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  1. The Weapons Thread!

    Obviously your going to add more variety with the weapons choice, but i really think if your going to go for the "realism" side of things you should really look into what type of weapons they use within each faction or team. For example with the US Army, id love to see the M4 rifle with a forehand grip along with an ACOG. But mostly what id love to see in this game is a bolt action rifle, whether its a Mosin or for the US an M24. Just some suggestions, i know theres plenty of great ideas to consider but im sure we'd love to see a lot more variety.
  2. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    I have the exact problems as you!! Very frustrating. How often does it drop FPS? Is it constant or only on certain maps and or when combat gets heavy. Because i find that myself it only drops FPS on certain maps etc Gordok and those forestry maps.