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  1. The Founder's Program

    I hope before! End of April would be huge !!!! Or May, but not after that is my dream!
  2. The Founder's Program

    Yes, but I would like to know if his account is day / week / month
  3. The Founder's Program

    Hi all, I know the answer to my question is not known to the public but a developer can enlighten us . An exact or approximate date for the founding packs would be welcome for impatient as me. You send e mail to inform that are available? (I think yes). Know that as soon as it is available, I take a pack! (like alot) Hoping to have a developer answers!!!! ( My native language is not english, i'm french).
  4. New recruit issues.

    Thank you for the answer. For the level it was just a question, I do not care a bit if there is one or not but it would take the challenge (we play for something and not in the wind), for example in our main menu we could see the dead, game time, the defeat, the number of part played etc;)
  5. New recruit issues.

    Hello everyone, I am a new recruit;) and I have some questions about Squad. This game interests me a lot! Sorry for the mistakes or misunderstanding but be aware that English is not my native language (i'm french) that explains all;) I would like to know if this time there is a ways to play the game (pre alpha)? In pay or other means. If not when will the first players can test the game and by what means? Knowing that in the FAQ there wrote "We Plan to Give Access to the first groups of Founders to play early alpha testing builds in the spring of this year derived, namely sometime around March or April of 2015. Dates are they still good? A date for the "Founders packs"? Will there be an early access before the release of the game on Steam (currently GREENLIGHT)? Will there be a character progession (lvl, degrees etc ..)? If so, the progress achieved during the early maturing periods of the game will reset it or not? I read that if we made a donation, we would have access to the game from the beginning, it is still valid or not? And there was there a minimum amount? Know that you have my support and I wish you good luck for the future! Bencc0