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  1. I like the small ADS zoom. It's not much anyway. 


    But problem is who holds their weapon like that IRL anyway? Iron sights or scopes should be much closer to the one eye you have open. Peripheral vision almost none. Currently it looks like you are firing some kind of naval cannon in front of you. 

  2. On 2020-01-10 at 4:05 PM, DualFlameBane said:

    The devs say that they want to encourage team play and discourage run-and-gun playstyle.  So, they should never have submitted to the run-and-gun juveniles by turning up movement speed.  Sure enough, the game is now a lot more run-and-gun.  Turn it back down.

    I totally agree. So unrealistic running around in full gear like that. It should take some time to get somewhere so you value your position. Game feels so plastic now when everyone is Super Marioing around everywhere. 

  3. Commander is used IRL to talk on the radio coordinate with other tanks etc. Commander can also take pot shots but if you are serious about hitting something you would wanna be the gunner. But IRL positions are easy to switch so I would say that either commander or gunner is good but can't live without at least one dude in there. If you are gonna go on a solo mission I'd prefer to be gunner any day. Especially since there won't be much coordinating going on. Mind you the gunner can also take over the commanders duties. Maybe squad lead should be forced to be the commander? 

  4. 10 hours ago, Geebus said:

    I'd love for there to be a toggleable server rule that makes it so that vehicles cannot leave main without a minimum number of crew members.There is no good reason for an undermanned vehicle leaving main. Soloing should never be encouraged. EVER. I don't really mind that helicopters can be single manned but there really is no reason for a copilot in game. Maybe if damage models get a little better then they will find more use.  Everyone always points to the TOW MATVs and BRDMs as good vehicles to be one manned but I really wish that people would fully crew them. This kind of thing feels really gamey when you see one man squads taking vehicle assets. I also don't like when tank teams decide to take tanks with only driver and gunner. You really should be forced to get that commander. It makes you so much more effective with an extra set of eyes.

    Commander is not necessary IRL though so I disagree. Loader is however. Unless you want to fire just one round though. I think it is good the way it is. Current way is the most realistic which has always been the aim of the game - to be fun with real weapons. IRL you can operate a tank completely one manned as well but it would be extremely ineffective and your squad leader would be seriously pissed. Just like in Squad. In fact I think there is already to much babysitting logic in Squad compared to PR. In PR if you accidentally TKed someone you could be banned from server easily. Having to beg your way back. Stakes were high, hence the player standards as well. No magic walls preventing players doing stupid shit. Just like real life. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Zylfrax791 said:

    Since the very beginning of vehicles I've always maintained that weaponized vehicles should be programmed for a single user to both drive and shoot and then once another user entered the vehicle they both could be assigned to either seat to be more effective.


    The fact that the game is programmed in the first place to allow soloing just in the drivers seat alone has always seemed ludicrous to me.

    Please no! Your idea is horrendous. Arcade style bs gameplay.

  6. 2 hours ago, Kriechbaum said:

    Gotta love when somebody with no clue of anything talks big.


    The guys that talk like this are the same guys that never shot a rifle in a military environment, never had to carry all the shit a soldier carries but they know it all. Man, i bet you would collapse after a 7k march in full gear. 


    Squad is a display of armies with regular soldiers, not some top notch operators. 


    I agree on the windows though. 




    Windows are on purpose though because it is considered unfair advantage / camping to stand behind a window shooting out. It is an idea that belongs in Quake Arena or some other crap game though. Not in Squad. In Squad if someone camps you take em out with an rpg instead. That's how it should be. Wish the devs could understand that situations should be met with proper ordnance not with running and gunning all the situations all the time. It takes all the strategy out of the game if you can always run and gun your way out of all situations. It Sucks. 

  7. 15 hours ago, Pharanaiton said:

    Must be a bigger issue at hand here, most static weapons (ground or vehicle based) have the cock charging handle or reload spg 7 round animation regardless of the fact that you just cocked or reloaded. Hopefully this will be resolved.

    Yeah it's really annoying when you pick up the 50 cal and spend 3 seconds cocking the handle while you are taking fire. It's unrealistic because ammo is already in the chamber ready to go. You don't waste ammo like that IRL. 

  8. On 2019-11-13 at 11:25 AM, Geebus said:

    I've had the same issue with armor. I certainly don't like having to reload. I'm not sure though about having it on a dedicated button. I know that some vehicles might have a dedicated trigger for their gunners but others don't rather having a toggle between the main gun and the coax.


