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  1. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    There is no well fortified position in front of an open field anywhere in this game though. There is always a way in by (map) design. And it's boring as hell. The map design that is.
  2. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    I think they should have skipped the artillery strikes and the UAVs and gone for heavy mortars (that actually do damage) instead. Mortars take skills and time to set up and can be taken out. Game would have been more fun that way.
  3. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I like the small ADS zoom. It's not much anyway. But problem is who holds their weapon like that IRL anyway? Iron sights or scopes should be much closer to the one eye you have open. Peripheral vision almost none. Currently it looks like you are firing some kind of naval cannon in front of you.
  4. Turn movement speed back down.

    I totally agree. So unrealistic running around in full gear like that. It should take some time to get somewhere so you value your position. Game feels so plastic now when everyone is Super Marioing around everywhere.
  5. You need teamwork to win, not to to play lousy.
  6. Commander is used IRL to talk on the radio coordinate with other tanks etc. Commander can also take pot shots but if you are serious about hitting something you would wanna be the gunner. But IRL positions are easy to switch so I would say that either commander or gunner is good but can't live without at least one dude in there. If you are gonna go on a solo mission I'd prefer to be gunner any day. Especially since there won't be much coordinating going on. Mind you the gunner can also take over the commanders duties. Maybe squad lead should be forced to be the commander?
  7. Commander is not necessary IRL though so I disagree. Loader is however. Unless you want to fire just one round though. I think it is good the way it is. Current way is the most realistic which has always been the aim of the game - to be fun with real weapons. IRL you can operate a tank completely one manned as well but it would be extremely ineffective and your squad leader would be seriously pissed. Just like in Squad. In fact I think there is already to much babysitting logic in Squad compared to PR. In PR if you accidentally TKed someone you could be banned from server easily. Having to beg your way back. Stakes were high, hence the player standards as well. No magic walls preventing players doing stupid shit. Just like real life.
  8. Please no! Your idea is horrendous. Arcade style bs gameplay.
  9. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    Mortars are so useless anyway so better just ignore them completely. Only ties up resources and wastes ammo points.
  10. Down a Blackhawk with an M4

    Is it possible IRL? Infinite ammo. How many rounds where?
  11. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I love Squad and don't comprehend much of this criticism.
  12. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Windows are on purpose though because it is considered unfair advantage / camping to stand behind a window shooting out. It is an idea that belongs in Quake Arena or some other crap game though. Not in Squad. In Squad if someone camps you take em out with an rpg instead. That's how it should be. Wish the devs could understand that situations should be met with proper ordnance not with running and gunning all the situations all the time. It takes all the strategy out of the game if you can always run and gun your way out of all situations. It Sucks.
  13. Yeah it's really annoying when you pick up the 50 cal and spend 3 seconds cocking the handle while you are taking fire. It's unrealistic because ammo is already in the chamber ready to go. You don't waste ammo like that IRL.
  14. Yeah. I think most vehicles don't have a right button for MG and a left button for cannon for a reason. What if you accidentally pressed the wrong finger and fired the cannon in close proximity to your own troops instead of the MG? At least the Leopard has a distinct switch that says MG or cannon that you have to flip before you fire. We want the game to be accurately depicted I say. That being said you don't have to reload the cannon after switching from MG of course.
  15. Beta 17 Public Testing

    I think it's better this way actually. Game area is too small for player controlled aircraft anyways. Wouldn't be realistic. Except for choppers that is.