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  1. Hi, so I just bought the game, and upon installing it I encountered the same nuisance I do with most games, namely that I have to rebind all the default controls before I can start playing. I use a dvorak keyboard, so the layout is completely different from QWERTY, meaning that instead of moving with WASD, I'm using ;AOE etc. Now some games, like Project Reality, detects that you're not using QWERTY, and makes these changes automatically when you start the game, but other games do not, which means you either have to rebind everything manually, or switch to QWERTY when you're playing the game (which is not ideal because many games involve typing in one way or another). I don't know if adding this feature to the game would be a lot of hassle, and I realize it's a problem that only affects a minuscule portion of your user base. I certainly don't want you to take resources away from developing the game if making these changes requires much effort, but if it's a relatively easy fix, it would be a nice touch.