    Luckily, it seems that the devs have a pretty good record of upgrading existing features every once in a while. Give it some time and I'm sure we will be seeing an overhaul of the armor in game.


    Like you said, it would be nice to see a bit more attention paid to vehicles. I can't be the only guy that hates that the gunner sight in the m1a2 is from the battle sight rather than the main optic mounted on the roof of the vehicle.



    I think most vehicles don't have a right button for MG and a left button for cannon for a reason. What if you accidentally pressed the wrong finger and fired the cannon in close proximity to your own troops instead of the MG? At least the Leopard has a distinct switch that says MG or cannon that you have to flip before you fire. We want the game to be accurately depicted I say. That being said you don't have to reload the cannon after switching from MG of course. 

  9. On 2019-11-15 at 1:57 PM, tabti13 said:

    i would say yes and no at this time because we still do not have player-controlled aircrafts

    I think it's better this way actually. Game area is too small for player controlled aircraft anyways. Wouldn't be realistic. Except for choppers that is. 

  10. On 2019-11-06 at 6:17 PM, giammotto said:

    Hello guys I'm a new player and I've been playing SQUAD in the last week or so, I have a lot of praise for some aspects of the game, but there are some things which ruin it for me and I don't know if I will continue playing, but for the sake of feedback and helping the developers create a better game I will at least write this:


    I know it's an alpha, but some things are inexcusable, like the inability to shoot from 50% of the windows in the game. I mean, this alone shows such a lack of care that it's baffling and makes me want to quit. You have an enemy right in front of you yet you can't shoot him because your bullets come out of the barrel, and your soldier is incapable of raising the gun a few centimetres. You create a new building and you don't even check if you can shoot through the windows? are you serious?


    Clipping through buildings has now officially become a game mechanic, maybe instead of adding maps and helicopters you should achieve the basics of an FPS,, and from what I read it's been like 4 years and this hasn't been fixed.. again, it's lack of care in my opinion. You can add all you want to this game, until you fix the basic stuff players will keep leaving.


    Inability to lean progressively and generally bad movement and animations, In real life, an operator can reload an AK in less than a second, but the tactical masturbation doesn't allow us that so we must make all animations unnecessarily slow and sluggish like the soldiers in the game are slightly retarded. When will developers understand that realism cannot be achieved like this? if you need to get your pistol FAST to save your life, and you see your soldier without any stress slowly put the rifle away and.. bam you're already dead. IRL he wouldn't put the rifle away, he would just take the pistol out and shoot. It's frustrating and destroys the immersion. Same with grenades.. you lose 5 seconds watching your soldier hold the grenade in his hand and do very slow moves when the grenade should be such a quick thing.. 


    The inability to fix your gun in any way and achieve a well aimed shot is also very annoying, the exact opposite of realistic, it makes shooting far targets a game of luck and memorizing the muzzle sway. Also, has the soldier got Parkinson? (no offense to who suffers from it) he's completely incapable of holding his gun straight even at 10 meters, just very strange and not realistic at all, he is also incapable of holding his breath. The shooting in this game is probably the best out of every single FPS on the market, yet the lack of care makes it a very frustrating experience to deal with, and not as good as it should be, given the quality of sounds and animations.


    Rallies are completely against the "realism" that you want to achieve, mainly because of the magic spawning of enemies and second because it is a supernatural source of intel on enemy positions, some leaders put the rally in an FOB just to see if there are enemies nearby. If you want realism, do it, this middle road is very inconclusive and frustrates everyone. 


    Customization: I don't understand why most tactical games are so strict regarding gun customization, it actually goes against the real world because for all I know soldiers are free to customize their guns (to a certain extent) and make them as comfortable as possible. Yet in this game there are classes that don't even have an optic, and if there are too many optics in the team you can't use it, what is this garbage? it's just limiting and annoying, not at all realistic or "tactical", again, tactical masturbation in my opinion and nothing more. I don't want 650 gun attachments, but the ability to freely use grips, preferred optics, and maybe muzzle attachments would be nice, very basic stuff. I understand that you don't want to promote shooting in some classes, but taking away their firing capability altogether just seems limiting and stupid to me, but everyone can disagree


    Last one, the maps are abysmal, sorry for the bluntness but it's true. They're the most boring and mundane maps I've ever seen, and it's not the terrain nor the fact that they are very large, it's because they're so lacking in love and care that it hurts. I'm sick of seeing the same tree copy and pasted everywhere, bad textures, completely empty houses and enviroments, houses that wouldn't even exist in real life (one house makes me laugh everytime, just one big room with 9 windows unevenly spread on all sides, wtf is even that?? who designed it??) 


