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  1. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    Reinstalling windows seems to be the solution. The game is running with no drops or stutters. Knock on wood. Thank you all for your help!
  2. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    After trying them Im still having the frame drops seem in the video above. Not sure what it is, feels like ive tried everything. Its very disappointing that this is happening because i think it is a great game but the frame drops just make it very hard to enjoy. Thank you so much for your guys suggestions!
  3. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    Thank you for the suggestions, i will try those out and let you know what happens. Also i do not have any razer products.
  4. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    Also note that during the range test seen above i was getting around 150fps, so it doesnt seem to be that im just getting low fps overall it just drops frames very often.
  5. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    Thanks for the suggestion, I noticed a slight up in frame rate but the frame drops and stuttering were still very much so there. I will attach a video of my game play, maybe this will help troubleshooting. Video:
  6. [solved] Fps drops and stutter

    It is on all the maps i have played but only when i am in places with buildings or the more foresty maps. So yes i definitely experience the same as you.
  7. I just got squad and get 30 to 40 fps at most as well as experiencing drops down to 10-15 fps frequently. This makes the game very difficult to play. Anybody have ideas as to why this is happening? Note that this is also on medium and low graphics, my pc should be able to do much better than this on 1080p (Also thermal throttling is not an issue) Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! PC Specs: Cpu: FX9590 overclocked to 4.8ghz Gpu: R9 390X Ram: 16GB at 1866 Drive: Game is on a ssd (850 Evo)