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  1. I understand stuff can be abused and don't think it's a good idea to have multiple people issuing sand bags etc. But how about only having the SL kit dropped on the ground? Then vice SL have to go fetch it where it is. Means he won't have to walk all the way back to base, plus teleportation of the SL-kit can not be achieved.
  2. Go play another game. You simply don't like squad. We others love it the way it is.
  3. Ok I can actually buy that. So maybe we can hope for heavy 120mm mortars in the future then. They would definitely **** even concrete roofs up when coming down from high above. Still I think it is a good alternative mechanism in the case destruction of buildings is to difficult or taxing to implement.
  4. Gore would be great. At least some physics, people flying from a direct shell hit. Preferably body parts but if we can't have that... I guess either they want to glorify war in making it not seem that bad, or more likely, it is heavy on the server or something like that.
  5. Well I guess you cant. Stupid comment. Maybe I meant IRL you dig them down in mud or something.
  6. I was in a tank IRL and we actually had that exact exercise use the coax MG3 shoot at wooden mines on the road. 12x magnification means easy to hit. Shooting mines is the real deal and is the way they teach it. Problem IRL is that you almost never see them. Maybe mines in game shouldn't be so clearly visible then but easy too shoot instead.
  7. I think it is a great idea. Even a tank is very easy to drive in real life I tell you. No problem there. Though I think to prevent accidental TKs, you should have it the way that any friendlies killed in enemy vehicles don't count as TKs at all. I mean if you are stupid enough to drive an enemy technical through an American roadblock I am sure the army wouldn't court martial you in real life either. Problem solved. Also this would give a motivation for turning those engines off as well finally.
  8. I am not so sure (though devs might disagree of course). I mean treat the buildings as completely invisible to explosive rounds, with the only exception of them being able to trigger the explosion. So, penetration is always through any level of the house, but fades away with distance as usual of course. Material penetration could be for ordinary rounds (bullets, cannons etc) instead, while having heavy explosions not even employing that mechanism at all. Of course the concept could be fine-tuned but, it might maybe be a good start.
  9. Some people including mayself think mortars aren't deadly enough. I believe the reason for this is because every building seems to be built out of indestrucible material that is unable to collapse. I imagine quite often a mortar shell on a mud hut would have the roof come down with stones and shit killing the soldiers inside but this can never happen in this game because of current technical limitations as I understand it. So, I have another suggestion -Make mortar penetration on direct hits on buildings have 100% penetration instead of having them penetrate the material of the roof as seems to be the case right now, i.e. a hit to the roof of a small house with a person underneath would hurt equally bad as if there would have been no roof at all and the shell just exploded like 3 ft above your head. I think that would be much more realistic. Afterall, I believe I have heard that artillery stands for the majority of casualties in most wars and in this game everyone just go and hide inside their indestructible huts or whatever.
  10. Also very much happy with the new sounds. Great work!
  11. Hello, I have a 1-year old baby at home, but still play as squad leader sometimes (Quite often noone wants to be squad leader btw). A problem me and my squad encounters is that sometime my baby wakes up and I have to abandon the game abruptly with little or no explanation. This leaves my squad in a bad situation of course, because when I promote someone else, they don't have a kit and so the team is left in a bad situation. Thus I wonder -is there a possibility to have something such as a vice squad leader? Maybe another person with a squad leader kit (I suppose they can have that even now, but noone usually wants it, right?), or maybe add the function that when someone else is promoted to new squad leader, the kit of the previous squad leader is automatically dropped on the ground for the new squad leader to pick up...? Something like that, I don't know exactly and understand the problem of preventing people from cheating around the squad leader kit all over the map in any way and so on. Also I would like to have some very clear indication to a person that has just been promoted to new squad leader that they have actually been so. Maybe an automatic voice saying "Son, you have been promoted to squad leader!" or something hip like that. Currently people sometimes just don't detect that they have been promoted, which is very bad.
  12. I doubt this. T72 seems to be diesel powered like most modern tanks. Gasoline is considered too dangerous for tanks to use for this very reason (and others) and diesel fuel typically isn't very explosive in nature. Actually on the leopard 2 tank which I was on, the fuel tanks are actually on the side of the tank partially in order to provide extra liquid impact protection against incoming rounds. What happened to the tank in the video is most likely some single round cooked off, then the intense fire finally burnt through the rest of the ammo compartment which are usually quite accessible inside the crew compartment. Actually the casings of the rounds used in the leopard 2 are basically made of paper and most of it normally burns up when you fire the gun. This is to save space mainly and be able to fit more ammo inside and minimize weight etc. T72 I believe though, probably have normal casings though still just a matter of time before the entire ammo stack cooks off which happened here. I agree that it seems very unlikely to survive that. Though I don't know.
  13. Epic old mil sim operation flashpoint did just that and it was actually quite good. Google some screenshots...
  14. Very seriously doubt they would do that. I don't believe it until I hear it from the devs.
  15. What is map drawing? It could be squad only or it could be sl only but maybe too much clutter.