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  1. Can clipping still be fixed or is it too late?

    OK yes, but it is at least a solution to the most imminent problem of detecting enemies through the walls right? OK my bad, but tell me why is it so expensive to clip one volume in intersection with another volume like in a cad program - isn't that what gpus are specialised in in the first place? Leaving the cpu mostly out of that interaction. I am not talking about replacing the character model. Only hide whatever part of the model that intersects with and out through the wall. Seems it must be a very common problem for a 3d engine engine to handle. Almost supported out of the box I may imagine. But then again I have never actually truly played with one much. Like I said, it will look shitty on the inside but enemies can't see you at least. And for clipping visuals on the inside, raise the weapons is good enough, no?
  2. Can clipping still be fixed or is it too late?

    Please tell me why it is stupid? The big problem today is that people can spot prone people through walls. If they get amputated they can't. It is an easy solution that can be implemented fast to get rid of an annoying problem. Yeah it doesn't look good for the people inside but it doesn't currently either. Also it won't obstruct movement and is very cheap on the cpu. Tell me about your smart solution now.
  3. Can clipping still be fixed or is it too late?

    Exactly. I've seen it in other games and it shouldn't be hard to just show weapon raised animation when coming too close, preventing you from firing of course. Regarding legs sticking out etc -can't they simply be "amputated" when in contact with a collision box, eg a wall? That way movement will not be obstructed. Problem with extended collision box for prone is that it will prevent you from going prone in certain places or push you off the wall, which will be immensely irritating when trying to avoid getting shot.
  4. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    If cpu optimisations are prioritised should I stick with my old i5 2500k a while longer? What kind of optimisation can be expected if multi-threading or whatever is improved? 2%, 20%, 50% ? What is the potential for max cpu optimisation?
  5. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    I have an i5 2500k. I suspect I am bottlenecked by cpu. I get descent fps at 1920x1080. If I increase resolution to 2560x1440 then I get fps drop. My question is now: If I buy a new much more powerful gpu and increase the resolution to 2560x1440, can I still play at the same fps as before, or will the increase in resolution also load down the cpu a bit extra, bottle-necking me again by cpu, but this time even lower than before? In short: Does an increased resolution load the cpu more? It seems it shouldn't but I don't know for sure.
  6. I find that optics are a disadvantage in close-quarters combat since you are way to zoomed in during these close-up fights. Running around with a scope in Sumari is a pain actually. Maybe insurgents could have quite a few more nades to counter possible imbalance in large open maps. I find nades to be extremely useful quite often.
  7. Warning before squad kick

    Exactly my point. Show people that you have the finger on the trigger vs pulling the trigger (actually kicking). A problem is that some people talk a lot and do a little. So just talking may not deter some people because no one knows each other and what the sl is capable of. Sometimes you have a situation where exactly no one follows sl. You talk but no one cares. What are gonna do then? You can't actually kick everyone because then you would be left alone in the squad and lead nothing. A warning would signal that you really mean that you are about to kick them for sure. I don't think we should give sl anymore authority though. Kicking is good enough. Also some sl's are psycho and can't be trusted with treating people justly. Shouldn't have too much power.
  8. Warning before squad kick

    How about double-press the kick Button? First it says "kick", then "really?" (player gets a warning message at this stage and you may leave it like that...or press again), then off he goes. I think it'd be good for those of us who are not hardcore enough to just ditch them.
  9. Warning before squad kick

    Well, sounds stupid when you put it like that but yes. Or I mean if you had 2 steps being required to kick someone they would get an eye-opener when the first step was really taken. Compare it to the violation points on this forum for example. They could talk to me but this has more effect kind of. If it is part of the game-mechanics so to speak.
  10. Warning before squad kick

    I'd like to be able to issue a warning to a squad member who doesn't do what he is told. Just kicking them might be too harsh lots of times. If you had the option to first give them a warning so they get a chance to improve that would be nice. Problem with using comms only is that sometimes they don't seem to think you are addressing them for some reason or they are doing other stuff. So to raise the stakes a bit I would like to be able to issue a warning very directly to them only, like in red text or so: "Warning: you are about to be kicked from the squad".
  11. Short time during which incapacitated can be killed

    It's not what I'm after either. I just think there should be a longer time before you enter the resuscitatable state that can't be killed. Say maybe 5 seconds after hit to actually become incapacitated. Before that just heavy breathing etc.
  12. Short time during which incapacitated can be killed

    I know it is by design, but I doesn't mean it's perfect. Make it 3 seconds then. Right now you almost get punished for hitting, but not hitting good enough.
  13. Some people have suggested that incapacitated should be able to be killed, and while I can understand the problems with that, one of them being the medic being less important, as well as ethical reasons (for those who think that is important in a computer game), I have come up with a compromise: How about make it possible, but only during a very limited time span, say maybe 5 seconds after being critically hit. It is kind of irritating never getting those kills that you should have, and also unrealistic knowing that the guy you just neutralized will survive a grenade detonating right on top of him, and knowing he will be resurrected by medics, and shooting right back at you in 1 min or so. As it is know (I think), if you critically hit someone instead of killing him, then you are bound to have a problem biting you in the back very short from now. That is kind of frustrating. One can argue that more damage being done within 5 seconds is part of the initial hit actually.
  14. Show tickets left in game browser

    Already suggested. New suggestion: How about saying nothing about remaining time, instead simply saying how much time has passed. Everyone inside the game know it already and it gives a hint to joining players that this game has lasted 45 min already. Probably won't be any idea to join it. And also, always show next map before joining. That way it might be acceptable to join late if you are going to enjoy the next map, and you might even join a map that you otherwise wouldn't have.
  15. Show tickets left in game browser

    I gues you can't even say like an estimated time then either, right?