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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Cool stuff but I see building stuff becoming even more useless than today...
  2. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    You can not reload an AK in less than a second. Not normal soldiers. Maybe some trick shot dude with his mags in perfect order and no stress situation. Possibly. Have you ever reloaded an assault rifle yourself?
  3. Sniping Massacre

    This is weighed up the fact that there are very few maps that are good for "sniping". There is always a tree or a building in the way for all good spots. Marksman is often quite useless in this game actually.
  4. Building is useless

    I like super FOB building it's so much fun. Don't care if we lose. I play pc games for fun only. I also like meat grinding maps. Great!
  5. Shot Effects

    Great ideas. Force prone on hit.
  6. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Well BMPs and BTRs are crap armour anyways. Still 2" is quite impressive actually but I bet you could get almost the double using AP sabot 30mm. Also long range MK19 is difficult to hit anything because of low velocity arc trajectory. All being said, weapons have different use cases but were MK19 the omnipotent weapon against all threats you claim it is then would have mounted it on every AFV, APC out there.
  7. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Yes you got a point. They are different weapons. None is necessarily inferior. My point though was that 30 mm is just as bad ass as MK19, hence MK19 shouldn't be ruled out from the game. MK19 being crap against armour but better against infantry, and vice versa. If you come with a MK19 vs armour it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. It is not possible to say (at least) that MK19 is the better weapon at all times.
  8. I have an idea: Upon embarking/disembarking, it should take longer if someone already has started to disembark before you did. The time it should take should be proportional to the number of people which pressed disembark before you. That is to simulate a queue forming towards the limited points of exit/entry on the vehicles. This would be more realistic and also avoid problems like people ending up in the rotor blades upon mass disembarks from a helicopter. Say for example, on a tank: Disembarking all through the turret hatches at the same time is actually highly unrealistic. Now imagine a single enemy picking you off one by one as you exit the tank, rather than 4 people popping out in a flash mob, starting to spray that single enemy with bullets on the same exact millisecond. Exiting vehicles should be cumbersome, because they are IRL.
  9. car bomb question

    I think I saw in AMA on Reddit that strapping a bomb to a person or anything, not working, was a bug that should be fixed.
  10. No Shadow has to go quick

    OK that is weird. I thought players also didn't draw. That doesnt make sense.
  11. No Shadow has to go quick

    Why does low view distance make you see longer across the entire map? Low would mean short distance no?
  12. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    That is what I thought as well but I'm no pilot.
  13. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    Are you a pilot IRL?
  14. We need more close combat maps, such as fallujah

    Yes we need more maps like Al Basra with high story buildings but smaller and more intense. Sumari is boring because all the buildings are low.
  15. No Shadow has to go quick

    I have a decent PC but I play at low on some settings because of this issue. I find that I am getting shot without knowing what hit me when I am alll high setting. And you have this sense that cover is not cover and you can't trust your surroundings. It's a fake world feeling. It's extremely frustrating to the point where I sacrifice some graphics quality to feel better. Devs should pay this issue a lot more attention. It's not like this in most other games so the issue is fixable. I feel no shame but I wonder why I bought that expensive Gpu. All settings have to be considered btw.