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  1. SQUAD 2018 REVIEW

    This is so bad sorry
  2. The Playground - Zombie VIP Escort

    Hello I dont know the process for ban appeal on your guys server, but I was banned over a year ago and have learned my lesson , my in game name is SYSTEM32, I was wrong for yelling at my squad lead and not following orders I am sorry I was inmature and was going threw a lot at the time
  3. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I agree driving the logi is boring as hell, I think giving drivers and front passengers some ability to use a pistol out of the truck would be cool, and use a rilfe for in the back like in PR would solve this issue, heck maybe even a stat of home many supply runs you did in the game at the end would even help.
  4. Amazon

    when the game is full release the best and closest thing to that would be a key you can buy that you would activate on steam.
  5. Physics?

    Driving is just fine, we have all ready had a update to the driving physics, when is the last time you played?
  6. Macbook Pro (BootCamp), will it run?

    Playing games like this on Mac is just not possible.
  7. Jets in the future?

    From my understanding jets and not planed but are on the table, this game is not meant to be project reality, its supposed to focus on infantry warfare
  8. Xbox Gamepad Optimization

    why in the word would you use a xbox controller for a game like this Mouse and keyboard is hard for you because you tried it for maybe a day or 2 , it takes a little time to understand the keyboard, the mouse and keyboard is the best for aiming per pixel and being able to use squad chat effectively, just take your time and put some effort into using the keybaord and you wont go back i promise
  9. Optimal Graphical Settings

    Max settings brother
  10. Optimization patch release date ?

    Start off by giving your specs, I doubt that it is a issue with the GPU or optimization of the game , I have a 970 and run that game at 60 to 100 fps on most maps, now some maps you wont get the best frames due to them still being optimized, each maps optimization has to be worked on
  11. GTX 750ti stuttering

    You could start off my telling us the full specs of the PC, the gpu is not the only factor in the performance of a game

    BOISS we need to bring back insurgency, I think most of us can agree that conventional vs non conventional forces in game modes like AAS is to unbalanced
  13. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    Hmm idk man It sucks you are having FPS issues try playing the game on a ssd, I use a standard drive but it runs fine i hvae 16gb of ram gtx970 and i5-2500
  14. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    Ok to start if you have a amd cpu then good luck, but if you dont just clear your player cache threw the settings menu in game, you need to do this after each update