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  1. Besides the single core performance thing ecchi mentioned, the cpu you're using is a bit different from something like a 1700x or 1800x because the cores are much further apart, worsening performance in some cases.
  2. Weapon Resting

    Go read the blog.
  3. August 2017 Recap

    Neat. I think bipods are the thing I've been wanting the most. It'll make the AR role much more enjoyable.
  4. Alpha 9.4 Released

    What does that mean?
  5. Another optimization topic

    Probably not since, as far as I know, fps isn't tied to server fps in this game.
  6. Another optimization topic

    The answer is basically that we don't know. That answer depends on performance after all the features are done as well as whatever updates for unreal engine are released in the future.
  7. The devs have been working on an urban eastern European map.
  8. computer upgrade question - need help/advice

    He doesn't need to upgrade anything but the gpu. He should just overclock his cpu and buy either the 1080ti or the 1080 since it's price may be getting cut.
  9. Zen Ryzen

    You're not talking about a ryzen 4 core right? Because that's not out until like after June.
  10. Zen Ryzen

    Game benchmarks would do that, yes.
  11. Open Discussion about Squad, as a concept

    Where do you think Squad shines the most, in which areas it has the most potential? Squad shines the most in terms of atmosphere and team work What do you think makes Squad worse than it could be and what direction should the game not take in your opinion? The incomplete logistics and animation system are hampering squad the most but those will be resolved.
  12. Question to the devs

    He isn't saying implementation of that will magically make the game balanced. He's saying once the game is closer to completion in terms of content and features we'll see the developers adjusting how much damage rpg's, spg's, and etc do since they won't have to balance the game around what isn't in it.
  13. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    I think doing that presents similar issues to zooming in.
  14. Monitors

    I have a 1440p 144hz monitor. It's nice but for squad the most beneficial part is the resolution and not the refresh rate since it allows you to see targets in the distance with more clarity since there's more pixels available. The same does go for 4k but something to keep in mind is that 4k is nearly four times 1920x1200. To say the least, you might have to turn some settings down.