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  1. Please Fix the visibility.

    What is the arma zoom like? How does it work?
  2. Please Fix the visibility.

    Excellent post.
  3. Please Fix the visibility.

    There is a reason we need zoom in this game even for iron sights and that is because the human eye has a far greater resolution than a silly 1080p monitor simulating iron sights. What this means is that it will be much easier to engage an enemy in real life than in a low resolution video game. Apart from the aiming sway and such of course. Zoom is absolutely necessary. It also gives that extra advantage for someone actually stopping and aiming for once.
  4. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    Damage needs to be moderately upped I think. You are right. Maybe frags don't pop your lungs unless you are very close but I am sure you are at least sipping for air and suffer temporary hearing loss for quite some time after.
  5. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    An explosion indoors can probabaly pop your lungs if you are unlucky so I think damage should be increased as well as daze effect.
  6. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    Don't know for sure. I know there is some reverb occasionally but I thought that was it. Never felt damage was increased at all though.
  7. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    I would like to see explosion damage be multiplied when within confined spaces. I would also like for the sounds to be louder and a bit different when inside. In real life, if you throw a nade inside a room it makes enormously much difference compared to it exploding out in the open. The shock of it multiples many times because of the air pressure rise within the confined space. Also the sound ought to be a lot louder. I think if a nade exploded inside even a rather big room you'd be sipping for air quite some time after even if not being hit by anything. Also this evens out the odds a little for the super-FOBs.
  8. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Super-FOBing is great fun even though I would have to agree they are usually not that effective other than to signal there's a lot of us here - come and kill us! Sometimes though, it's a good idea to wrap a stryker with hescos like in logar valley. That can be a real long range killer. I feel that people are using the building blocks bad quite often. Take for instance barbwire. Instead of making an impenetrable wall of barbwire you should place them at spots where people usually hide, or try to put them in such a way that enemies are funneled into the open where they can be easily spotted and defeated. 9/10 people will go around the barbwire if they can instead of picking up the shovel. People are lazy and in a hurry. On the other hand if you build an impenetrable wall of barbwire you will force people to spot for weaknesses and most definitely make them put that shovel to use. Then your enemies will take a much more thought-out way into your base. We don't want that. We want them to rush and be easily picked off in the open.
  9. The future of the LAT kit.

    I won't argue with this.
  10. The future of the LAT kit.

    LATs are pretty useless 70's tech weapons in real life so you can count on it taking lots of rounds to disable a more modern APC. Instead the LATs should be replaced with AT4s. Make more sense, though even them need lots of rounds to completely take out more heavily armed APCs, and firing on front of a MBT would be completely meaningless even. They count on it taking on average around 3 AT4 rounds to take out a modern APC. I prefer the game to be realistic.
  11. Balance Is For Normies

    Its kind of what I mean. If you have the perfect ambush house fortified by insurgents then Americans typically wouldn't go in but simply tell that A10 to drop a horse-load of bombs and work its 30 mm on it or whatever. Tactics change. But here you can always rush in somewhere because all good windows have a tree in front rendering other tactics such as smoke and suppression and air strikes unnecessary. It takes away the fun and the dynamics of the game. Also even the Americans don't necessary have all the materials in the right place at the right time. Game should be balanced, as you say, not by every weapon being the same and all windows have their window frames at a strange height, but through the use of heavy or light weapons and sneaky tactics if necesary. Today I see Americans even walking through the open desert at Basrah because all insurgent's windows are so badly placed on purpose. It shouldnt be possible. They should have to send armor up front popping smoke and rush and do a proper assault. Players are not stupid and will adapt and use resources accordingly. To put trees in every line of sight is to declare players stupid. Also it is immensely boring and unrealistic.
  12. Balance Is For Normies

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Hate balancing everything. It is already leaves in every single good spot to shoot from and buildings are totally unrealistically built. To balance is to declare players stupid instead of having them adapt. Please don't make squad battlefield! If there is a well protected house then you should call in a firemission instead of going in yourself. Hopefully when we get better guns later on devs will change the game in that direction. Unrealistic buildings and foliage is -simply not realistic. In reality maybe you would use smoke or suppression once in a while but here you never have to because there is always that silly backdoor in everywhere.
  13. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    In close quarters combat I actually find the scopes a disadvantage running door to door. I dont know. Overall I don't think the scopes are all that great but you are correct about suppression weapons being competely useless.
  14. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    Sounds like real-people leadership conflicts. This is exactly what I like actually. The game is socially rewarding because it improves your ability to handle a LOT of conflicts that would hardly ever be in real life. If someone screams -handle it like you were in a real conflict. I bet they would scream a lot and go monkeying around in real life too!
  15. Alpha 10

    Can you explain to me why ping isn't affected by latency please?