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  7. The problem in your logic is you are going on the precedent that the game is/should be working as a finished game would work. That just isn't the case. The flaws of the game are present because of its status as an alpha game. Just because you CAN team-kill 7 people in a game before being autokicked doesn't mean you should or should be able to..It doesn't mean a server admin should have to tolerate it, either. No warning comes up when you blow up friendly vehicles. So because that is neither an exploit/glitch it should be allowed? I think just because you have an issue with how server admins run their server doesn't mean the devs need to tailor make the mechanics of the game to restrict every aspect of the game that you don't particularly agree with....
  8. FS in Chora AAS v2
  9. FS in OP First Light
  10. [FS] Fool's Road AAS 2
  11. Yah, I would like to go to 4k gaming in Squad, but if it can't handle the game now with 2.00 super-sampling, I'm not sure its worth the upgrade..but then again, native resolution is always better. So maybe at 4k i'll still get the 60fps. I'd like that
  12. Hey, not sure if this is an issue on my end, probably is...But, I currently am running a 1080ti, 4790k @ 4.00ghz and 16gbs of ram, and a m.2 ssd all on a 1440p monitor.. In game, depending on the map i get ~60fps with everything on (including supersampling x2)...some maps kill it though and ill drop to ~40fps.. Is this a problem with my setup or on squads end? I feel like i should be able to get squad to a solid 60-70fps at least on any map/max settings but this isn't usually the case, which leads me to believe there may be something wrong. Any advice? I am just trying to get a stable 60 to 70 (80 if im lucky) fps on max settings. And, I'm not looking forward to buying another CPU but the 7700k may be needed or another 1080ti lol.
  13. Yah, the greatest military fighting force in the world would be a nice inclusion *ahem* the United States Marine Corps. Should've just gotten rid of the original Army skins though, and instead of making new ones, just make the Marines.
  14. Hey all, just some background, I am an aspiring Modder who dabbles with the TES community, and I am an avid FPS'er. I recently ran across the Unreal Engine 4 and am pretty impressed with its capabilities. I am new to it but would like to learn it. Does the Squad dev's require 3D modelers? If so, It would be an incentive for me to learn the program and contribute. It may take some time to get a hold of, but I have a somewhat basic understanding of 3DS Max and photoshop and can probably help. If only to say i helped with a game Anyways, any answers are appreciated, thanks.
  15. Definitely waiting on the USMC branch. As a Marine who plays this game avidly, and having met many active and former Marines who play squad, I think it would be an appropriate addition.