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  1. Our server rules state that Ping: • Pings consistently over 250 may be warned then kicked The tick rate was starting to plummet and everyones pings we're starting to suffer. I admin broadcasted several times then started with the worst offenders in the 700's. My apologies if this inconvenienced you, but it is stated in our server policy We have a discord at usalegacy.xyz if you'd like to go over and read our #server_policy
  2. Thats because if the admins get on after the teamkill happened, the console doesn't show who did it. The admin tools for this game are a half finished skeleton of what they should be.
  3. Its a graphical glitch you're seeing, i get it too. When a player or vehicle spawns in Unreal engine sometimes freaks out and you see a super scaled up size model of whatever just spawned in. Used to be bad in v7 because the model didn't scale down sometimes and there'd be a 70 foot tall russian 2 km's away
  4. The legacy group is inviting anyone who wants to come try out an event hosted on our Training server. The event will be a Rush game mode. Much like battlefields Rush mode but in squad. Defenders get light vehicles and supplies, the further back the Attackers push the more equipment the Defenders get. FOB's will of course take place of the MCOM system. Attackers attack FoBs in stages. Commanders will be present to direct flow of action and to keep players inside playable areas and away from back FOBs. Defenders will have time to set up defenses while attackers think of routes and tactics. We try to keep the maps RU v US for kit evenness. BTR is only available for the last FOB. Open top humvees for US, no CROWS except last FOB assault. Flag caps are to be ignored and tickets reserved as much as possible. WHEN: Saturday at 7pm CST EVERY WEEK (new game modes will be tried, always open to suggestion) WHERE: Always at the - [USA] Legacy Training | Vilayer.com - server under the Customs Tab DISCORD for the Op. USAlegacy.xyz or https://discord.gg/Wazp8r3 We hope to see new people come out to try it and become regulars. The server will be tightly moderated, goofing around and disobeying game direction will result in permanent expulsion. Come to the event with a mindset of teamwork and cooperation, I mean, why else would you own Squad?
  5. I'd prefer it if the name went from the blue or green to a more pale and translucent version. Solid red as the opacity is right now would still cause the problem of dead names blocking enemies. But yes, something to change the behavior of name tags when dead is needed
  6. Running on windows 10 is also a problem. Make sure that xbox DVR app crap is disabled. because if a i5 4690k, a GTX 750ti can do a solid 60 on most maps with medium settings (gorodok pls no more trees) than something is wrong somewhere
  7. The main worry seems to be tanks and other heavy assets restricting infantry. Just here to remind you theres something you are missing. Not every map lets every faction have everything they can use. Militia and INS get artillery but theres like 4 map layers that allow it. Not every map will get tanks, not every map will get IFV's not every gamemode will allow all vehicles. Not every map plays the same. Trying to exclude certain things that were promised when the squad project was announced is just a slap in the face to every PR player that backed and founded the game.
  8. Theres a few 3rd party tools like BattleMetrics that make the job easier. But without it yeah if someone leaves the server and you don't have their steam account/ID its near impossible to enforce or punish
  9. Play on servers with admins that use discord or even teamspeak My server [Legacy] has a discord. FFO Squad ops. mumblerines candyvan BVAR RIP ZXD if no current admins are on leave an @here note
  10. Rallies are going to be reworked so for now we just have to deal with it. But i'd rather it be hardcore and if the SL dies so does the rally. They are for "rallying up" on the squad lead. Not be a soft FOB of infinite spawns.
  11. nobody has mentioned squidops yet. Whitelist or public is normally a good choice.
  12. With the MK19 it depends heavily on training versus in field for 1-2 years when it comes to accuracy. The well used ones certainly aren't "well oiled machines" anymore. Also there's the Russian AGS-30 so there is a rival to it. Militia and RU forces could have one. Maybe a FOB placed one can be either Direct fire or indirect fire mode since the AGS can do that while US MK19 gets 4 that are direct fire set up.
  13. Until the playerbase learns and gets back up to speed i also don't think new systems that are super in depth should be added. But just an idea milling around to add complexity. Edit: more of a mod idea than a vanilla game thing really
  14. An idea i had talking with friends while sitting on a point. Since Yeho v2 has a capable point that has special attributes. Is there a way to make those points spawn a vehicle when capped? So my idea along with that was Command Vehicles. A mobile FOB. A humvee, BTR, Ural truck with a box cabin/thingy. Requirements for spawning could be. Engine on press Q to "deploy radio antennae" idle for 2-3 minutes Has limited spawns (18-27 before resupply) Then it can be spawned on until its moved or destroyed. Be worth its base vehicle cost + FOB loss cost and only one available in the match and only spawn after 15 minutes match start or only spawns on special cap points.
  15. It wouldn't be too OP if its modeled just right. Full auto the thing would bounce around be inaccurate as all hell. (also if they model in the shitty sight retention spring you won't have a rear sight anyway).