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  1. They need to redo the suppression system. make the vision more blur and make your aiming become more sway while being suppress. That will be cool.
  2. Scout class be able to mark targets on map like SL can. Is that the good idea or no? They will be more useful to have on squad since they have poorer weapons and can take weights of the squad leader.
  3. (Sorry for bad english) I feel like HAB,FOB, Rallypoint system needs nerf. because almost every map i see people rush logi and place fob behind enemy lines. Example like in OP first light. militia rush for railway and place fob there and the US just stuck there near their spawn cant advance to first flag. Spam fob ---> Human wave ---> Rush Flag That how i feel about game right now. Squad Tactics are kinda point less to be use in game because no matter how hard you try to be tactical, try to travel so far just to flank around. You lose to fob spams and human wave tactics that they just blindly run in straight lines and keep coming and rush into flag. really annoying for me. We should limit fob to only2 or 3 on whole map. at least have punishing mechanics like increase spawn time 60+ seconds when enemies are near. but not completely blocked like PR. so to force players to place fobs in safe place behind their territory. make it very far just to run back to front lines. it will really improve firefight experiences. The game is exactly like battlefield with bigger maps that you can just place your own spawn points anywhere.
  4. after i exited that big machine gun i got this. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756783698 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756783774 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756783774
  5. Aesthetic Suggestion - Sovet-Era Steel Helmet for Militia.

    They should more adidas track suits and pants variants. And slav hardbass music in their vehicle's radio For more cheeki breeki slavic awesomeness.
  6. FOV (a Proper and Equal Fix)

    You can change FOV to below 90? how?
  7. Tiny name tags above squad members's icon on map would be nice.
  8. Thanks mod you have a point
  9. Yea tell me some about PR that everybody don't already know.
  10. Russian's woodland camo is very effective for me. Very damn difficult to spot them in Fool's road map. They are invisible in prone position. even when they fire at me Not until they move and turn their heads around or you just have to stay alive to see their tracer rounds
  11. I think there should be blood or a very blur screen when you get shot. And there should be punishing features like movement restriction and aiming difficulties. until you are fully treat by medics. Players shouldn't be able to keep on running and fighting like nothing happened when they get shot. Bandage is overpowered right now
  12. Non medic kits have 2 bandages. it should be decrease to 1. And after applied. players can still run around after that without movement restriction or aiming difficulties. It doesn't improve health but its a bit too self sufficient which is unbalanced right now. ps Don't worry i will still be here, chick.
  13. I came from PR and just bought the game few days ago. I know its still in Alpha but hear me out about the game FOB system is so broken right now, yall know what im talking about. Injury system too. One bandage and good to go like new, who cares about medic. Firefights feels expendable and boring most of the time. So easy to rather just respawn and get back to the front line than wait for revive. I feel like i'm playing a casual shooting like battlefield with a bit bigger maps. Shelve it in my library and wait for another months maybe? Keep up good work devs. I have good faith this game going to be so awesome.