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  1. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    Sorry no. I don't know anything much about UE itself It was just a suggestion hinting at reversing the problem; instead of making visibility better on best setting, make it worse on the low settings. You can always somehow make a video game look worse right? Other ideas might include increasing the amount of ugly foliage on low settings or something else. There is a way right? That doesn't mean I know which ways is the best. Only that it it should be possible. Suppose there is some post-processing on UE? Don't know how flexible it is, but in theory, in programming you should be able to do anything. Rewrite small parts of the open-source engine if need be. But that might be hard though. I don't know. Don't underestimate the devs though. It is hard to develop squad to begin with.
  2. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    I wouldn't know about everything but super high being a problem because I never tested it on all settings permutations possible. I used to play woth everything on, and on epic except supersampling. Problem is that if there is just one setting permutation that is way better than either one else than that will be beneficial in an unjuste sense to those who select it. I don't have problem shooting people once I see them so I don't buy into input lag story. Regarding screen shots you can do it yourself. Go into the fields of gorodok and turn shadows off and foilage low and maybe some other stuff. Look into the threads. Game goes from like really dark to a summer day. Could it be I had exceptionally good ping for a the last rounds? Possibly but highly unlikely. Know for a fact I am not a better player. True game is uglier but it's fun instead. Of course kills matter. It's the whole point of the game. To defeat the other team so you can take the flags which would not be possible otherwise.
  3. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    Well maybe you should play on super high before complaining it is not a problem. It is a real problem. Maybe not for you for some reason but a lot of other people. Only thing I can say is kills went up factor 3 and deaths went down factor 3 for me with settings for optimum visibility. Starting from epic everything on. The problem can be fixed easily and should take priority. Why you have to define killing machine as squad after squad is just ridiculous. I am comparing my performance with my performance at other settings and has nothing to do with me being better or worse compared to other players.
  4. Razor Wire

  5. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    I tried putting down shadows and stuff low and I also became a killing machine instantly! From thinking it was a hard game to thinking it was easy just depending one a few settings. Honesty this is much worse than I thought and had to be fixed immediately!!! If I turn off shadows then game is so much brighter it is insane. I usually died/killed like 50/50, now I die/kill 10/90 or something. Situation is really bad actually! The feeling you always had with high setting is that concealment isn't really concealment at all. This is a very bad feeling! And not just a feeling sadly. Fix it this way: Make visibility worse somehow when on low settings. Also brightness stuff shouldn't change that much with shadows iff, that is crazy.
  6. Razor Wire

    I find razor wire is extremely effective for the price it costs. Problem is people are using it wrong. Instead of trying to create an impenetrable fortress, which is what most people tend to try, razor wire should be used to funnel enemies into places where they can be easily picked off. 99% of the time, if people can find another way in they won't bring up the shovel to dig down one or two single segments of razor wire they can easily bypass. Given this fact, the razor wire can be deployed in such ways to make enemies exposed such as making a "tunnel" in front of the entrance so that they cant stay behind the wall to pick you off inside. I also like to put some wire in corners outside which would require them to get away from the wall onto which they are trying to hide. Another good idea is to put some wire in nearby bushes that are likely ambush points. Try it this way! Given that razor wire takes like 20 seconds to deploy it can't reasonably take forever to bring down either... Only problem with razor wire currently is that there is a too big gap between segments that can possibly be walked through.
  7. Cool. To be able to contribute with some ideas! :-)
  8. New Revive ability

    I think if they do it right it could be good. But the downed player should basically be incapacitated in practically every ability except waking back to the medic. Not even running. And he should bleed out if he doesn't see a doctor in like 5 minutes. That way medic will still be totally vital as a role! Also remember in real life teammates would be able to drag or carry a wounded soldier of the front towards the medic and this feature isn't available here, hence it isn't totally unrealistic either. I think it could be a good feature in so that if you accidentally downed someone or even the medic, you have a chance to make up for the bad mishap.
  9. How about a very subtle screen shake when standing very close to heavy vehicles, like tanks, on the move? I am talking about like maybe 1 pixel up and down when standing close. Think it could help with the immersion.
  10. Eye candy

    Watched a few videos of Post Scriptum. Looked really nice actually. Especially 2 things: * Slightly more blood (stains) - not gore -just blood! Can we have that please! Game feels somewhat sterile as it is now. * Ammunition cook off effect when tanks exploded. Ammunition going off like fireworks on new years eve. Very realistic!
  11. Game is getting better and better!

    Squad is beginning to become much better: Big bonus for: * Tracer ricochets -so realistic! Not in many computer games! But in Squad. * Sounds are now much more poffy in the distance - really cool! Finally! Good work! @anders * Water shaders finally coming! No offense but previous water shaders were ugly as ****, these new ones look great from the pictures! * Tow missiles and vehicle work. Great with long distance fighting! Really good. Infantry should know to stay concealed when approaching armor! Moving away from run and gun infantry fighting to a more realistic and strategic experience! * Better suppression coming along. Hopefully better. Great work overall!
  12. As far as I know. Most (all) modern tanks turn black in the sight when main cannon is fired in order to protect the eyes of the gunner. This should be implemented in the Abrams but I guess it will. Just so it isn't forgotten later because it's actually quite an artificial advantage for the gunner to be able to see all through the shot albeit not realistic.
  13. Monitor upgrade

    You could be right. I only ever play Squad at all, and I know 30 fps + screen tearing sucked before, so when I got 60 fps and no screen tearing I was perfectly happy! On the other hand, CSGO I would presume, is jump-and-shoot kinda of style game with super fast reactions "meaning everything", vs Squad being a slightly more strategic shooter.
  14. Monitor upgrade

    It makes a bigger difference at the lower end of the fps rate scale. When you are at 90 fps you probably wont even need g-sync. But ok. I have a hard time seeing 60 fps sucking that hard in Squad, but maybe I just haven played much at 90 fps(?) For me it's good enough though. :-) Squad is kind of a slow shooter though.
  15. Monitor upgrade

    I bought a 27" acer TN panel 2560*1440 with G sync. I also have a 1070 and play everything maxed out except supersampling which is off (if I turn it on I don't really see things getting better much anyway) and get around 55-60 FPS which is really very good enough at least if you have g sync which I'd really recommend. The thing with g sync is that you don't really need that super high refresh rate anymore. Things look and feel good anyway... Anyway this would be the monitor of choice if you'd ask me. Don't waste money on an IPS panel unless you feel like it. Colors on my Acer are very good. Only thing that isn't great are viewing angles but that doesn't matter on a stationary computer anyway. You always sit in the same spot anyway. For tablets it makes sense but gaming computers it is overrated.