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  1. The optimal standoff distance is configured within the rocket itself. There is a "stick" of a certain length within the rocket so to speak, that with travel speed taken into account, detonates the shaped charge precisely at the right stand-off distance for optimal effect. The charge is shaped like a cone, and when it explodes it kind of inverts into a molten metal jetstream that effectively penetrates the armour in front. However, the standoff distance (extra time) makes sure that the molten metal stream has time to form completely and focus on the armour at the exact right point of impact. This maximizes the damage to the recipient. Cage armour attempts to disturb the rocket so that it explodes prematurely, so that the molten metal jetstream is out of focus and splattered by the time it impacts with the armour. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. That is why cage armour is not 100% effective and can have varying results. There is no reason to believe that the engineers of the rpg didn't aim for the optimal "stick-length" by default, meaning that extra further stand-off distance will most likely lessen the damage of the shaped-charge rpg.
  2. It was more of a question for the devs really... or if somebody else knows. Especially want to know like mentioned above if there will still be magical leafes that can stop 30mm etc. Hate that too. No penetration before really meant that a 50 cal was really a slow shooting exposed 5.56mm gun. No advantage at all really, except for use against vehicles. If you penetrate a stone wall with a 50 cal I am sure you will have a big amount of shrapnel from the wall flying around as well. I hope this will be modeled as well otherwise advantage of heavy weapons is still less than it should be.
  3. Which materials can be penetrated and how far? Are there unpenetrable materials/houses or can any gun, only caliber big enough, be able to penetrate any material? Can sandbags be penetrated by say cannon fire or rpgs? Can HEAT rounds penetrate sandbags? Can trees be penetrated?
  4. Ridiculous remark. Knife-only squad would be decimated in no time because knifes are so ineffective 99.9% of the time. Only that 1 in a 1000 time you use it -like in real life- if you can and it's the best option you will. If knife-only squads were so good in a world of 50 cals they would have kept it in real life too.
  5. Ah you have knifes coming!!! Cool. Love you devs.
  6. Hard core.
  7. Yes that is true. It will also be very rare in this game because it is so darn difficult! But it won't be unrealistic to do it if you really have the opportunity. Look at the knife-fight in Saving Private Ryan which is judged quite realistic in some senses. ...And even if it were to be unrealistic it brings so much satisfaction to the game that it would be easily motivated to bring it in. For me it is a must.
  8. Really where are the knifes in this game? We just have to have knifes!!! There is absolutely nothing more pleasing than sneaking up to an enemy and slitting his throat or whatever. There is also nothing more humiliating for a player than to be stabbed in this game! And don't tell me it is an unrealistic weapons loadout for a soldier as I find it hard to believe there is not a single soldier in the field of any conflict that don't have a knife to like cut ropes or stuff with. Furthermore a knife would almost never ever be used because it is so hard to get close to an enemy with all that firepower in the game. Just like in real life. Therefore all the more pleasing! We just got to have knifes! Won't take no for an answer! Please... It also makes for the only silent kill in the game which be useful for scouts lying in the grass etc. Last night I killed like 4 people with my handgun lying in the grass, eventually they found me because of the revealing sound. Would have been so much cooler to pick them off with a knife one by one. Also very confusing for the enemy squad when all their players just silently dies in the grass. So cool!!
  9. PR had AI co-op mode. Pretty fun getting some easy kills. I remember me playing not realizing other team was AI, thinking wow I'm really good at this. Guess didn't think much about what co-op meant really. Haha. I welcome co-op anyday. Itd be fun!
  10. X-axis seems a bit one-dimensional yes. Rather we have at least also the Y-axis involved. Z even better.
  11. Choppers could be implemented on limited set of maps with fixed aa guns on opposing side, so as not to skew balance. Think Al Muttrah in PR. Best map.
  12. Chopper are part of the development so... It also expands the game into the z-axis so that gameplay is not only limited to the ground, that is why they are so crucial. They also have limited interaction with the surroundings so should be much easier to implement a placeholder chopper than a placeholder vehicle of any kind. Choppers were prob the best part of PR. Shooting them down too.
  13. Cool. :-)
  14. When you say no sarcasm intended it is hard to tell if you are being sarcastic (my guess) or not.
  15. Or, how about "9 women can have at least a baby and artwork and maybe a baby-cot etc, in a month"-software development. Artwork is parallel you heard him say himself.