "feels" faster and more responsive, but the same FPS drop (to 40fps) happened on full Al-Bashra server. But, surprisingly, when I switched the scaling factor to 200% (4K resolution), I actually gained 3-5 FPS compared to 1920p (0% scaling), which doesn't make any ****ing sense, but rather proves our point that something is wrong.
  3. Squad minutes - 60s clips that entertain and educate

    Thanks for the advice, but I'll leave that to the developers and their marketing team. Squad minutes are raw, unedited footage of actual gameplay on public servers. It's all true The next one features a great squad leader with a brilliant idea, who .... well, you should see it But the plan worked and we won, in the end. Kudos to SL!
  4. http://bit.ly/squad-minutes Squad minutes are entertaining and informative 60-second cuts of actual Squad gameplay, recorded on most popular servers. We invite everyone to cut entertaining 1-minute parts of previously recorded (and new) videos that also "have a message", a lesson or can provide helpful tips to new players. Videos have to be limited to 60 seconds (+/- 1 sec). There are no other rules except naming convetion (video titles should be similar to the ones already uploaded). To collaborate on YT playlist, use http://bit.ly/upload-squad-minutes
  5. Hi, i got one question.

    Steam offers full refunds if you return the game within 2 weeks and you have played it less then 2 hours. Just test it and see how it runs. This is my benchmark on GTX 960: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKbRaP0Cx6Y (FPS in the right corner)
  6. some SL's

    They already know and if you won't be open and honest about it, it's gonna bite you hard down the road. Best of luck to you.
  7. some SL's

    How come you're a Grunt with 5 posts, then?
  8. some SL's

    No no, you don't understand. Being a squad leader in this game is one of the most stressful, exciting and satisfying experiences. Ever. When a squad leader yells at you you're usually: 1) been told what (not) to do, but you did it anyway 2) SL has had a really really bad day 3) is inexperienced as a SL and feels like he's doing a terrible job Yes, your mistakes translate to his ability to lead his squad and is always subjected to review by at least 3 other, very often more experienced, squad leaders on the same team.
  9. some SL's

    1) Please put a few more hours in the game until you think you're ready to lead a squad 2) Play at least 5 full games as one of the squad leaders on a full 72-slot server 3) Report back and tell us how it went OK?
  10. Server Feature Requests

    Is the console message history recorded anywhere (e.g. in a file)? I can't seem to find it in the server's log. Is my verbosity level too low?
  11. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    It is also quite common that rookie SLs just get frustrated or, not only rookies, experience technical difficulties, so the SL role is automatically passed to another squad member. Whoever becomes the new SL "automatically" should be: 1) clearly aware of it (MUST HAVE) 2) able to accept or reject the role (NICE TO HAVE) So there needs to be some selection algorithm in place for these scenarios at least, because what usually happens now is that the person explaining to the auto-selected SL how to transfer the SL role further, also becomes the new SL. Whoever is able to communicate this process with a rookie player, is a pretty good fit for the auto-selected SL in the first place.
  12. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Well, I've said this before, but "early access alpha" doesn't mean shit, cause you only have one chance to make a good first impression. I'm running a licensed 72-slot server which is at full capacity almost 24/7. There are 6 squads on each side, all squad leaders are first timers and at most 2 of them have a mic, while the other 10 don't know what to do nor do they coordinate with other squads. But I can also confirm that new players will listen and obey a vocal and confident squad leader, the only problem is, there aren't any more left.
  13. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    I've been managing our server as a one-man "Command" squad talking to other squad leaders and giving them directions to pass down to their teams. Then I'd find one SL on each team that sounded like he knew what he was doing (most of SLs were first-time players!) and "promoted" him to team/platoon leader that all other SLs should listen to. Then I'd check back to each team every 20 minutes to see how things were going. So far the feedback has been very positive...
  14. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Hm, just had a similar "don't know what the **** to do" experience on my server. I don't think Squad as a game gives the best impression without proper recruitment (boot camp) for new players, especially when there are so many playing at once. We'd need to provide some sort of boot camps for new players to make their overall experience better.
  15. RCON Tool?

    I just asked a major game servers provider very similar question and they said that, according to their knowledge, Squad does not implement any of the standard query protocols which makes it an exception and requires quite a few workarounds to get a decent console / control panel going.