    In conclusion, SQUAD is on par with a lot of horrible early access games that get cancelled, but the developers got lucky with the fanbase and they are still supported by a lot of people, but I feel as though they're not better than many other indie developers. Lacking in care and quality and seemingly unable (after YEARS) to fix incredibly basic stuff, but at the same time very competent and capable in some other areas, enough to keep the game going and give a semblance of progress and making the game better. After a couple matches, you start to see how shallow and empty this game would be without it's amazing community, and it's a pain beause this game could be so much more. 





    You can not reload an AK in less than a second. Not normal soldiers. Maybe some trick shot dude with his mags in perfect order and no stress situation. Possibly. Have you ever reloaded an assault rifle yourself? 

  11. 22 hours ago, Toofless said:

    Sorry dude but that is just incorrect. The Mk 19's standard round is HEDP, meaning it will easily destroy BTRs and BMPs so it is most definitely not crap against armor. The only thing 2A42 has over Mk 19 is velocity because the Mk 19 is capable of penetrating 2 inches of steel. I'm all for AGLs being in-game just like @Vewt but you can't downplay their effectiveness when advocating for them. The only faction that wouldn't have HEDP would be the insurgents but it's honestly no different than them already having SPG-9s instead of an ATGM launcher like the TOW or Kornet. So it's not like it would create an imbalance that wasn't already there before and plays into the asymmetric warfare thing we already have going on.

    Well BMPs and BTRs are crap armour anyways. Still 2" is quite impressive actually but I bet you could get almost the double using AP sabot 30mm. Also long range MK19 is difficult to hit anything because of low velocity arc trajectory. All being said, weapons have different use cases but were MK19 the omnipotent weapon against all threats you claim it is then would have mounted it on every AFV, APC out there. 

  12. 7 hours ago, Vewt said:

    What a stupid post. The American 40mm MK19 and Russian 30mm 2A42 don't fulfil the same role, so the fact that the 30mm autocannon is fine offers absolutely no indication that a 40mm AGL would be fine as well. The game absolutely should have 30mm and 40mm AGLs, but your reasoning and comparison are asinine because medium and high velocity 40mm HE rounds have 5-6 time the explosive power of the HE autocannon rounds that Squad currently uses:

    The 3UOR6 High-Explosive Tracer rounds that the 30mm fires in Squad only carry 11g of explosive filler and a muzzle velocity of 960ms.

    The M383/M384 HE rounds that the MK19 and MK47 fire have 57g of explosive filler and a muzzle velocity of 245ms.

    In other words, it's going to have a much larger explosion radius and damage, and you won't be able to take cover from it behind walls because it has a plunging trajectory at anything other than very close range, where the 30mm has a largely direct trajectory.

    Yes you got a point. They are different weapons. None is necessarily inferior. My point though was that 30 mm is just as bad ass as MK19, hence MK19 shouldn't be ruled out from the game. MK19 being crap against armour but better against infantry, and vice versa. If you come with a MK19 vs armour it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. It is not possible to say (at least) that MK19 is the better weapon at all times.

  13. I have an idea:


    Upon embarking/disembarking, it should take longer if someone already has started to disembark before you did. The  time it should take should be proportional to the number of people which pressed disembark before you. That is to simulate a queue forming towards the limited points of exit/entry on the vehicles. This would be more realistic and also avoid problems like people ending up in the rotor blades upon mass disembarks from a  helicopter.


    Say for example, on a tank: Disembarking all through the turret hatches at the same time is actually highly unrealistic. Now imagine a single enemy picking you off one by one as you exit the tank, rather than 4 people popping out in a flash mob, starting to spray that single enemy with bullets on the same exact millisecond. Exiting vehicles should be cumbersome, because they are IRL.

  14. 3 minutes ago, pigsoup said:

    then that should be "fixed" as the game is finalised. This is the first good example of another graphical exploit that is pretty significant (mentioned in this thread). I can't imagine there are a thousand other ways to manipulate the setting to one's SIGNIFICANT advantage. no shadow was the only thing on my mind since it is clearly exploited by people with good machines (anecdotal evidence from the subreddit gifs). 

    Why does low view distance make you see longer across the entire map? Low would mean short distance no? 

  15. 17 minutes ago, Tony32 said:

    What exactly do you mean with a skilled pilot can counter a failed tail rotor? That sounds extremely made up and unrealistic. You cant defy laws of physics no matter how good you are. The helicopter WILL spin out of control without the tail rotor and there is nothing you can do  about it.

    That is what I thought as well but I'm no pilot.