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  1. Climb the radio towers

    Why can't we climb the radio towers? We should be able to climb more stuff, and we should have more like cranes that can take the game to the z-axis up in the air.
  2. Climb the radio towers

  3. Squad is dead or not ?

    OK, then it's wifi for sure. My ping seemed OK too, but playing on wifi is just too unreliable I guess. I totally don't recommend it for fps at least! Once I switched to cable everything was fine. I so remember that experience you are talking about. Getting shot before you can even see the enemy. Man! Are all people that skilled -really? Answer was: No they are not. They just have better networking.
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    Latency probably. Had this all the time while playing on wifi. When I connected a cable everything was much better. By another thing about this is the graphic settings. If you set shadows and foliage and maybe some other stuff low then you will see the enemy way before they see you. Try changing the graphic settings. I only play on medium settings now because of this. I consider it a serious flaw in the game being unable to set graphics to the highest setting. Without losing advantage.
  5. February 2019 Recap

    No choppers...
  6. January 2019 Recap

    Totally don't believe that. Revenues are probably not that big and devs are few and had to learn everything from scratch. Big companies might have 100+ working on a title. Squad has like a dozen? I don't know. Still I need for those choppers to come soon... There is a reason this game is good and that is because commercial interests don't take 100% priority giving us another CoD bullshit experience.
  7. January 2019 Recap

    What's thing with dragging. Seems to be a minor thing. Quite boring actually.
  8. January 2019 Recap

    As long as we get Choppers I am just fine. Maps are a bit too small för jets anyway, which is why they decided against them I believe.
  9. January 2019 Recap

    Choppers will make game 3d and will pretty much be the only vehicle that requires skill. It was the best element of Project Reality. So cool and difficult to pilot bringing those troops in, flying inside buildings and shit. So cool. BMP2 is a junk vehicle and so is T62, not too say they are malplaced though, but they don't bring much excitement to the battle really.
  10. January 2019 Recap

    Where are the choppers? T62 and bmps are boring. Why spend so much dev time on tracks coming off looking fancy and all? Would be enough to just have a mobility kill mean you can't move. Would be a 1-day feat to do that. And engine upgrades. Why? Game is working well already couldn't we get choppers instead? Choppers are taking too long. Devs are focusing too much on details.
  11. New Website Launch

    What about the RECAP? It's taking too long. Not cool.
  12. Squad is dead or not ?

    Yes. An ever changing Squad game is part of the nice experience I think. Always some tweaks or new candy. I don't really buy into the game is alpha really. I think it's just something the devs say so they don't feel like they have to be finished some time really. I like that idea.
  13. Squad is dead or not ?

    I think this whole thread is a waste of time. Squad is working great its not Arma its not call of duty and its not dying. It will die if tries to be anything it isn't. I mean devs are still developing no? That means money keeps coming = it's not dying. End of story. Anyway any game will die some day. PR hasn't even died even if it should have died like 10 years ago. So won't Squad.
  14. Squad is dead or not ?

    Totally disagree. For me and many this is sweet spot between arcade and milsim. This is what made PR such a successful concept in the first place! In no way do I think Squad is dying! Is this thread start a competitors shit-post? Game is getting better all the time and no game I know offers anything as sweet. Game will be so much more attractive with Choppers coming and will have players for years to come much like PR still has players even though it is based upon BF2(!)
  15. Al-Basrah Rework.

    Yes Basrah is the best map. Don't change the concept plz! No other map really offers the tall building fighting experience. Also I don't think the map needs much expanding. Maps can get too big as well with fighting always going on "somewhere else". That's not fun. Only thing really needs to be done with Basrah is the artwork of Tahlil. New artwork is fabulous. Old, not so much. Can't you just make the tall buildings look nice? Then reuse them in other maps as well.
  16. Fuel, Food & Water

    Yes. Simple answer is more logistics stuff would be too complicated for newcomers. And old comers as well.
  17. New Website Launch

    Is there no recap for December or did I just miss it somehow? @Gatzby
  18. Fuel, Food & Water

    I don't like the idea. It would just be complicating things and provide no game value. In fact I think it would be a bit boring. Current system hits sweet spot of resource management. Ammo and build. Everyone can understand that.
  19. I don't know if this has been discussed before but I would think it would be realistic if once in a while an explosion knocked you to the ground completely without causing any injuries. Just knocking the breath out of you causing you to be forced to catch your breath. I think sometimes you know when people talk about munitions and how deadly they are that they forget effects that do not really cause any permanent damage but are still stressful and disruptive to the individual. Something like the suppression mechanism but with the tipped of balance effect as well.
  20. Realism

    Why would you say that? Predessecor was called Project Reality for a reason. Should be both fun and realistic, especially the weapon systems. Not so much the spawn system. ;-)
  21. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Has anyone much experience shooting this rifle on full auto IRL? I recon quite few have because you don't use these rifles on full auto much for prolonged periods of time.
  22. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Well, I believe it should be used conservatively on occasions where you would otherwise might have actually been killed or stood to close anyway. I don't think that could be abused more than being killed. If you stand too close to an explosion it would be a bad thing that should affect you in different ways.
  23. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Yes... Kind of like... An explosion would... Temporarily.
  24. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Project Reality had helicopters so just get used to the idea. It is combined warfare.
  25. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Ok maybe not the ringing but you just stumbling down to prone once in a while with a nice animation just to get back up and fight again would be cool In think.