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  1. Can't get enough of old milsurp guns. My collection is limited but I'm looking to expand it quite a bit! Lee Enfield No4 MKI from 1948 M1 Carbine from 1944 of mostly Winchester origin. Unfortunately haven't taken a beauty shot of it yet. An (unfortunately) sporterized Springfield 1903A3 made by Smith Corona in 1943. I got this as a gift from my grandfather. I love the way it works, just wish it still had it's original parts and furniture Last ditch Type 30 Jap bayonet. Still researching this one. US Model 1917 Bolo knife. Browning Auto 5 "Light 12". Possibly used by British military at some point as it has British inspection marks all over it. 2 90mm arty shells. Not milsurp but still a gun. Springfield Model 87a that spits out .22lr.
  2. Everything looks great! Might need to revamp my paintball gear with Squad apparel
  3. Fun fact: BF2 Revive was made possible by [R-DEV]Ancientman from the PR Dev Team. BF2 Revive uses the same Master Server code that Ancientman designed for PR. This is also how Forgotten Hope 2 works now.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about his photoshoot.
  5. Uhh, that's not Bruno. This is Bruno. http://forums.joinsquad.com/profile/45-bruno_g/
  6. Yeah. That's why they can fire it in a pool without worrying about it hitting the other end.
  7. They'll probably announce when the soundtrack is available.
  8. It's been talked to death before. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/624-female-characters/
  9. Did you Donate using the Donation button at the top of the screen? If so, the reason you didn't get anything is because that donation button is how you send them money and get nothing in return. It's a donation, not a purchase.
  10. I'm fairly certain that they're two different weapons. AKM shoots a 7.62 round and the AK-74 shoots a 5.45 Choose the AKM if you want raw firepower, choose the AK-74 if you want accurate fire.
  11. Pretty sure there are some servers that run Jensen's Range (The training map) in multiplayer. You can grab any kit and play around with everything.
  12. If only you were around here when the project was first announced :P
  13. People keep saying this almost every time Anders changes them. If he listened to everyone, we'd be working with old sounds from like 9 versions ago!