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  1. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    I have literally formatted my drives and reinstalled my system, then installed all important Windows patches, installed newest GPU drivers, and this issue still occures.
  2. Hello, i have a big issue playing Squad. Namely, alot of times my game just freezes completely. Sometimes it loops the last few seconds of sound, or just cuts it off completely. Sometimes it comes back after 1-2minutes, but usually freezes just after again. I cannot play the game due to this. I have downloaded the game clean when it was updated to v11 and cleared the cache also. My Specs: Windows 7 64bit SP1 AMD FX-8350 Eight Core 16 GB Ram AMD Radeon r9 380 series Log File: https://pastebin.com/bUxc0hAv Dont hijack this thread to post your own problems, especially if you use Intel hardware. Make your own thread, it will make it easier to me, you and devs indeed.
  3. This issue still occures on v10.1. I have cleaned game cache.
  4. Yet another log https://pastebin.com/NR358h2T It seems that game just cuts off without a trace. Some kind of ****ed up loop perhaps?
  5. Here is another log https://pastebin.com/Y07PnJhp
  6. So i finally catched a log file that is not 5MB big.. https://pastebin.com/t2GrK4eM From what i understand, there are no signs of something going very bad.
  7. Hello i have a big problem with v10 Squad (a- It sometimes freeze for good without a crash, and cuts the sounds off completely, loops a small part of it, or it continues to play the triggered sounds until they end. This happens on every map i played so far. My specs: AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core AMD Radeon R9 380 16 GB Ram Windows 7 64bit SP1 My ingame settings: Everything but render distance on lowest FXAA No multi-sampling No VSYNC Fullscreen
  8. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    Exactly. The Cold War tensions never led to any combat between NATO and Eastern Bloc forces AFAIK. And certainly not in the times this game take place in. On top of that, it is just boring, because of small variety of weapons (which is obviously realistic). When i am lame on the irregular side, i can always take other role and see how i will perform there. On the regular side at best i can take of my red dot and play with carryhandle (because all the more interesting roles are taken away). Or do nothing at all on RUS side. This problem might get fixed by small weapon customization in future, but for now i hate playing regular factions so much, that i even take the Militia side, when they are getting decimated on their last flag, just for sake of more varied weaponry.
  9. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    I dont get it why eastern european map got US forces on it.. Militia would fit a lot better. A LOT. It annoys me how much RUS vs US maps are out there. Its not realistic. It breaks immersion. It is stupid. I thought this might be my favourite map - NOPE. I hate RUS vs US maps.
  10. Good. BTW, anyone noticed that some of the militiamen textures are messed up. I cannot comprehend how, but i saw some green-white splashes, like someone would just pour paint on it. BTW2, i think that they are still too dark. BTW3, i would like the OP first light to have more goodies on the militia side (vehicle-wise) BTW4, yes i am militia fan. BTW5, cheeki breeki.
  11. Not to imply its otherwise as the topic author said, but Those RIP guys know their shit
  12. camouflage of the factions

    Fixing the bad militia camo would be very easy: 1. Take a look at the 8.9 branch in your private Git repository 2. Find the militia diffuse maps 3. Make them lighter and greener in Photoshop or image editor of your choice 3,5. Add tracksuits to all of Militia diffuse maps. 4. Save them 5. Reimport the maps to your project 6. Compile 7. Relase 8.10 hotfix 8. ... 9. PROFIT!
  13. What Are Your Best Kills?

    My best kill was when i killed a russian with one shot from iron sight RPK 74 from like 400 meters. He was unaware of my position till his last breath, ofc. Imagine running on field, hearing a quiet and distant shot from RPK, and laying dead in less than 0.5 second. My other good kill was on the same map but with SKS. I saw an enemy running up the hill, and the first second i was able to shoot him he was dead (one shoot kill from about 300 meter). My best killstreak was quite frankly when i had less than 15 hours ingame (now i have about 135). I sneaked up into american compound, then made them all go to sleep with my RPK. There were about 5 of them here. Also i forgot a triple kill with Makarov when sneaking up on americans.
  14. Militia is too underpowered

    BTW they should be like 'predators' in forest. Thats what irregural warfare means. Militiants dont have military bases. They hide in forests, they strike without any warning. enemy needs to be careful all the times. Thats why camouflage and stealth is the most priotity for them. They dont stand a chance in symmetrical warfare, thats why they need to suprise the enemy, otherwise they will die in literally lead thunderstorm.
  15. Weapon suggestions?

    This beast. For purposes of doing more with less effort, an AVT-40 could be added instead. I know, primitively modified AVT-40 didnt have fire mode selector, but on purpose of not adding SVT and AVT simulatenously a fire mode selector could be added. Ofcourse this would be added for Militiants, as Insurgents already have their G3. This sweetie. Could be added again for Militiants only, as it is very popular in eastern europe (dont know it if is popular in middle eastern region also). This cuteness. Could be added simulatenously for Militias and Insurgents, as it is popular wherever there is a dire need for weapons. Could add Mosin instead. This thing. Recallibrations of this gun for 7.62x39 and 7.62x54 or 7.62x51 are popular, and even used by one of official civillian defense groups in country i live. Other ideas that might not have so much of sense: -PPS 43 -STG44 -M1 Garand -M14 Rifle