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  1. FireStorm server

    Hey Fragtzack, i am sorry you feel wronged by the circumstances of the match you described. Honestly, i am getting tired of posts like these. Mainly, because this is the worst place for me to keep track of issues. I would implore you (and anyone else that has an issue with the server to use our Discord, which can be found at http://discord.firestorm.pro instead of creating a name & shame post on here. A couple key points about your post: 1. We do not condone blocking bridges with vics. We know it can be a frustrating game breaking event. We have banned people for wasting assets who are attempting to do this and will continue to until a solution is implemented by the Devs. 2. Not all players with FS tags are admins. If anyone was making a stink in response to your complaint, it was probably not an admin or mod. We just banned a player for doing this, this week. It is wasting assets. Send evidence of such to our Discord #admin_support channel. 3. We(I) do not exempt FS players from the rules. They apply to everyone. If you have caught them doing such things, please send evidence to our Discord. and as Zylfrax has stated, this is not a new design flaw or exploit, it is a strategy to an extent, but out of courtesy we ban players who do this with their teams vehicles. Thank you for your concern. Have a great day.
  2. Big Gucci Killas - Recruiting!

    Yah, hit me up. I am a dedicated Squad Lead with lots of experience who focuses on being a tactician. 10kdr daily.. only the best for the Biggest Gucci Killers.
  3. [USA] Legacy

