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  1. 20-30 Minute Game Mode?

    It's too arcadey. A single person can win a game for their team. I love squad's handling and ballistics.
  2. Hi guys/gals, I decided to sign up and post about a game mode idea. I've tried looking for a game mode that fits my needs but I haven't found much. VIP, AAS, and others I have found still seem to take too long. I understand that we all love the communication and teamwork that vanilla Squad gives us, but there are times where i just want to hop in for 20 minutes before work and do some shooting. A lot of time when I play squad, I'm usually walking for the first 10-15 minutes. I enjoy this feature when I have a large amount of time to play squad, but during the workweek, it is not feasible. Every time I boot up the training grounds, I feel like there is a missed opportunity inside. The shoothouse/maze would be awesome for a small scale 6 vs 6 or 10 vs 10 map. Here are some of the ideas I have lined up for it. 20-30 minute max game mode 1 life, no respawning until next round Only 1 kit would have access to frag grenades (to cut back on grenade spam that is inherent in cod/modern shooters) (optional) Other kits have access to 1 flashbang Round ends once opposing team is eliminated I know the devs are focused on getting vehicles out, along with other weapons and large scale maps, but I'm curious if the devs have anything lined up in line with my suggestions? TLDR: I just want to be able to boot up Squad and have fun shooting stuff in less than 20 minutes rather than play for 20-30 minutes before I even get to shoot a single enemy. I know there are other shooters out there that provide this, but they do not have the handling or ballistics of squad.