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  1. I am having a scoreboard stretch issue as well. I have tried adjusting the resolutions, trying windowed mode or borderless, but cannot see the full scoreboard. (note the word "OREBOARD" on left edge).
  2. Not sure if this answers your question, or if it is different for V.9, but from the Wiki for AAS...... Control Points Bleed Amount 3 or 4 3 tickets per minute 5 or 6 2 tickets per minutes (http://squad.gamepedia.com/Advance_and_Secure) Some other info here..http://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets
  3. Squad could try one Alpha release (Alpha 9?) with no Kill Death stats and no scores. Then ask a few server admins if they see any noticeable difference (improvement or degradation) in game play, thus we will have hard evidence rather than a stream of anecdotal evidence and unsubstantiated opinions (outside of Rainmakers post in this thread). It would also encourage more debate. There have been numerous good posts about the pro's and con's of stats. Personally if statistics reduce or increase the amount of post game abuse then I think they should be implemented or reduced accordingly, to reduce this abuse. It should be noted that some main stream shooters are now not displaying stats publicly at the round end (overwatch) and I understand that even BF1 does not show a full leader board any more. Interesting.
  4. I just read on the site (not sure how well known this is, or how long it has been on the site) that the full release is scheduled for Dec 2017. https://press.joinsquad.com/sheet.php?p=squad This seems like a pretty reasonable time line to me, but hopefully they do not rush it out early to capture the Christmas sales....but it makes sense from a commercial point of view. I really like this game.
  5. In addition, I think it would also be worth while for a clear message to pop up when the Squad Lead is transferred to you..... (or does it already and I keep missing it? hmmmm) In some games, I keep asking the Squadie to put down a rally point, just to discover I am the Squadie. (If I see the SL has changed I always point out to the new leader that they have been promoted and give congratulations).
  6. This. (Never heard of PR , Played Operation Flashpoint, ARMA, ARMA2 ARMA3, Insurgency). I hate the lack of team play in BF3 & 4 ("KD ratio is all that matters!"). I saw that this was trying to use communication and teamwork, was trying to bridge gap between BF & Armed Assault series, thus perfect. After about 20hrs of game play I had my moneys worth easily. Thanks to the Devs for saving my gaming life (and ruining my real world social life )