    I decided I would leave my feedback here. Even though it's in the wrong forum. I used to be a long time moderator and admin for this group, they were formerly a part of the old Bloodbath squad community. I just want to warn some new players or some who may play here a lot about some things. Let me put this in a pro/con list. Pros: 1. Community is tight knit. Many play with each other daily. They are experienced players who will probably teach you how to play. 2. They take a reasonable stance on in-game trouble makers, especially with the 1 time ban removal. I have formed my own community around theirs significantly. 3. They have some creative ideas and execution of them. 4. They keep their server populated quite often with decent map rotations sometimes. Cons: 1. They charge money for a reserve spot so you don't need to wait in queue. Many servers offer this for free. 2. They claim to be a server for all communities. When you grow your own group of friends large enough, you will find that is not actually what they believe. If you hold any staff position expect to be thoroughly outted either immediately or down the road. They will say things are fine and then a month later they will inform you, they agreed in private you are no longer welcome. Don't waste your time trying to help them, they just want you to do their moderating so they can rake in reserve slot cash. 3. The admin team as of now is pretty abusive/inept. Perhaps not on their own server all the time, but 3-5 of them are trolls and will harass and instigate fights or cause drama in various places. 1 admin is <18 years old, so you get the idea.. 4. While some of the admins are okay, they dont bother holding the other ones accountable. So more of the same always happens. All in all, I would say the server is O.K. if you are in the Midwest US, but be VERY careful investing a lot of time with this server and it's staff. They will not think twice in replacing you. There are plenty of better servers. All servers are supposed to have a feedback post in the game server feedback channel. Note how this one doesn't. This is the type of lack of care common with the server.
  4. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Hey Crew379. First off, i just wanted to say thank you for providing feedback regarding an issue on our server. We greatly appreciate it. I just wanted to clarify some things for you regarding our rules. First being camping/mining main. In Squad it is a relatively hard thing to try to admin the main camping because we have had issues with people hiding behind cover very close to main and then declare "they can't *see* main" even though they are within a quite close proximity. This is technically a loophole regarding our rules on mining main and camping it.. and sometimes leads to unreasonable kicks. This may be one of those times. We primarily emphasize that although our rules say you can't camp main where you see it, these two stipulations are most likely what our admin kicked you for. " -Main- • Camping Main is permissible if all previous capture points are taken. Moving past Main is acceptable. Ambush immediately outside Main is NOT acceptable. It is NOT camping Main if you are inside a cappable point. • Do NOT fire any weapons out of Main • Do NOT place a mine at any point you can see Main " We understand that at first the rules on main may not make sense and we are looking at a different way to approach this problem (specifically players intentionally going to mine/attack right outside enemy mains while they have limited ways to exit these mains.) Case in point is its pretty subjective. That being said, we will unban you but we just ask that if you are going to camp a main with mines and are told to stop you should immediately dig the mine up and leave the area. Leaving the mine appears to be an intentional placement from our view so its best to remove it before leaving. Thanks for your concern on the issue and we hope to see you back on our server! -Hertz P.S. If that invite is gone, you can visit this url. Firestorm Discord
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    FS in Narva AAS V1
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    FS in Fools aas v2
  7. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Firestorm Tag: [ҒS]Discord: https://firestorm.pro (There is a menu button to bring you to our Discord. Use that.) If that doesn't work, use https://discord.firestorm.pro Language: English Description: Firestorm is a clan that has been restructured and remade several times. Its parent founders created the clan in the early 90s Quake scene. FS has been recreated in Squad since January of 2017. We have players who have been playing since V5/V6. We are always looking for mature, respectful players to play with. We are made up of mostly young men ages 18+. Some are military veterans (I myself am a Marine Corps Veteran), and others are from various walks of life. We play semi-competitively, but with a competitive mindset. We are looking to create a relatively toxic free community that we all enjoy. We try not to discuss Religion or Politics, but we are not so strict that we can't take some jokes, offensive memes are fine as long as they fall within our rules. We are filtering prospective recruits for overall personality and skills related to situational awareness, logical reasoning, and overall maturity; making sure new members "mesh" well with our environment before they join our clan. Everyone else is free to hangout and chill with us. No pressure to join our clan. No ubertrolls/memelords though, we want decent people to hangout with. We implore you to come visit us on our Official Server: [USA] Firestorm, and play some with us before asking to join. It makes the process easier for us amd you, and will help you make better friends with us. Please visit our Discord link and find the #join_us channel to apply. Members: ~860 in our Squad community. ~100 members We also play: Various other games depending on what other members have. (CS:GO, Pubg, ESO, Arma, are some common ones I've seen played. Feel free to ask!)
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    FS in Narva AAS V1
  9. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    [USA] Firestorm Server If you need an Admin or Moderator, they can be found at our Discord, here: Firestorm Discord -Players- We are a gaming clan/community who is still trying to figure things out. If you need help or have questions, never hesitate to ask. We will do our best to help you. -Squad Leaders- Teamwork is what counts. Stay humble, stay helpful, and try to show those you are leading a good time. If someone wants to try to learn a kit, give them a chance. -Discipline- Egregious rule breaking will result in admin action. We may pardon a ban, once, for an acknowledgement of the offense and an apology (which can be conducted via our Discord). Multiple bans or egregious reasons may result in a perma-ban (forever). -Leadership- Different skill levels and unconventional players do exist. Do not disrupt the server and/or confuse bad players with those who have ill intent. Welcome to our Server! These are our Squad server rules. These apply to all players who play on our server. Failure to abide by these rules may see admin action taken against the individual in question. If you have questions, or recommendations regarding our rules or just about the game in general, please leave them in our Discord for us. If you witness someone breaking any of these rules and there is no admin present, please submit video or screenshot evidence to our Discord. Video is the most conclusive evidence and helps us a ton! -SQUAD SERVER RULES:- Server Rules: -Do not create a Squad with no intent to lead it. Disband the Squad if you accidentally made it. -All SLs need SL kit, a mic, active communication, to speak english, & play the objective. -SLs may kick players from their Squad for ANY reason. -Do not 1-man vehicles that require the crewman kit. These vehicles need 2 crewmen minimum. -No 1-man LOCKED Squads, unless you are actively logi driving, or staff. -Do not disparage the server/staff, or suggest players to leave. -No teamkill/retaliatory teamkilling. If accidental, apologize in ALL chat. -Do not chat spam/verbally abuse/grief/waste/troll/wound players or game assets. -All players need names that are non-exploitative. -Vehicles are first come first serve. Abandoned/taxi'd vehicles are free claim. -Do not cheat, hack, exploit, abuse features, or glitch. This includes placing radios inside of solid objects. -Do not share team info with the enemy, or stream snipe. ie: ticket counts, troop locations, or spawn points. -Do not recruit/advertise in any channels. -Do not impersonate admins or FS members. Misuse of a FS/FSr tag will result in admin action. -Do not shoot emplacements or vehicle weapons out of main unless you are being camped & need to safely leave. -VAC/Game bans will be banned to the 60th day. 3 VAC/Game bans total is a perma ban. -Abusing players at main may have admin action taken if warranted. If asked to comply with admin, do so. -Pings over 250/afk/unassigned players may be kicked. VIDEO is the best evidence for catching rule-breakers, this helps us a lot, send it to our Discord. Kicks/Bans are made at Admin Discretion. All players may get a Second chance after a ban, except for egregious offences. Warning players is courteous. Rules are always subject to change. -SEEDING AND MAIN CAMPING RULES:- Seeding: When server is 20vs20 or lower, the following rules apply: - Actively fight between the flags. - SLs should encourage combat through the use of their rallies. - Do not superfob away from the flags. Main: - Main Camping/IEDs-Mines by Main, are allowed only if the enemy has 1 safe exit for vehicles or they have lost all flags. - Main Camping/IEDs-Mines by Main, are also at admin discretion. If asked to leave the area or remove a mine/ied, do so. - DO NOT shoot emplacements or vehicles out of main, unless you are being camped at main and need to do so to leave. -GENERAL SERVER INFORMATION:- REMINDER: Server auto-restarts @ 2:29pm CST, daily. Please rejoin at 2:30pm CST so we can keep the server alive and healthy! Want to skip the Queue? Whitelists are only given to those who help us populate our Server at 2:30pm CST or when it de-pops. Visit the Discord to apply. VIDEO footage is the best evidence for catching rule breakers, this is the best way you can help us, send it to our Discord. Current Maplist: Narva Skirmish v1 Yehorivka RAAS v1 Chora AAS v1 Skorpo Invasion v1 Al Basrah RAAS v1 Belaya RAAS v1 Narva RAAS v1 Mestia RAAS v1 Skorpo TC v1 Gorodok RAAS v1 Sumari RAAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v1 Training Server Required Mods: None
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    FS in Fools road AAS V3
  12. 30 mm canon no damage

    Yah I was scanning and just saw you last second. So, I definitely missed those shots at you. Btr 30mm works like it's supposed to, I'm just a bad aim hahaha
  13. 30 mm canon no damage

    I am like 99 percent certain, that was me gunning in that 30mm because I had just killed 2 stykers before shooting at you I think LOL :]