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  1. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Remove everything but desert! Hate the forrest maps. All Basrah is the best map followedby Kokan. More desert please.
  2. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Definitely the sounds need to be improved. Like someone said, the sounds are mostly "dry" and without properly mixing in with eachother. Samples are probably great to begin with but they all sound exactly the same. Take for an explosion for example. It is impossible to say that there is a definite way that a handgrenade sounds like. Depends on what you blow up of course. Yet all nade sounds exactly boom. No rubble no nothing. Make some dirt rain and minor metal clinks etc plz. I am not saying it is an easy task doing the perfect sound system, but I think there is definitely things to be done, and I think variation and randomness is the key to entertaining sound that lasts. Some of the commercial titles do ambience sound much better (though usually gunshots much worse). Take some inspiration. What about a slight summergust of wind once in a while?
  3. Before you go on buying those new cpus please note that the single-thread performance increase between the i7 3770k from 2012 (which I have) is rated at 2084p on passmark, while the "beast" i7 6900k from 2016 is rated only at 2188p which is a meagre 5% increase in what supposedly matters. I take note that my cpu isn't maxed out at all so if I am capped by my cpu with my new gtx 1070 then you probably will be by a i7 6900k also. TBH cpu performance hasn't really improved that much in those years, it has mostly been upped by higher parallel capacity which is a bit dishonest in comparison I feel. i5 8600k is better at 2541p but it's still not extremely impressive considering the amount of years that has passed. Probably won't give you more than an extra 15 fps or so over my 2012 year cpu.
  4. interactive environment - initially gas canisters

    Propane gas tanks are actually used very often in basic IEDs. Should be natural to have som kind of explosive reaction albeit maybe not doom-style but more "flamish". Also agree environment is kinda dead and boring. How about doors and windows made out of glass that breaks when you shoot at it. Physx could probably render that easily without tying down cpu.
  5. Total computer freeze!

    I believe the computer freeze was probably driver related (Msi gtx 970). I updated and played a bit and didn't get a freeze (although maybe didn't play long enough I don't know). Now I have upgraded to an Evga 1070 and played some longer yesterday with absolutely no problems! I can also say that the 1070 is good enough for 2560x1440 resolution. I play everything maxed out except supersampling which I can't even go to 1.25 before I get 10-20 fps, though I hardly see the difference in image quality for that anyway so it's a non-issue. Generally I get something between 60-80 fps I would say. Very much good enough to have a very nice experience. I might also be bit cpu-capped by my oc'd i7 3770k at times. Don't know. I should mention as well that I cleared the cache and that stuff as well so maybe that could have affected something I am not sure.
  6. See next map in server browser

  7. Sound variety

    Could we please have some more variety in the soundscape of this game. AKs always sound exactly the same and so does all nades. Can't you apply some filter, pitch, distortion, reverberations etc? Any variety is better than the perfect sound system. If nothing else maybe just throw in 5 new nade explosion sounds. It's getting boring in the long run. Also distant gunshots still not poffy enough. Love the game though to not just complain.
  8. See next map in server browser

    Would be nice so not get into any boring map after 10 secs or so
  9. Total computer freeze!

    Don't buy 1070ti it seems overpriced compared to 1080. Sometimes even more expensive!
  10. Total computer freeze!

    I updated the Nvidia 970 driver and have played a bit. Maybe an hour. Haven't had any problems so far. It might have solved it but I am not totally sure. Will get back if I have more problems. Bought a 1070 now btw. See how much I can crank up the settings on my setup... :-) Thought about buying a 1080 but though it might be a waste considering Squad is the only thing I play (at 2560x1440).
  11. Total computer freeze!

    Around 40-60 fps after the optimization. Full texture loading off made all the difference in the world for fps. Installed a new GPU driver yesterday. Let's see what happens...
  12. Total computer freeze!

    No but my CPU is slightly overclocked and so is my GPU. The CPU is a 3770K clocked to 4.3GHz, but I have run Prime95 for 5 hours straight without any problems whatsoever + 3 hours at some other time. Zero errors on stress test. Could be the GPU overclock or the GPU driver but I haven't touched that in a long time and been playing for maybe 6 months like that. RAM is at stock speed 1600MHz. I will try updating my GPU drivers, I can see there are a few new ones... Here are the last few lines of the crashlog outputs 3 last crashes: 1) 2) 3) Does that mean anything to anyone?
  13. Total computer freeze!

    I will check and come back... Thanks! 16GB ram. Msi gtx 970. 2560x1440.
  14. Total computer freeze!

    I have started to get a total computer freeze with black screen occasionally quite often. Never had that before until a few days ago. Sounds that started to play continues to play but there is no way to get back to windows other than to hard reboot! Got BSOD, something with windows stop code memory management or something like that. Ran memory check, gave nothing. This is only when I play squad.