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  1. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    I'm pretty sure that video is how I discovered it. Watched a few of his Squad videos and decided to get it during a sale last year.
  2. FOB/HAB Question

    Current version you still need the logi run to let the FOB spawn stuff in timely. Games are still lost if you didn't get that first supply run. And while I can agree with removing points generation, y'all make it sounds like it cranks out points like a broken gumball machine. It would probably be 6-8 minutes before a FOB would get the 400-500 points needed for the HAB. (Current point generation is like 1 per 2 seconds right?) Then it would need an SL to place it, after they were transported there. Hell, they might've drove in with a logi.
  3. Team-Wide Friendly Markers

    After the marker restrictions, I don't think adding a few more will clutter the map that much. I think I'd like to keep note of what other squads are focusing on...provided they update and erase their markers. I do hate it when people don't delete their out-of-date enemy markers. But then, I'm about 70% sure we can erase another squad's markers now. So I think what clutter does exist, is ultimately manageable.
  4. Attempt to surround and swarm one of them, though I'd be surprised if one side managed 2 good simultaneous superfobs. And I thought the no-build radius was already implemented, like 20-30 meters or so? Though, I haven't played Insurgency mode in a long time, and I don't remember the patch that mentioned the no-build radius.
  5. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    They're easy to overcome, but need an organized team to do so? But what if the superFOB team is also organized?
  6. Deployables

    In my experience, razor wire funnels people into paths I've set pretty well. And I usually don't run through enemy razor wire. And if someone does goes through it, I can hear a yelp and know enemies are coming that direction.
  7. Fresh Boot few questions

    Adding to Multisquid, if you're new, feel free to tell your SL and squad. If they're nice and have time, they'll answer your questions about whatever mechanics and lingo you don't know.
  8. tl;dr: I don't like change. As a regular squad lead, I don't like the part where the rally's existence is dependent on my life. Spawn points are very precious and valuable, this proposed change looks to curb bad tactics/behavior but I think also punishes the better uses of it, and makes squad lead a worse role. Squad lead's already most valuable as a utility, including placing the rally. Before, or during, contact, I prioritize my life to put a rally down. Then after that I can actually play the rest of this here shooting game. The squad lead is another man, another gun, another player. I'm usually looking at the map, but I want to join the fighting sometimes too. If the rally's existence were dependent on me pressing 'give up'/being dead dead, that means my utility functions are vastly more important. The new 'teamwork' this may promote may end up being 'squad lead, hide. You die, we can't spawn and flank.' The squad is one gun down (that will hurt the smaller squads especially), and squad lead can't safely attack and is now the 'rally-sitter.' It hurts the attacking squads too much I think, especially in maneuver. Some cap zones and superFOBs you have to meatgrind. There are many pointless meatgrinders, but if the other team's fortified well...what else can you do if they're on the objective? Rally spawns are the handy-dandy tool to maneuver and flank. Depending on the map, and/or the match's FOB placements, the rally may be the only way you can spawn around the enemy, instead of to their most fortified 'front.' The flanking squad places rally, and uses the rally to hammer the enemy's weak point. Maybe they wipe a few times, but with vigor and persistence they punch through. With the proposed change, maybe the squad lead stays in the back with the medics during the assault. Unfortunately, being in the back does not make him invincible, and if he dies, along with the medics, there goes your flanking assault. The enemy stronghold won't have to worry about their flank for another two minutes as you re-maneuver against them. Your maneuvering has been punished by either losing your rally if SL joined the assault and died, or because SL stayed back keeping the spawns alive but one gun down in the attack (and probably bored during it). When Squad leading with random players, I need as much ability to lead the men from the front. Rolling with buddies, we know each other and the game very well. Randoms, in my experience, are less aggressive and less mobile overall than what I want. I need to be forward of them to egg them on, or flank whoever is pinning them down/they tunnel visioned against. There's usually one guy who keeps up, then I place a rally down, now the burden of the spawn is off me and I can help my squad out. With the proposed mechanic, I'm going to be behind the random squad more, trying to push them forward with only my voice. Since, if I die, the whole flank goes to crap...but it's stalled because I can't show-I can't lead with-the aggressiveness I expect.
  9. In my experience, I'm lucky to have one or two buddies in my clan who make some pretty good superFOBs. That, and with our coordination, makes them pretty tough to crack. And I mean, lasting long enough that we take the next flag while being overrun or lasting the entire game. Of course, it depends on the map and the flag. If given the choice between a superFOB on a cap zone that I know we can hold out for awhile if fortified, or 1-2 FOBs a bit away but are probably flankable by scant 3 guys. I'd take the superFOB. A superFOB on a flag drops allies into the cap zone, a close FOB means you have to walk to contest flags without rallies. I personally can't superFOB well enough to save my life though. I need more study/practice of it.
  10. how to control the turret on the artillery truck?

    In the passenger seat, use 'W' and 'S' to angle it up or down, respectively. The pod also resets its angle each time you leave the passenger seat.
  11. V8's progress so far.

    Just recently noted this with a logi and the rock fences. It's only been 1-2 patches since fence-ageddon though.
  12. V8's progress so far.

    Someone edit the GIF so that the skiers are vehicles, and the gravel is a waist-high rock/fence. Then add explosions.
  13. Pls grey out dead people on map

    -1 I like the communication aspects, even if it can feel like a hassle. Squad leads should be responsible to report progress on their respective goals. And even the small things, like asking if people are down, add to the experience for me. I enjoy the interaction in it.
  14. Incendiary grenades...in AAS

    I think that sounds neat. In my thoughts, SL has 1, and breacher kit has 2. Burning an ammo takes 1, torching HMGs, repair stations, take 2. Preferably, the incendiaries should have to be tossed inside the repair and HMG bunkers, rather than just on the side/roof.
  15. Noob question maybe

    in console you can also disable vehicle claim. I think typing 'admind' should give you an option to disable vehicle claims, removing the usual requirements.