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  1. Fuel, Food & Water

    Yes. Simple answer is more logistics stuff would be too complicated for newcomers. And old comers as well.
  2. New Website Launch

    Is there no recap for December or did I just miss it somehow? @Gatzby
  3. Fuel, Food & Water

    I don't like the idea. It would just be complicating things and provide no game value. In fact I think it would be a bit boring. Current system hits sweet spot of resource management. Ammo and build. Everyone can understand that.
  4. Realism

    Why would you say that? Predessecor was called Project Reality for a reason. Should be both fun and realistic, especially the weapon systems. Not so much the spawn system. ;-)
  5. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Has anyone much experience shooting this rifle on full auto IRL? I recon quite few have because you don't use these rifles on full auto much for prolonged periods of time.
  6. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Well, I believe it should be used conservatively on occasions where you would otherwise might have actually been killed or stood to close anyway. I don't think that could be abused more than being killed. If you stand too close to an explosion it would be a bad thing that should affect you in different ways.
  7. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Yes... Kind of like... An explosion would... Temporarily.
  8. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Project Reality had helicopters so just get used to the idea. It is combined warfare.
  9. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Ok maybe not the ringing but you just stumbling down to prone once in a while with a nice animation just to get back up and fight again would be cool In think.
  10. Not played v12 yet, how are Fire Teams working out?

    There is another reason as well, and that is that if they knew then they probably wouldn't do it. Im not 100% against the idea but then team members couldn't talk to SL either because of the lack of radio comm. I suspect the game may be too slow and formal though. There is a social component to the game as well. People hang out and have fun together.
  11. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    Yeah it's quite feasible to argue that I haven't watched many people getting blown up IRL to be honest. Thankfully. But I mean an incredibly small bullet can still push your shoulder pretty decently when firing if you are caught off guard, then maybe the heavier (yeah most likely not the 20 mm shrapnel munitions I agree) can once in a while cause you to stumble and fall to the ground I recon...
  12. Explosion knocking you to the ground without injuries

    It's a good idea as well. Was like that in the rainbow six rogue spear game with the flashbang. Was a good game for its time.
  13. I don't know if this has been discussed before but I would think it would be realistic if once in a while an explosion knocked you to the ground completely without causing any injuries. Just knocking the breath out of you causing you to be forced to catch your breath. I think sometimes you know when people talk about munitions and how deadly they are that they forget effects that do not really cause any permanent damage but are still stressful and disruptive to the individual. Something like the suppression mechanism but with the tipped of balance effect as well.
  14. Ragdoll physics on explosions

    I was thinking maybe explosions should affect the bodies of people getting hit, not just make them fall to the ground. I am thinking if an explosion can move a tank then maybe a body will, you know at least fly a little sideways. I mean, after all, an explosion is just a big gush of wind added with shrapnel. If you could make this a bit discrete I think that would be a nice effect and also more realistic. I understand of course, that a hand grenade isn't going to throw someone 10ft up on the air, but I could imagine maybe you are pushed maybe at least 1 ft sideways if you stand right next to it, or so. Maybe 3-5 ft for the biggest explosions.
  15. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Balance should be achieved through other means than weapon system manipulations.