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  1. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    Exactly. Don't go out in the fields. Stay and hide in the city and RPG them from rooftop etc. Maybe mines should be more plentiful though.
  2. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    How do you know?
  3. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I think also maybe leave tanks out of some maps so players who do not like that type of gameplay can enjoy easier pray. Tanks should be tanks though. I do think that there should be enough supplies for the countering part though. And portable ATGMs is a good idea. Once a missile has been deployed it could be dug up and down by anyone with a shovel in a new place without costing build points. That is realistic and a good idea. Also I think the missiles seem a bit expensive actually. Maybe insurgents can get more heavy IEDs as well?
  4. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    I'm pretty sure M1s use Chobham-type armour dude. M1 Armour
  5. Strix Anti tank Mortar Round

    With some people worrying tanks becoming too powerful, how about adding AT rounds such as the Strix Mortar fired 120mm round. It can be launched from fixed or mobile 120mm Mortars and is actively seeking out tanks when fired. You would also have to add 120mm mortars of course, but it would be nice to have some proper firemissions as well so... Strix AT Mortar Round
  6. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    How about adding the Strix anti tank mourtar round for instance? Strix AT Mortar Round
  7. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    Say what? Tanks should be bad-ass, but infantry should have plenty of bad-ass systems to defeat them with.
  8. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Exactly. You should FEAR some assets. That creates excitement. Other stuff is arcady. Don't know how reducing aim would be less arcady?(!) It would just be Battlefield again. Boring as hell, and it's just about the person being being able to jump up and down the most that wins all the fights without any assets strategy whatsoever, because assets aren't important because all assets can always defeat all assets at all time. Totally boring. You are talking about making the game more arcady and less realistic because you don't want to be shot from far away strolling down the hill out in the open. How about moving in cover with APCs covering your advance? You know... Use... Some... Strategy... A tank can mow your entire squad down from 4km at pitch black night btw. So 500m daytime is not impressive at all actually.
  9. Why turn off turret stabilization?

    Why button for turning on and off turret stabilization? It seems completely unnecessary because it is not something you typically switch on and off when riding a tank. Only reason to not have stabilization on in real life is to not rip down trees or bystanders when passing by. It seems overkill to add an explicit button for it, and it just adds unnecessary complexity to the game. I can't understand this decision.
  10. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    If you can't beat the tank bring in the gunship. If you can't beat the gunship bring in the jet. If you can't beat the jet bring in the SAM. If you can't beat the SAM bring in the infantry. These types of decisions make for an interesting strategic gameplay, instead of running and gunning.
  11. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    I really dislike this concept "every type of asset should always have a fair chance in every situation at all times". This is why Battlefield sucks in the first place. Appropriate assets should be used to engage suitable assets. If your current asset type isn't appropriate for the mission, then call for the deployment of an appropriate asset to engage it. If you can't beat it you should stay hidden. This implies actually having to take strategic decision and not just running and gunning I-can-defeat everything style gameplay that totally waters out any game. It is the very reason I hate battlefield in the first place. As Squad is already, maps are already modified to not allow vehicles do much damage actually. Brushes and trees everywhere. Also if tanks are too powerful, have maps without tanks. Problem solved. Game is still very far from a simulator. If you can't stand the HEAT, then get out of the kitchen!
  12. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    Actually modern composite ceramic armour is a bit like glass. Once hit, it won't sustain another hit very well because the ceramic tiles breaks. The values you talk about probably also point to the very thickest point on the turret directly in the front. Mind you, all gunners try to aim between the turret and the hull whenever given the chance because armour is much weaker there. A sabot from the side or rear and you are guaranteed to be out of action. To be honest I believe, even without penetration, the crew would be quite shook up and possibly a bit hurt from splinters and stuff coming off on the inside. They will probably have a hard time getting off a return round in time. Though not impossible of course.
  13. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    It seems you are the right actually.
  14. Limited Testing - 10/31

    Its been good but not amazing. Now it's starting to be amazing. Just a bit tired of the nade sounds still. They sound exactly the same always.
  15. Limited Testing - 10/31

    New gunshot sounds are awesome. Great work @anders! I find the new loadout menus to be to obtrusive though. It feels like you leave the game when you switch screen completely. Also the mini map is much slower which is kinda annoying.