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  1. New Web-Based RCON Tool for Squad

    Although i dont want to pay for the service.. im gonna have to since no one else has another available to use at the moment.
  2. RCON Tool?

    the readme sucks, how do you use it?
  3. RCON Tool?

    I see the web based one but im not paying 5 bucks a month to admin the server. So is there a tool out there comparable to Battlewarden? or something to that effect?
  4. Appreciate it! Maybe our units can hook up and have a little scrim! S!
  5. Basic Combat Training Feel like you may not be good enough to join a milsim unit? No worries! We train you with everything you need to know! Squad League We have signed up with squad league and will begin operational deployments very soon! If you think you have what it takes to lead and maintain complete composure, Come join us in teamspeak ts3.75thrr.com
  6. We're Back! After a short break away from Squad, we have come back to the community. The server is back and has the same low ping and high FPS you guys want! Recruitment We are recruiting and ready for you guys to join! If you are interested, join us in teamspeak or Visit the website! Contact Info ts3.75thRR.com http://www.75thRR.com
  7. AdminBroadcast

    Cant do it anymore? Yet the list of admin commands shows that we can? Any ideas?
  8. Jensens Training Map

    Although it has alot of things, it doesnt have a rifle range. I think it could have like 4 lanes somewhere in the area and the ability to have a qualification as well. That shouldnt be to hard to accomplish.
  9. LOL you are literally trying to help them rip people off. i had their server for over a month! Since the day i paid for it, it never worked for even a second. I had to open a paypal dispute because they wouldnt answer any of the support tickets. DO. NOT. RENT. FROM. VILAYER. You can google it, no ones server is working through them.. IT IS A RIP OFF!!
  10. sounds like to me that the attack was mitigated. so now you have to wait for the IP to come back and ready. thats what most DDoS protection does. Either way, glad its all worked out.
  11. Announcement! We are proud to announce that we have made a server slot increase to better accommodate those who are trying to play in our server! We heard you loud and clear and we also made the necessary changes in teamspeak as well! BCT Class 002 On 1/8/2016 we are holding our next Basic Combat Training class! If you wish to get in on that action, join up as fast as you can! Contact info: http://www.75thrr.com Teamspeak: ts3.75thrr.com
  12. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Went ahead and upgraded our squad server today. Support is lightning fast, they usually answer within 30 minutes and the problem is normally fixed within seconds..They held to their word and dropped their prices. We couldnt be happier. Definitely not going anywhere else for our server needs.
  13. Server Application: www.bfewaw.com

    lol. no. there is no application, and the fact that you thought there was one is just more of a reason for them not to choose you. They choose who they want to have hosting their servers. currently, there are only a handful out there that were chosen. From looking at the website, you are just a clan who wants the server files. If you want the server files, you need to either buy a server like everyone else, or wait for them to release the dedicated files.
  14. Basic Combat Training - Class 001 is officially in the books! PFC Z.Dobbins has taken the first of many honor graduate positions in this historic class. If you are interested in becoming a 75th Ranger. Visit us today! http://www.75thRR.com Visit us on TS! ts3.75thrr.com