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  1. The Weapons Thread!

    So here is my take on a lot of suggestions I'm seeing that people are attempting to use facts as a reason to implement said weapon. The M320 GL - US Army Infantrymen can wield a M320 GL. It is not uncommon whatsoever for a 11 Series infantryman to carry a M320. So for that to be added in to substitute for the 203 would make perfect sense to me. MK18 Mod 1 - No, never one have I seen an Infantryman with a Mk18. If any marksmen weapon is to be added, the realistic direction is the Mk14. I have seen people with the MK12 SPR but thats in the Rangers/SFG area not Infantry/Parachute Infantry. M16A4 - Almost no Infantryman carries the M16, the Army removed it a while ago and the Marines are now rolling it out completely, but if you wanted to stretch realism than yes a Marine faction carrying it would make sense. Shotguns - Seriously? Maybe if this was in-your-face combat but even in real life I haven't seen people bring a shotgun to a mission that would even suggest CQC. In terms of Sniper Rifles, I don't really care. I have never touched a sniper rifle in real life and am never gonna touch a sniper rifle in Squad. The M240B is already on the forum post it seems so no need to go into that. Optics - I'm sure you guys have gotten Optic request up the wall but here is the crucial optics for the Infantrymen -RCO -C79 I had a C79 on my SAW for a while. I wasn't trying to throw anyone in the spot, if anyone wants to have a conversation about these suggestions feel free to contact me, I am always willing to answer questions for people.
  2. I would rather stick to Middle Eastern factions and NATO countries that had direct involvement in the war on terrorism in the Middle-East. As much as Africa and European maps do sound epic, I think it'd be most appropriate to start with buffing the middle east theme before expanding to Europe, Africa or Asia. In my eyes, factions add one thing, weapon diversity, so at the end of the day its all a uniform and a weapon. But if I did have to add one faction it'd be the Afghan National Army. To allow battles similar to Russia vs Militia to happen, but only Taliban vs ANA. And if I had to throw another in, I'd be down for the Royal Parachute Infantry Regiment.