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  1. Founder Weapon Skins

    Enabled all in my menu, have not seen any other skin for the weapons as of yet hope to see them soon ^^
  2. Backer in-game credit issue

    did you recieve the Email with the perk key that u needed to add to your steam account?? u need to add the perk key to your steam account then use the link in the email to sign in with steam on the forums. and then it will say backer/perk key added to your account then you can set a name for credits on your profile !! hope this helps This was the email i got, we had a clan 5 package so my mate sended me the key!! maybe this helps you guys Dear Founders and Early Backers, There comes a time in a gamer’s life where they get to stand up and be counted for backing a Kickstarter Project and with that placing your faith and trust in a group of upstart modders turned development team. With the fast approaching release of vehicles in Squad Alpha v7, that time is now. To you, the 8000+ gamers who put cash on the barrelhead upfront so we, the founders of Offworld Industries LTD, could pursue our dreams to build a video game for the hundreds of thousands of gamers who played our mod over the last decade, we thank you, we celebrate your support, we are grateful for your trust and camaraderie through the first 18 months of development. As the game continues to expand it’s time we get your names in game, just in time for the release of vehicles in Squad. We have spent some time to automate this process of getting your name in the ingame credits, it will be as simple as registering your Perk Key sent out on April 29th, registering on the Squad Forums, then linking your Steam account with your forum account. We must finalize our ingame credits by July 15th, so please help us spread the word in the coming 2 weeks. Below is a checksheet you can use to make sure you get this finished as easy as possible. 1. Which Kickstarter or Early Backer reward level did you back? If you backed the following, you are NOT in the ingame credits rewards program: Mag packer - Backer Level Rifleman - Backer Level If you backed any of the following, proceed to question Squad Leader - Founder Level Commander - Founder Level Airborne - Founder Level Ranger edition - Founder Level If you backed any of the following, proceed to question 3: Company Clan 5 pack - Founder Level Company Clan 10 pack - Founder Level 2. Have you opened your PERK KEY EMAIL sent on 29th or 30th of April 2016, and ADDED the Steam code to your Steam account? If yes proceed to question 4 If no, check for an email from [email protected] in spam/offers folders 3. Have you opened your CLAN PACK PERK KEY email sent on 29th or 30th of April 2016, and distributed the Perk Keys to your group purchase participants with an explanation to add the key to their Steam accounts? If yes, please forward this announcement to them so they can be added to the ingame credits, and proceed to question 5 If no, please proceed to distribute the Perk Keys and distribute this announcement to your group purchase participants 4. After registering your PERK KEY on your Steam account, have you created a FORUM ACCOUNT on the official Squad Forums at http://forums.joinsquad.com/ ? If yes proceed to question 5 If no, go to http://forums.joinsquad.com/register/ to register. 5. Do you want to be included in the Ingame Credits? If yes, please connect your Steam Account with your Squad Forum Account BEFORE July 15th, 2016. Log into the Squad Forum, then follow the Link here: https://steamcommunity.com/openid/login?openid.ns=http%3A%2F%2Fspecs.openid.net%2Fauth%2F2.0&openid.mode=checkid_setup&openid.return_to=http%3A%2F%2Fforums.joinsquad.com%2Fsteamlink.php&openid.realm=http%3A%2F%2Fforums.joinsquad.com%2F&openid.identity=http%3A%2F%2Fspecs.openid.net%2Fauth%2F2.0%2Fidentifier_select&openid.claimed_id=http%3A%2F %2Fspecs.openid.net%2Fauth%2F2.0%2Fidentifier_select&openid.assoc_handle=front Then follow these directions, see image below: 1. Click your Username 2. Click “Profile” 3. Click “Edit Profile” 4. Enter your exact “In-Game Credits Name” If no, you just read alot of words for no reason you man of mystery you. Also, AFTER July 15th it is NOT POSSIBLE to be later added to the credits. Q&A: Do the additional standard game keys acquired in the Founder Packs include the additional perks of the Founder Pack? NO, only the person who purchased the Founder Pack receives the additional perks of the package bought. The additional standard game keys are just for access to the game. If I buy a Clan Pack, do all the benefits of the Clan Pack apply to each individual key inside the Clan Pack? YES, they do, it is essentially a Multi-Pack. Every Key inside the Clan Pack comes with all the additional benefits of the Clan Pack, including weapon skins, founder tags, in game name in credits, etc. I backed multiple times, what should I do with the Perk Keys? Please note that there is one available in-game credit allotted per distributed Perk Key. For those who ordered multiple Founder Level packages from the same Paypal account using the same email address, you can distribute the Perk Keys.
  3. Founder "Patches"

    very nice i like
  4. Sweaty

    welcome to the family brah. see u on the battlefield
  5. Wizard Reporting In

    welcome to the community and good luck in the field
  6. Tiger Platoon

    very nice!! keep it up
  7. Friendly Jackan - The Tactical Penguin

    You made a name for yourself now! go back and play CoD leave this game for the serious people
  8. I've never been so anxious for an email

    Check your email again!!
  9. 'Bossman'

    very nice !! keep it up
  10. Where are the servers at?

    And its gone
  11. Awesome friendships in squad

    Love the game and have my own steady group i like to play squad with =D Community is great aswell
  12. Whats your average FPS in a 50 player match?

    40/60 when streaming and 60 overall